Game 131, 2015

Giants at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, CSN-BA

Bumgarner versus Greinke. If this were the opener of a playoff series the hype would hit Warp Six. Last year’s World Series MVP will pitch for the Giants against their ancestral enemy the Dodgers, who counter with this year’s leading Cy Young contender. Bumgarner won all five of his August starts with an ERA of 1.43; Greinke is 8-1 in his last ten starts and has the best ERA in MLB at 1.61.

Each manager is hoping his pitcher can go deep into the game, because bullpens on both sides were depleted in last night’s 14-inning affair. The Giants used eight pitchers in relief; the Dodgers used six. Here’s a shout-out to the Dodgers’ frequently-maligned Jim Johnson and Chris Hatcher, who combined for five spotless innings in the extra frames.

Lineup when available.

Look! Mattingly thinks he’s Tony LaRussa! Put the pitcher in the 8-hole, why not? I’m still wondering about the discussion in the dugout last night about pinch-hitting Kershaw or Greinke in the 11th inning; how hard did each of them lobby?

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  1. I have to say, the experience at the stadium last night was fantastic. Full house, charged atmosphere, everyone there ’til the bitter end. I was at the tragic Bryan Stowe opening day, and the difference between then and now is palpable. Lots of Giants fans, lots of good-natured joshing, but no brawls, no drunken ejections, and I never felt a moment of concern or threat. It was getting so bad during the McCourt years, I almost stopped going. Now, I often attend games alone, and feel completely secure and happy doing so. Whatever issues I have with this FO, mostly having to do with the amount of team turnover, they have done a fantastic job improving the stadium experience for fans, and this fan is very grateful.

    • You put it into words very well. That’s not surprising, is it? I think my issues with the FO, as well as some others here, is team turnover. We fans, us older ones especially, identify with the players on the team and when they are shuffled in and out, it discombobulates us. We adopt favorites and when they are replaced, it disturbs us. Perhaps the younger fans have a young attitude, that newer is always better. No matter, the FO is the FO until he isn’t the FO anymore and he’s going to do what he’s going to do, there is no Fan Advisory Council…

      • It isn’t all that if our favorites are moved out that we are just out of sorts. With me it is the wholesale changes made to a 94 win team. If the Dodgers had let Hanley go and replaced him with Rollins for a year to wait on Seager that is understandable to me but when they change players for no understandable reason it reeks of change for the sake of change and hurts no one except the fan.

        • Maybe it’s me but I too see evidence of change for the sake of change. Most Ned signees are gone for one reason or another, much changeover in the infrastructure, like the whole International Scouting Dept. I guess that’s how big business works, glad I’m not involved in it. Don’t expect it’ll be too crowded in Heaven these days…

      • Every MLB roster has a good bit of turnover every year. Few players stay with the same team anything like as long as in the old days before free agency, humongous contract situations, and such.

        But even years back players often were traded, some albeit maybe near career end.

        I’d have loved to see Kemp, Piazza, Garvey, Pedro Martinez, Konerko, and others be lifelong Dodgers. Didn’t happen.

        Change for its own sake is dumb and not practiced by decision-makers in any field if they want to stick around long. But change is a constant. Resistance is futile.

        So might as well accept it as long as there are good reasons offered for it. Doesn’t mean you have to like it.

        • I agree with everything you say except that I don’t accept much of what the FO has done because I have not heard good reasons.

          • These guys give press conferences to explain their moves. You may not like them, but that doesn’t meant that they aren’t “good” reasons.

      • Yes, as an older fan I still can’t get over James Loney being replaced by Adrian Gonzalez. That Ned! ;).

    • For those who think this is something new, an LA Times story from the O’Malley era: “Al Campanis, who grew up at the Mahatma’s knee, never forgot what Rickey had to say on the subject: better trade a player a year too early than a year too late.”

      I was very disappointed when Campanis traded Ron Cey (and really got nothing in return), but that was a special case because I knew Ron (though we were acquaintances rather than friends).

          • Don’t know what stats you are looking at but Kemp leads Grandal in HRs, Avg, RBIs. If you are speaking of Gordon he leads in several catagories, including SB and batting avg and is only behind Cabraera and Harper for the MLB lead in BA. Also he also had injuries. Rollins has performed so bad it is not fair to discuss him. You know Link, you can be a Dodger fan without living in never never land.

          • Dee as an OPS+ of 111. Howie on the other hand has a 110. Seems like a wash. Oh, wait, Quique, who also came over in the deal is at 131. Haren has an ERA + of 100.

