Trade deadline, 2017

Dodgers acquire Darvish. Trade does not include Verdugo. The Rangers get Willie Calhoun, A.J. Alexy and Brendon Davis. 2B Calhoun is the big name there. He’s got a slash line of .298/.357/.574 at OKC. RHP Alexy is with the Class A Great Lakes Loons, and SS Davis has been with both the Loons and the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes this season.

Scott Van Slyke for Cingrani. Deal also includes Hendrik Clementina, a 20-year-old catcher who’s currently at Ogden in the Pioneer League (Rookie).

The Dodgers also acquired LHP reliever Tony Watson from Pittsburgh. They reportedly send IF Oneil Cruz and RHP Angel German to the Pirates. German’s been with the Class A Loons, as has Cruz.

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  1. Lots of fan concern, even alarm, over Darvish’s numbers this year. Last out, he gave up 10 ER in Miami’s 22-10 rout of his Rangers–the kind of thing that gets attention.

    Turns out there’s a good reason his numbers are below his career norms. He’s been tipping pitches, FB specifically, with a bit of hesitation before delivering the pitch.

    Jeff Passan

    Two scouts and an executive said Marlins knew what was coming from Darvish. A slight pause with hands when he was throwing his fastball. 1:32 PM – Jul 29, 2017

    Here’s Grant’s take:

    Turns out 7 of his last 10 outings have been good, even tho. The other 3 can’t be ignored as they powered a season ERA spike from 3.18 to 4.01. All pitchers have occasional bad games. But pitch tipping in those 3 bad starts is a likely suspect.

  2. Here is a great line from Grant: “The Dodgers know as well as any team in baseball that October offers no guarantees and that the postseason sprays like a territorial cat all
    over the house when it smells confidence on a team.”

  3. Any guesses on roster moves to accommodate our bountiful additions? I imagine Darvish and Watson go on the twenty five with Ravin going down to OKC. I sure hope we keep Farmer, at least through the Atlanta series. Was Calhoun on our forty man?

    • As near as I can tell, Calhoun wasn’t on the 40-man, so they’ll need to free up a slot for Darvish (Cingrani replaced SVS, and Watson replaces Peter O’Brien, who was DFA). It looks like they could move Urias to the 60-day DL (he was in the minors when he was injured, so he’s not even on the 10-day DL), so that would do it, or they could move Gutierrez to the 60-day.

      • I also finally saw that they released Freeman, the infielder who made a brief appearance on the team this year.

        • Okay, that makes sense. He was still on the version of the 40-man this morning, but it’s probably hard for them to keep up.

      • Understand that Farmer stays so that they can get the most out of Barnes, when he is not starting, and likewise Grandal, when he is not starting.

      • And it wasn’t even close. The thing that most surprised me about Utley while watching him since he came to the Dodgers was how good a baserunner he is.

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  5. I think I agree with Grant on the Darvish trade. We simply had to try something else, and he was the best pitcher available. The post season is a bear for the ill equipped.

  6. The trades should be appreciated by the players and if nothing else, make them feel that the team owner stepped up and believes in this year’s team. That is motivating.

  7. Cingrani trade analysis. He’s a lefthanded reliever, which would complement Avilan. LHP Liberatore is not coming off the DL anytime soon.

    I’m hopeful SVS gets to play regularly in Cincinnati.

  8. More analysis.

    Two years removed from Tommy John surgery and in his last year before free agency, Darvish isn’t putting up the same numbers as in 2013, when he had the most strikeouts and fewest hits per nine innings in the American League. But Darvish’s numbers are inflated by his last start, in which he allowed 10 runs after the Marlins found out he was tipping his pitches. The issue’s since been resolved.

  9. In summary pretty happy with who we received and even happier who we didn’t lose in return

    • Definitely agree on the latter and impressed with Front Office —
      “What do we want?” WORLD SERIES RING!
      “When do we want it?” NOW! (and as many years after as possible)

      • Yes, let’s hope for the best. According to the story above, Calhoun, Alexy and Davis “are the fourth-, 17th- and 27th-ranked prospects in the Dodgers’ system, respectively, according to”

        • Kenley was very big on getting Yu. The team has to be pleased about executing these trades without in any way upsetting the team chemistry.

        • Calhoun could be good, but he was pretty much blocked at second base (and his defense there is suspect) and in the outfield with the Dodgers, so trading him was probably the best use of him as an asset. Darvish hasn’t been great this year but he’s still been above average (ERA+ of 114) and his peripherals aren’t very far off his previous seasons. It may be a little bit of an overpay for a rental, but Calhoun had no spot in LA.

  10. Tony Watson was the Pirates closer, although he was having just an okay year. He’s been very good in the past. He’ll be a free agent at the end of the year.

    Tony Cingrani had one good year as a starter a few seasons back, but he’s been a reliever since, and hasn’t been very good (5.40 ERA this year in 25 appearances). SVS seems like an overpay, but I wish him well. He should get the chance to play for the Reds, and he’ll hit some home runs at GABP.