Game 55, 2015

Cardinals at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA

The last time the Dodgers saw Carlos Martinez he threw seven strong innings of shutout ball. That was last Sunday. He was matched up against Brett Anderson that day, and he will be again tonight. Anderson pitched well, giving up only five hits and two runs, but he took the loss.


Schebler? Who the heck is Schebler?

Oh. He’s a 24-year-old left-handed outfielder hitting .216 at OKC.

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  1. Couple random things–

    — Anderson has allowed 12 runs his last 7 starts, good for a 2.28 ERA.

    — Rehabbing Puig hit a HR estimated at 454 feet last night, then pronounced himself ready to play for the big club. ‘Twould appear so.

    — Olivera earned a silver sombrero last night with 3 Ks. Just his second game after a long time off. Got a hit Thursday and looked good at the plate, said manager Razor Shines.

    — Razor Shines is a great baseball name. Sounds like something circa 1920. The AA Frisco RoughRiders. Tulsa’s foe, have another–Beamer Weems. Looks the part, too.

  2. Well, DM has said he doesn’t think Kendrick will need the DL.

    So get ready for at least the 15-day.

    • But the Dodgers did get one run, so they weren’t completely skunked.

      Just had to go there, didn’t I?

    • We inadvertently left the malamute in the back yard two nights ago. He started letting us know around 6 a.m., and we were relieved that there were no confrontations with skunks or raccoons.

      Meanwhile, missed nearly all of last night’s game because of dinner guests. I was a bit surprised Don let Anderson start – not suggesting it was the wrong decision, merely that he usually seems to be on automatic pilot for such decisions.

        • I’m not sure what regular rotation has to do with it. Don rarely lets starters – especially starters other than Kershaw or Greinke – go longer than seven.

          • Precisely what I said above. It was even more surprising that he didn’t get anybody up after the leadoff walk to Molina.

          • Clear now that you were addressing the 8th inning. Agreed on that.

            But your original comment here reads ” I was a bit surprised Don let Anderson start – not suggesting it was the wrong decision…” Not “start the 8th.”

    • Seems we’re saying that often, just changing the name of the starting pitcher.

      • Coors distorts, but we really haven’t had a good performance since Klayton’s last start (and Anderson right before that!). Previous to that, starting pitching had begun to improve, but waylaid by weak bats and spotty pen. Be nice to run on all three cylinders. With Kershaw and Greinke coming up, throwing the best that we have at these blasted Cards!

  3. Silver Lining: it was short.
    Cloud: This slump is getting longer . . . lost 7 of 10.

    • Only in my Dodger heart! It’s a deep freeze right now for the Dodgers – always winter and never Christmas, as CS Lewis once wrote.

      • Except for a grand slam home run with 2 outs in the ninth inning on Saturday night.

        • That’s your “rose in December” . . . hopefully it’s not the rose of the season.

    • And already the extent of the “offense” has been a bases-loaded walk.

  4. The Cardinals seem to toy with us as the Celtics seemed to toy with the Lakers 50 years ago. We think we can beat them, but it frequently is illusory. Downright aggravating and frustrating.

    • Believe LA has won the regular season series v St. L most if not all recent years. (But after last night won’t this year.)

      Easy to overlook due to postseason. But it’s not like the Dodgers have been totally outclassed even then. Very competitive games for the most part, like this season (again, for the most part).

      Again, easy to overlook due to game outcomes.

      Results illustrate how the team that pitches better usually wins.

  5. What a waste . . . no sign of additional scoring from LA and it’s tied . . . and didn’t even get an out on that.

  6. Shouldn’t Anderson be gone. He has done a good job but it is time to go.

  7. As inspiring as Anderson is with his pitching, so the Dodger “hitters” are depressing.

    • Vin keeps reminding us that he thought his last game against the Cards was hi worst stuff ever. They got 2 runs on him, total.

  8. Why do the Dodgers even try to challenge anymore? And I don’t mean that as a shot at the umpires/replay reviewers. It is a shot at the Dodgers though. Seems like they always choose unwinable challenges.

  9. As he already has his requisite strikeout and walk tonight Pederson is due to hit his requisite home run.

  10. With the season one-third over after yesterday’s game, Pederson is on a base to have 51 homers and 96 RBIs.

  11. Doesn’t it seem strange that the Dodgers have so much money yet they struggle with pitching as well as other positions. Why operate on a shoestring when you could improve so easily? I know beat up package and give a lame excuse. Friedman is so arrogant that he will not get another starter of credibility.

    • Agree. Friedman is on a crusade to prove he can win without expensive players, like he did in Tampa. Yes, I know he now has expensive players but they were/are not of his choosing. He will replace them with average players at the first opportunity. Hail, Hail, Genius Friedman…

        • Is he not now doing just that? Uribe for Collaspo was an upgrade? The Phillies don’t really want to trade Hamels? Delude yourself if you like. He wants to win cheap so the credit will go to him.

          • IIRC you were of the opinion that Uribe was toast, no? And bemoaned that he was getting any playing time in front of Turner and Alex.

          • I am just saying why would you not trade for a Hamels or Cueto and improve the bullpen? You wouldn’t have to trade Urias or Seiger, It would be so easy with the assets available. I just don’ t get it. Instead the team deals with others who are on the scrap heap. The team has a one, two , with Kershaw and Greinke but after that 3/5 of the starters are questionable. Having a Frias or Bolsinger at the 5th position makes sense, but as a 3rd is crazy.

          • What are these available assets that you speak of? (and the Fillies wanted at least two of the top three prospects)

          • I think they would trade for a couple of decent folks like Lee or some others.

          • Vague, come on Man, give me a break. You know as well as I that the Phils are ready to get rid of Hamels. You don’t need to give away the farm to get him. I will really try and give you absolute names so you will rest easy.

          • “You wouldn’t have to trade Urias or Seiger.” It’s been widely reported that the Phillies’ asking price for Hamels is two of the big 3, them (or Joc.)
            They have all the leverage with a top-tier pitcher, and they know it

            IF the starters stay the same, the rotation will be adjusted and Anderson will be #3 in key regular season or postseason games. Likely one or more starters from outside on the way, but it’s you rarely see major trades this early. With the wild card spots within reach of a lot of teams, their willingness to trade pitching won’t increase soon.

            Anderson has given up 4 runs in 2 games v StL. He deserved to win, but the offense has been anemic v great pitching, Health-wise, he’s already lasted longer than the last several seasons.

    • I see what you are saying, but could there be another option than arrogance? It doesn’t seem like one could last this long in a FO position with the main focus being arrogance.

    • It could also be that the price of starters is higher than he wants to pay right now. People stay rich by exercising frugality.

  12. Schebler had a very good spring, appears to have talent. Whether he’s ready is another issue entirely.

  13. I think you blew the time zone conversion thing again… Schebler??? Just what we need, another left handed hitting outfielder who is in a slump… Go figure…

    • Think to some degree it’s a matter of who’s healthy and on the 40-man.

      He has hit everywhere he’s been–and for a good bit of power–after his customary slow starts. Have read that he gets the most out of his talent of any Dodger minor leaguer. Just keeps on plugging and proving doubters wrong. Let’s hope he continues, starting tonight.

      • Didn’t Heisey have an injury of some kind? I guess he’s filling “the Heisey slot’.