Game 54, 2015

Cardinals at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA

It’s a pitching rematch of last Saturday’s game featuring the Cards’ Michael Wacha versus the Dodgers’ Carlos Frias. Frias won the first game 5-1, going seven innings and giving up just that (unearned) run. Wacha gave up just three hits but four earned runs, including a three-run homer to Yasmani Grandal in the sixth which chased him. It was Wacha’s only loss of the season so far: he’s 7-1 with a 2.27 ERA. Frias is 4-2 with a 4.29 ERA.

Regarding Kenley Jansen’s non-appearance in last night’s ninth inning, Mattingly said repeatedly “he just wasn’t available.”


I think Vassegh co-hosts Dodger Talk on AM570 radio in LA.


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    • Nevermind – just roll the credits instead and walk quietly and sadly out of the theatre.

  1. Started to watch Jimmy Fallon clips to counter balance listening to the Dodger game. I’m laughing viewing all the superlatives, I’m crying listening to Steiner.

    • That IS a silver lining . . . but especially vs. the Cards, I would like to see him in every one of these games — or sitting because they have more than a 3-run lead.

  2. Wow. The Cards have a team ERA+ of 149! (Dodgers 110). And this after losing their ace to injury.

  3. Monday and Steiner are lazy in their analysis. When we got to Wacha last time he was closing in on 100 pitches. He is still in mid-60s.

  4. Not necessarily a key moment of the game here, but perhaps the most fun potentially.

    • Man – I type too slowly or at the wrong time or something. That was disappointing,

    • Think it was pretty key vis-a-vis trying to get back into the game. Giving away an out like that was idiotic. Frias was already in high 80s in his pitch count to boot.

  5. Frias batting here indicates the state of the pen. (and/or Donnie’s muddled thinking)

      • They are a bane to the Dodgers (and other opponents) because they are a good team . . . and a good organization, as their track record proves.

        • FWIW, we did have winning record against them in the regular season from 2010-14.

          • That’s winning the battle . . . I was thinking of the war . . . like their WS record since ’88.

  6. from

    ” Zach Lee, the Dodgers’ No. 13-ranked prospect, is in Los Angeles and being evaluated for tingling in his fingers, said manager Don Mattingly.

    “The 28th overall pick in the 2010 Draft, Lee was scratched from his scheduled start in Triple-A Oklahoma City on Wednesday as he was dealing with a minor injury.

    “Zach’s been here and been having some tingling in his fingers,” Mattingly said. “He’s here to get checked out. We obviously don’t have that report on how that’s going or how that went.”