Game 87, 2015

Phillies at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA

Zack Greinke brings his 27 2/3 scoreless-inning streak to the game against Severino Gonzalez. Greinke is 7-2 with a 1.48 ERA and headed for the All Star Game. Rookie right-hander Gonzalez rejoins the Phillies’ rotation for Thursday night’s series finale against the Dodgers. He is 3-2 with an 8.28 ERA in six starts and has been unable to pitch more than 5 1/3 innings in any of them, but the Phillies would rather give him another look than right-hander Kevin Correia, whom they designated for assignment Tuesday.

Lineup when available.

Turner gets a night off, Puig drops down to sixth.

73 thoughts on “Game 87, 2015

  1. Snakes tied for second in the division with giants, both at .500. Now, if the D-Backs win another game and the giants lose all of a sudden we will have a winning record against >.500 clubs.

  2. Night all. Good to get the series win at home versus the worst team in baseball. Hope we can do the same against the NL Central’s last place Brewers – but they have won something like 12 out of their last 16 games, so they are hotter than the Dodgers currently.

    • They recently swept both the fillies and the Reds, so some grain of salt in their surge. But, I guess a grain of salt for ourselves as well.

  3. Greinke down to 1.39 ERA. No one has had a better full season ERA since Gibson in 1968 with 1.12

  4. Interesting that the article that Link posted about Kershaw’s complete game mentioned that Greinke approaches things more pragmatically and is perfectly willing to exit after 100 pitches. Or in tonight’s case, after 94 pitches.

  5. That must be the best game Greinke has pitched as a Dodger. At very least the best 8 inning game with LA.

    • He had a game score of 90 (tonight was 88), July 13, 2013 in a 2 hit GC shutout of the Rox. Best GS this year was 78. His scoring is generally low using this measure because normally not a big K guy.

  6. Not too shabby the last 2 nights – 17 innings, 9 hits, 21 k’s, no runs against. That could play pretty well against all comers.

  7. Puig! I heard on the radio that Mark McGuire worked with him today, to get his legs more involved.

  8. Greinke has some nice symmetry: 8 innings pitched, 8 strike outs, 88 game score.

  9. How tense/excited we would be right now if Zack hit given up one less hit this evening.

  10. Question – are more people (and by people, I mean you dear friends in LA) able to see the Dodgers on tv these days? Or are most of you still blocked from watching?

  11. Apparently the Phillies’ bullpen ERA is better than the Dodgers’. But Greinke’s ERA is better than them all!

  12. Well – Gonzalez made it past 5 1/3, all the way to 5 2/3. Sometimes baseball is so predictable.

    • Wouldn’t it be great if Cole Hamels beat San Fran tomorrow night – and then got traded to the Dodgers on the weekend?

  13. This game is like the polar opposite of Monday night’s game – low scoring and efficient on time.

  14. Greinke is pitching great obviously but still lots of pitches thrown so far tonight.

    • Innings pitched as the most important stat. I think I like the sounds of that.

  15. Was Kershaw going all the way last night, throwing 120 some pitches, a statement of Mattingly’s confidence in Kenly?

    • It was a statement that Kershaw was pitching a shutout with a comfortable lead, and that it was his last start before the All-Star break, so he’ll have plenty of rest before his next start.

    • Wouldn’t typically use Jansen with a 5 run lead in any event, unless he had gone 4-5 days without appearing.