2013 Free agents position players

Via CBS Sports. This is just position players; they’ll have the list of pitchers later.

I’m not sure what the basis of the ranking is, but here are the top fifteen. Only one is a Dodger: Victorino

Rank Player Last Team Pos Age AB HR AVG RBI Status

1 Robinson Cano Yankees 2B 30 627 33 .313 94 Signed by Yankees; 1 year, $15M club option

2 Josh Hamilton Rangers OF 31 562 43 .285 128 Unrestricted

3 David Wright Mets 3B 31 581 21 .306 93 $16M Club Option

4 Michael Bourn Braves OF 29 624 9 .274 57 Unrestricted

5 Brian McCann Braves C 28 439 20 .230 67 Unrestricted

6 B.J. Upton Rays OF 28 573 28 .246 78 Unrestricted

7 Nick Swisher Yankees OF 31 537 24 .276 93 Unrestricted

8 Curtis Ganderson Yankees OF 31 596 43 .232 106 Signed by Yankees; 1 year, $15M club option

9 Mike Napoli Rangers C 30 352 24 .227 56 Unrestricted

10 Carlos Ruiz Phillies C 33 372 16 .325 68 Signed by Phillies; 1 year, $5M club option

11 David Ortiz Red Sox DH 36 324 23 .318 65 Unrestricted

12 Angel Pagan Giants OF 31 605 8 .288 56 Unrestricted

13 Adam LaRoche Nationals 1B 33 571 33 .271 100 $10M Mutual Option

14 Shane Victorino Dodgers OF 31 595 11 .255 55 Unrestricted

15 Melky Cabrera Giants OF 28 459 11 .346 60 Unrestricted

Anybody see anyone there the Dodgers might be desirous of acquiring?

  • dalegribel

    At worst, the Yankees will most certainly excercise their options on Cano and Granderson, as the Mets will with Wright. At best (for them), these three sign long term deals.
    Looks to be a good year for Josh Hamilton. Probably Nick Swisher and Brian McCann too, but chancey for the teams that take a shot with them.

    • Via David PInto comes news that the Yankees have indeed exercised their options on Cano, on Granderson, and on David Aardsma.

  • foul tip

    Related, Ned was quoted recently via AP that he remains focused on upgrading the bullpen and adding a starting pitcher.

    As for the pen, I’d think he’d just focus on bringing back the backend of this year’s, which mostly means re-signing League. Otherwise, is it not pretty solid, if healthy?

    As for the starter, what does anyone think of trying to bring back Kuroda? Don’t think his family left LA when he did (not sure), and he made it plain he really didn’t want to leave when he did. Think he’ll be 38, and that’s a concern. But he has shown he’ll sign one-year deals, and a one-year would allow a quality pitcher in ’13 and flexibility going forward.

    Hiroki might think the Dodgers’ chances next year are as good as NYYs’. His call, ultimately. But his numbers in the supposedly tougher AL this year were comparable to those as a Dodger.

    • Bob_Hendley

      Hiroka is an interesting idea! I am guessing that Ned would want to bring another vet into the mix in the pen, as he is always want to do. I don’t see any overwhelming upgrades at other positions available among the FAs,except of course Cano and Wright, but they won’t be available, and Hamilton, who would take a ton and respresents a bit of a risk..