          • It is a lot when you consider Dee had several more years of control. The Dodgers could have kept Haren (since they are paying his contract anyway) and they wouldn’t have had to find two more starters both of which are worse than Haren. Or they could have kept Heine from Miami as a starter and several more years of control. Instead, he pitches very well for the Angels. I would say that is a lot for a rental. Just my opinion.

          • You are like Billy Pilgrim and have gotten unstuck in time. They had the rotation, but Ryu and McCarthy were subsequently injured. The fellow that the got for insurance was Anderson, who has out performed Haren. If they hadn’t traded Dee, they wouldn’t have gotten Heaney (so your argument is that they should have traded Dee and kept Heaney?).

          • My argument is that they didn’t get much for a rental. They could have not traded Dee which would have been one option or if they did, they could have just kept Heaney as a second option.. My point was never about the current starters. They could have also kept Haren if they used option one and played him. THey are paying him anyway.

          • Last year we got an OPS+ of 60 from the catcher position. This year we have a 136 so far, with a NL average of 103. I would say that we significantly upgraded that position. CF has gone from 102 to 128, with NL average at 101. Another significant upgrade

          • We gave up a RF (guess who) with an OPS+ of 109, which is the same as we are getting out of RF now.

        • You just basically make stuff up as you go along. As well as Cey, Campanis traded away the following players Willie Davis, Claude Osteen, Bill Buckner, Mike Marshal, Davey Lopes, Steve Garvey, Don Sutton, Dave Stewart, Lee Lacy, and Pedro Guerrero among others. Perhaps not all superstars, but good players with productive years left, known and loved by the fans.

          • If you would read the comment you would see that I said “Trade a superstar and pay 18 million bucks” Get your facts straight. If you remember Campanis and O’Malley you know how they sometimes squeezed a dollar.

          • As far as I can tell, the deal is that you hate this FO, which is fine, but it leads you to ignore facts and make up stuff to fit your narrative.

          • I have not made up anything. You however, have made statements over and over about what I think even though I have not stated anything. I do not ignore facts but you think your opinion is a fact.

          • The fellow we traded has a WAR of 1.2 and is earning $21 million. That is a fact. Your opinion is that he is a “superstar”

          • I am not sure who you speak of because you didn’t give that fact. If you refer to Kemp, at the time of the trade I think many considered him a superstar.

          • According to our last year’s roster and Cots contracts I did not find a right fielder who made 21 mil.

          • It’s such a mystery. Mmmh…try Matty Kemp’s BR page and let me know if you have any luck figuring this out.

    • Really glad to hear that, RBI.

      Sports can be a great bonding opportunity, offering an immediate topic of conversation. Since the people involved in the conversation really have nothing to say regarding the outcome of the game(s), there shouldn’t be ownership to the extent of violence.
      Ever since the Bryan Stowe tragedy (and after learning some good friends are — gasp! –SF fans . . . and still nice people), I have stopped saying I “hate” the Giants.

      Rivalries are nice, but let’s face it , especially in this age of free agency and rent-a-player — it all comes down to rooting for the laundry. The guy you booed yesterday, you will cheer today if they are wearing the right uniform.

      That said, Go, Blue!

      • Did you see the link on the Dodgers site to Vinnie talking about the two little boys sitting next to each other – buddies, one a Dodger fan, one a Giant fan? Priceless.

  2. This is not likely to happen at all, but Dodgers could technically still take the season series 10-9.

  3. Wheeee! That was some great pitching, and perhaps a break on the replay (I thought he might have been safe). Greinke is the best 7th inning pitcher in all of baseball!

  4. Dodgers seem to be stealing bases at will recently. Makes a nice change from being thrown out a lot.

  5. Game rolling along but still on edge from last night. Figure the Giants will respond at some point.

  6. Remember Nathan Eovaldi? He’s currently 14-2 for the Yankees, albeit with a 4.17 ERA (93 ERA+). The Dodgers traded him and Scott McGough to the Marlins for Randy Choate and Hanley Ramirez in 2012.

      • Its not mandatory that all the batters except AGon and Joc who will strike out or walk are right handed or switch.

        • AGon his lefties well, Joc plays elite defense. In a game that’s likely to be close, it makes sense.

          • Utley’s played all but one game since he came over from the Phillies, so giving him a day off seems okay, but against the Giants? Why not earlier against the Cubs?