All Star Break Post

Home Run Derby rules

All Star Game players

Venezuelan ballplayers move to Miami for safety.

USA Today picks its best All Star Game performers at each position. Garvey and Drysdale make the cut.

Miami is home to passionate players as well as fans.

25 thoughts on “All Star Break Post

  1. A description of an interesting and well-played game from SI’s Verducci.

    From the game recap:

    A left fielder playing in right for the first time in four years, Upton extended his arm on a full run to catch Corey Seager’s liner leading off the 10th. Miller walked Joey Votto with two outs, then struck out rookie sensation Cody Bellinger on a slider.

    Coulda been heroes!

  2. Thanks to the Fox blackout, I haven’t seen a single pitch. Not really paying much attention anyway, as we just rescued a stunned hummingbird in our backyard and had to take it out to a wild animal hospital in Walnut Creek.

  3. Cody gave it a good shot(s), but — as he admitted later — he was exhausted by the end.
    This was my first time hearing him interviewed — he really has it all together and is worth rooting for . . . even if I wasn’t a Dodger fan! (Perish THAT thought!)

  4. Nice pic, Link — thanks.
    Sure hoping to see a pic of a planeload of Dodgers celebrating in late October!

  5. I’ve always despised cheap symbolism, but raising the colors for a home-run hitting contest might be the ultimate in tackiness.

    It is viewable, by the way, on MLBTV.

  6. Dodger All Stars on a plane are definitely a better idea than any kind of Snakes on a plane. 😉