World Series, Game Four

There is no joy in Motown; the mighty Tigers have so far been pawing at the Giants’ pitches as though they were shot from cannon rather than thrown by mortal beings. They’re 1-for-11 with runners in scoring position for the Series, which is bad enough; what’s worse is that they’ve played three games and only had 11 runners in scoring position.

They face elimination today. It’s Max Scherzer v. Matt Cain in Comerica Park at 8:00PM Eastern on Fox.

13 thoughts on “World Series, Game Four

  1. Congratulations to the Giants, the National League, and the team that moved west with the Dodgers.

    • Didn’t Stoneman want to move elsewhere, but O’Malley convinced him to move to SF?

      • There are leaders and there are followers–Dodgers have always been leaders, just not in the World Series for what seems like forever.