World Series, Game Three

Vogelsong v. Sanchez, Comerica Park, 8:00PM Eastern, Fox. Sanchez has pitched against the Giants before; his entire career until the trading deadline this year was spent in the NL. This will be Vogelsong’s first time seeing the Tigers.

The Tigers have to get their bats untracked. They only got two hits in Game Two, and unless you’ve got Koufax or Gibson pitching for you that’s probably not going to be enough offense to win.

  • WBBsAs

    The most forgettable post-season since 2010.

    • Artieboy

      Its not over yet WBB!

  • LOB2

    Precisely what animal did the gnats sacrifice to the baseball gods this post-season?

    • WBBsAs

      So far, this season is compelling evidence that there are no baseball gods.