Game 143, 2023

Padres at Dodgers, 7:10 PM PDT, TV: Padres: Catch the San Diego Padres now on NEW channels! Tune in on DirecTV (now channel 694-3), AT&T U-Verse (now channel 781), Cox (now Yurview channel 4), and Spectrum (now channel 305). Fans can now watch all Padres games in-market both LIVE and on demand during the 2023 season through an MLB.TV Single Team Padres subscription.

Dodgers: SPNLA

RHP Pedro Avila (1-2, 2.18 ERA) pitches for the visiting Padres and RHP Gavin Stone (1-0, 10.50 ERA) pitches for the Dodgers.

Here’s a free article from the NYT about all the other Dodger babies born this season. Five boys, one girl.

Today in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1947 Ralph Branca becomes the youngest pitcher to win twenty games in the National League. The 21-year-old Dodger right-hander, who finishes the season with 21 victories, reaches the plateau in his third attempt when Brooklyn beats the Cardinals at Sportsman’s Park, 4-3.
  • 1959 The Dodgers end Elroy Face’s consecutive win streak at 22 with a 5-4 victory over the Pirates. The reliever, who will end the season with an 18-1 record, is beaten by Chuck Churn, one of only three major league victories in his career.
  • 1966 In his first major league at-bat, John Miller homers off Lee Stange in the second inning of the Yankees’ 4-2 victory over Boston at Fenway Park. The 22 year-old left fielder, whose total of 10 hits in his 32-game career will include just two round-trippers, will become the only player to hit home runs in his first and last major league plate appearance when he goes deep as a pinch-hitter for the Dodgers in his final turn at bat in 1966.
  • 1998 Kevin Malone is named as the Dodgers’ general manager, replacing Tommy Lasorda, who is promoted to Senior Vice President of the team. The “new sheriff in town” tenure in Los Angeles will be marked by the signing of high profile players to huge contracts, including Kevin Brown’s seven-year deal making the right-hander the first $100 million man in baseball.

Lineups when available.

169 thoughts on “Game 143, 2023

  1. Joe and EK talking about Doc. EK saying Roberts might be doing his best job this year. It would be very fun to lose say 10-15 games more than the previous year – but still win MOTY.

  2. I’m delighted to say that our struggling Athletics have blanked the Trashtros 4-0 at the Juice Box in Houston. Oakland’s Waldichuk, with 5.36 ERA, went six hitless innings.

  3. The good news is that Lance Lynn starts tomorrow. That should shut down the Padres home run attack.

  4. Padres have simply outhit, out-fielded and outpitched the Dodgers tonight. Unfortunately that combo usually leads to wins.

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  6. Pleased to report that Snakes and Cubbies have won, so Gnats can’t gain any ground in the mild card competition.