Game 55, 2022

Dodgers at White Sox, 5:10 PM PDT, TV: NBCSCH, SPNLA, TBS (out-of-market only)

The visiting Dodgers hand the ball to RHP Mitch White (1-1, 4.79 ERA). The White Sox counter with RHP Michael Kopech (1-2, 2.20 ERA). This will be White’s fourth start of the season; he’s given up three earned runs in two of the previous three. It will be Kopech’s tenth start; he’s given up no earned runs in five of them.

Today in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1954 Dodger catcher Roy Campanella steals home in the top of the 12th inning in a 7-5 victory over St. Louis at Sportsman’s Park. Campy had added an insurance run with an eighth inning round-tripper, but the Redbirds scored three times in the bottom of the ninth to tie the score.
  • 1957 Howard University awards honorary degrees of Doctor of Laws to the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and recently retired Dodgers infielder Jackie Robinson. In the coming years, the former baseball great and the Baptist minister will often appear together at Civil Rights rallies, fundraising events, and demonstrations.

    Jackie Robinson and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

  • 1982 Joining Lou Gehrig, Everett Scott, Billy Williams, and Joe Sewell, Dodger infielder Steve Garvey becomes only the fifth player in major league history to play in 1,000 consecutive games. The first baseman, establishing a National League record, will appear in 1207 consecutive games, before the streak ends next season when he breaks his thumb in a collision at home plate, playing for the Padres.

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106 thoughts on “Game 55, 2022

  1. The Dodgers have played 54 games before tonight; that represents exactly one-third of the season, which consists of 162 games. Based on their performances through one-third of the season, we can extrapolate the following, which of course will never follow the same numbers. But, here goes:
    Betts is on a pace to hit 48 HRs and have 117 RBIs.
    Bellinger: 18/63, 171 Ks.
    Smith: 18/72
    Taylor: 18/72, 198 Ks. He is now fourth in the NL in strikeouts.
    Trea: 18/132, 33 SBs That would be a remarkable number of RBIs.
    Freeman: 12/90, 84 BBs, 96 Ks
    JT: 12/93, 54 BBs, 114 Ks.
    Anderson 21-0
    Gonsolin 18-0
    Buehler 18-6
    Urias 9-15
    Kimbrel: 33 saves in 36 opportunities.
    For those who have missed sizable portions of the season, such as Muncy, Kershaw and Heaney, there is no way to multiply what they have done thus far by three.

      • Larry Jaster of the Cardinals in 1966? Five complete-game shutouts, but only 31 Ks (and 8 BBs) in 45 innings. The Dodgers, nonetheless, won the pennant that year. In a seven-year career, Jaster was 35-33.

  2. White pitched well. Only five innings with 69 pitches, no runs, two hits, 5 Ks and 9 walks.

    • Nine walks sounds like pitching out of a lot of trouble – at least 36 balls of 69 pitches.

  3. At Safeway I can get a frozen pizza for $7.99, or I can go next door to Papa John’s and get a medium for $25. Seems like an obvious choice.

  4. Darvish apparently winged Pete Alonso on the wrist at The Litterbox, and Alonso had to come out of the game. That could be a severe blow to the Mutts.

  5. Two weeks ago Joe Madden had the Angels in first place. Today they fired him. I’m less than impressed with the Angels’ management.

  6. Even before the first pitch, I wondered why Roberts brought in a lefty to pitch to the right-handed hitting Pollock.

  7. I think Roberts was wise to pull White after five innings and 69 pitches. It will give him a great boost of confidence.

  8. Kopech looks like he got styling advice from Kimbrel when he was with the WS.

  9. Silver lining? Has used 85 pitches to befuddle us over 5. Most he has thrown this year is 94.

  10. I was wrong on Sunday when I was critical of Roberts for not using Hudson. The manager had decided in advance not to use him because he had pitched on Thursday and Friday and decided he needed more rest.

    • As well, must of known that paternity leave was likely for Kimbrel, so would lose him for a few days in any event. (you were also critical of him using Kimbrel, as I recall)

  11. Unless it’s the World Series or spring training, the Dodgers should only ever play a Chicago team at Wrigley Field.

    • I have never been there, but I have been told that of the newer stadiums it may be the least attractive.

      • I saw a game there in 1991 or 1992 while at a hotel software convention. Nosebleed seats in right field. I was not impressed.