Game 86, 2015

Phillies at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA

Clayton Kershaw tries to even his record at 6-6. He’s pitched much better than that record indicates, including a 2.67 ERA in his last four starts with 35 Ks in 27 innings, games in which he got three losses for his trouble.

He’ll face rookie lefty Adam Morgan, who will be making his third big league start. He went 5 2/3 innings in his first game and got the win, and then went 7 innings in his second and got a loss. He’s 1-1 with a 2.13 ERA.

Lineup when available.

Pederson has been dropped down in the order, probably due to his recent slump.

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  1. The Angels are supposed to be looking for a left-handed bat, and also shopping Wilson who has a bad contract. Why not Crawford for Wilson?

  2. Clayton Kershaw’s career ERA dropped from 2.53 to 2.51 after last night’s game. That seems like a lot for just one (amazingly pitched shutout) game.

    • His sins are being signed by previous administration, and being smart enough( Hell, who isn’t smarter than Ned???) to sign a contract that cramps the club. It goes without saying that I’m no expert, but from what I’ve seen, he can play third as good as Callaspo and left field much better than Crawford. I can understand if the club would rather move him and use someone else, what I can’t understand is why they are using him in such a way as to discredit his value. That undermines their own best interest. On a side note, you got to hand it to that Ned. Counting Guerrero, Arrebuena (can’t spell that),Ethier, Crawford (by trade), Andruw Jones plus other mistakes that don’t come to mind right now, he made more bad deals than any two previous GMs.

      • Guerrero is horrendous in LF, while Crawford is adequate. Callaspo is a decent 3B, but I would have liked to see Guerrero get a bit more chance there – the little I’ve seen him, he’s looked OK. But, yes, Ned bears plenty of blame for a contract that doesn’t really allow the team to trade him.

        • I think he looks pretty good for an infielder who never played there before this spring. We’re going to disagree on Crawford, he’s terrible. Over and above that weak noodle of an arm, he has no baseball sense, doesn’t even know where to aim his weak throw. He offends my sense of right. I shall buy drinks for the house when he is gone.

  3. Also from Eric S:

    Eric Stephen@truebluela

    The Dodgers have hit 10 home runs total in 7 HR Derby appearances. Hee Seop Choi has 5 of them

    5:15 PM – 8 Jul 2015

  4. A Jon post, in entirety:

    “On May 25, Clayton Kershaw had a 4.32 ERA and 1.23 WHIP, and A.J. Ellis had a .208 on-base percentage and .140 slugging percentage.

    “Since May 26, Kershaw has a 1.53 ERA and 0.84 WHIP, and Ellis has a .467 on-base percentage and .500 slugging percentage.”

    He included this, from Eric Stephen:

    Eric Stephen@truebluela

    A.J. Ellis said, with no home runs, teammates joked that he was sponsored by Coke Zero. Said now he hoped to move up to Uno.

    12:12 AM – 9 Jul 2015

  5. There hasn’t been a 300K pitcher since Randy Johnson with 334 in 2002.

  6. And a five-game lead again, with Greinke pitching tomorrow and the Giants idle.

      • As far as I’m concerned, let him take a long, restful break rather than pitch one inning in Cincinnati next Tuesday. He can be off for eight days now and start the first game after the break.

        • What? You don’t want to see the AS beside his name for 3025 on his baseball reference page? Just kidding. I would be fine with him taking a .breather as well. What will be will be I guess.

  7. Coming into this game, in his last 8 games Clayton has an ERA of 1.78, .827 WHIP and a K rate of 14.9/9. (W-L 3-3).

  8. Vintage Kershaw game tonight. And I love that AJ got two runs for his buddy!

    • It’s so fun watching him pitch when he is dealing like he is tonight. Glad to see this game on MLB this evening.

  9. Well how about Ellis? He has now surpassed Rollins in BA. .218 to .213

    • Yah but I think Rollins is probably still a little better playing shortstop than A. J. would be. 🙂

    • Nice to see this little surge from the two of them. In fact, AJ in his last 24 PA has an OPS of 1.012 before tonight!

  10. Why do the Phillies have my wife’s initials – SLB – on the front of their jerseys?

  11. Hey Scoop. Just picked up a bunch of Dave Margoshes books from the library – including Wiseman’s Wager and some of his poetry. I know you said Wager was one of your fav’s – but what was the other one you mentioned?

    • He has a few collections of short stories. The one that I liked the most, although I like most everything he has written, is A Book of Great Worth. This is the one that is a collection of linked short stories and somewhat autobiographical. I am curious about your thoughts, and I welcome any recommendations you may have about who to read.

      • Oh good – I picked that one up as well. I go on vacation at the start of next week, so I will have time to do some reading then. I will certainly let you know what I think of them.

    • Dave, have you every come across a piece of fiction called “Northern Lights” by Howard Norman. It was recommended by a friend, but since it was her ex-BF, I was looking for a second opinion before picking it up.

  12. Just got home and found out that tonight’s game is free on! Get to watch Kersh and listen to Vin!

  13. Ha! They got greedy. They were marking down that GIDP before they fielded the ball. Many a slip between cup and lip…

      • I walked through Rock Creek Park to work every morning when the weather permitted.

    • I think you may have lived in Mount Pleasant (where I live), given the coordinates you provided in the past (and just around the corner from where Walter Johnson lived at one point), but I may be wrong.

  14. WBBsAs: Regarding your question about Monterey restaurants:
    Seafood — Passionfish in Pacific Grove, which is pricey. Old Fisherman’s Grotto on Fisherman’s Wharf, favored by locals, good view of the marina depending upon where you sit.
    Mexican — Pepper’s in Pacific Grove. After that, there are many Mexican restaurants throughout the Monterey Peninsula.
    Peruvian — I know of none locally and couldn’t find any on the Internet.
    Have fun. I will be out of town. If you haven’t been to the Monterey Bay Aquarium it is worth the visit, but it has gotten quite expensive.
    I am going to the Dodgers-A’s game of Wednesday afternoon, August 19, at the Coliseum. If you are going perhaps we could meet.

  15. Gnats lose, with Busted Poseur on the bench for second straight day with hamstring problems. Good chance Grandal starts the ASG, I would think.

  16. DeGrom mowing down the Gnats, who have only two hits through eight. Mets lead 2-0.

    • Seager will almost certainly up before season’s end, Urias possibl (though he’ll need some time to get back in pitching shape following his surgery).

        • A layoff without pitching to hitters under game conditions is always going to affect a pitcher. They’re going to be very conservative with a pitcher of his age and potential.

        • The surgery seemed to have been welcomed by the FO as a way to slow down his innings build up a bit.