Game 79, 2016

Dodgers at Brewers, 5:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FSWI

Julio Urias (0-2, 4.33 ERA) gets one more start (when are they going to sit him down, really?) and will face Chase Anderson (4-7, 5.13 ERA). The Dodgers are still trying to limit Urias’s number of pitches, but that puts a burden on their bullpen, which had to go four innings on Monday. Anderson missed his last start; his previous outing was against the Dodgers in LA when he gave up 7 runs in 2 1/3 innings.

Here’s a good profile of Trayce Thompson in Sports Illustrated. Here also is a plug for Corey Seager to start at shortstop in the All Star Game. Have you voted for him your allotted 35 times?

Hopefully this news about Kershaw’s back is minor.

If you haven’t noticed, Seager is now the team leader in the three Triple Crown batting categories with a .298 average, 16 HRS and 38 RBI. For good measure his OBP is .356.

Lineup when available.

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  1. Fun snapshot of the overall MLB standings nearing the half way point of the season: Each division has 1 and only 1 representative in both the top and bottom 6 teams. In fact, at the bottom of the standings, the divisions have 2 and only 2 reps through the last 11 spots in the standings (except the AL east).

    That certainly doesn’t represent parity off all teams but may represent some divisional parity at this moment in time (as I said, it is a snapshot – meaning it could easily change by later today.)

  2. This Giant team has made a deal with the devil, I swear. Down 13-9 in the bottom of the ninth and two back-to-back home runs later it’s 13-11 with no outs.

  3. Since his first two outings, Julio has managed an ERA of 2.49 in 25 innings.

  4. Apparently x-rays on Joc came back negative and he “only” has a bruise. Hope it is true.

  5. How did someone score from second on a sac fly to Pederson? I see that he then came out. Was he injured on the play?

  6. Dodgers win their 15th game of June – 7 of them by 1 run. Dodgers will finish this month either 15-13, 16-12 or possibly 17-11.

    • Finally, but he has pitched well for several starts in a row. I wonder if the Dodgers will still send him back to the minors.

    • i was wondering how you scored from second on a sac fly, then I saw the video (ouch is right)

  7. I’m late to the site. Does anyone know why Greinke came out of his game tonight after pitching only two innings?

    • He hit a sac fly, the next guy struck out and there was an injury delay. He didn’t come back out for the 3rd. That’s all Gameday says so far.

    • From CBS Sports: “He came out to warm up for the start of the third inning, then ran into the dugout tunnel before coming back out with the training staff and threw one warmup pitch before exiting. It was a bizarre exit to say the least, and it sounds like his back may have tightened up, as he was seen touching his back before leaving”.

  8. Feels like for ever since I’ve posted. I’m away in Toronto for a work trip – and they have been very long days.

    The baseball season is a grind. I feel a bit worn down by it – and I’m just a fan! Anyway, nice to see the Dodgers won yesterday and leading tonight.

  9. Wow, another chance to really blow this game wide open goes for naught. Sometimes the opposing team lets the Dodgers load the bases because they can never seem to profit from it.

  10. A tad more offense would be nice on our part, even if we were channeling our inner 1965 Championship team.

  11. Odd lineup. Thompson batting 5th and slumping whereas Pederson has been hitting the ball hard but right at somebody. and then there is Grandal.

    • His next start would be at home on Friday in any event, so why not let him go get checked out? Hopefully this is just precautionary and not a serious problem.

      • He is supposed to throw today and Friday appears to have been ruled out.

          • Give the Dodgers’ lack of being forthright with injuries, I am wary of this situation.

          • Think most of baseball is like that, beginning with the players. 15 day DL with the ASG game would imply missing only two starts.

  12. Over on ESPN, Jim Bowden (of all people) says that in Seager, Maeda and Thompson, the Dodgers have three of the top ten rookies in the Majors so far.