Big news for Dodger TV viewers

Effective Tuesday, June 9, Charter Communications will carry the Dodgers’ Sports Net LA channel. This is a result of Charter’s purchase of Time Warner Cable, which closed a couple of weeks ago.

SportsNet LA will be included in Charter’s most widely available cable package, which is called Spectrum TV Select. Charter has nearly 300,000 subscriber homes in the Los Angeles region.

In the Los Angeles market, the channel will become Charter’s standard-definition Channel 44. It will be broadcast in high definition on Channel 789.


Beginning Tuesday, nearly 2 million homes in Southern California will have access to the channel as part of their cable lineups.

Charter’s decision is not expected to immediately prompt the other hold-out pay-TV companies, including DirecTV, Dish Network, Cox Communications and Verizon FiOS, to begin carrying the channel.

But the pressure may begin to mount. AT&T’s acquisition of Direct TV is expected to get regulatory approval within a few weeks, and that might prompt a change to the content lineup there. If so, that would give access to Dodger games to another 1.2 million subscribers.

14 thoughts on “Big news for Dodger TV viewers

  1. Earlier today there was speculation that the Dodgers would call up David Aardsma because of Jansen’s problem but they have allowed his opt-out to go through anyway. Never know what these guys are thinking… Maybe there’s a deal in the works for another closer?

  2. I was curious so I looked it up. Major leaguers get $100.50 per day meal money when they’re on the road. Sound outrageous? NFL players get $127 per day.

  3. It makes no difference to me, personally, but if I lived in the area it would probably get me to subscribe to cable. I still feel satisfied, though, at having axed Comcast.

  4. Good for those people in SoCal who can now see the games, but no help for Dish customers like myself.

    • After seeing your previous response, that’s what I figured as well.
      Still, I think this bears another Phew! from cable subscribers. Not being one myself, I’m not sure how that would’ve affected me, anyway.