Game 118, 2021

Dodgers at Mets, 4:00 PM PDT, TV: ESPN

The Dodgers send RHP Max Scherzer (9-4, 2.67 ERA) to the mound to face the Mets’ RHP Carlos Carrasco (0-0, 6.75 ERA).

Today in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1914 Brooklyn’s Jake Daubert sets a National League record with four sacrifices in one game. The first baseman’s efforts aren’t enough when the Dodgers drop an 8-7 decision to Philadelphia at Ebbets Field.
  • 1926 When Babe Herman doubles with the bases loaded, three Dodgers wind up on third base. The runner on second rounds third but decides to go back as the runner from first reaches the same base, and a few seconds later Herman slides in to join his two teammates.
  • 1951 With one out in the top of the eighth inning and a runner on third base in a 1-1 tied game, Willie Mays, running at full speed, makes an incredible catch of Carl Furillo’s drive to deep centerfield. After grabbing the ball, the rookie outfielder turns counterclockwise and throws a perfect strike to home to nail a surprised Billy Cox at home to complete the double play. Some believe the catch, in the Giants’ eventual 3-1 Polo Grounds victory over the Dodgers, is the impetus for the beginning of the team’s incredible comeback from an 11 1/2 game deficit to win the National League pennant.
  • 2006 The Dodgers, with their 4-0 blanking of the Marlins, win their sixth consecutive game and 17th in the last 18 contests. The stretch is the team’s best run since the Brooklyn Superbas went 20-1 in 1899.

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71 thoughts on “Game 118, 2021

  1. Monday and Neverett are complaining about Candlestick, but it was a much better place to watch a ballgame than Software Stadium.

  2. That was unfortunate. Turner throws a strike to the other Turner at 2nd, who drops the ball before the Dodgers can get even one out much less a double play.

    Fortunately no harm done.

  3. Thanks to everyone last night for coaxing a win by the Dodgers while I was umpiring a 45-and-older doubleheader, which was fun. I taped the game when I got home after 11 p.m., and then read all your comments, which further increased my appreciation of the win. I thought that last night’s game was one of our most significant of the year. The Dodgers didn’t gain ground on the Giants this week, but while we were taking five of six from the Phillies and the Mets (on the road), assuming we hold onto this lead, the Giants won five of six at home vs. the Diamondbacks and the Rockies. I consider that a boost for us. We were without power for 11 hours today — a PG&E problem — so I missed the first few innings of the game. Off now to take my dog on a long walk.

      • Few games this year have been more tense than the first two games of this series vs. the Mets.

      • The games are seven innings, but no inning can begin after two hours and 10 minutes. There is a mercy rule — a 12-run lead after at least five innings. The games are scheduled for 5:15 p.m.and 7:45 p.m. starts.

          • The field is lighted, and as the daylight hours shorten, the banks of lights begin to take effect about 7:30 p.m. The games are at David Cutino Park in Seaside, a multi-use facility that is operated by the City of Seaside, which borders Monterey. It is an artificial turf: no dirt or grass. The league consists of four teams and there are doubleheaders every Saturday. The talent level ranges, but nearly all of them know how to play at least fairly well. The pitcher in the first game Saturday was excellent, probably throwing in the low 80s. He had pitched at Sacramento State. He is an architect. I was told that another player had been a Brewers farmhand. The games are good-natured and most of these guys — there are no women thus far — know each other. They love baseball and the atmosphere brings me back the long days I spent at the park while growing up in L.A. As in the big leagues, a player will occasionally bark at a strike call. This is my 19th year of umpiring and I have never thrown anyone out of a game. I have come close on several occasions.

          • When I was that age, I had to face somebody throwing low 80s in a pickup game, and I could barely see the ball.

  4. Trying to cover the 7th inning with the scrubs. Scherzer would have covered it had the defense not played so shoddy.

  5. Checking in briefly. My wife and are celebrating our 23 wedding anniversary today.
    Go Dodgers!

  6. Not exactly playing crisp defense tonight. Has cost Scherzer a lot of extra pitches.

  7. In Phoenix today, Tatís is playing RF for the Pads to minimize his risk of injury. And when he dives for a fly ball?