Game 119, 2021

Pirates at Dodgers, 7:10 PM PDT, TV: ATT SportsNet PIT, SPNLA

The Pirates send LHP Steven Brault (0-1, 3.00 ERA) to the mound to face one of the Dodgers’ bullpen residents, one who’s as yet unannounced. Update: It’ll be LHP Justin Bruihl (0-0, 4.91 ERA).

Today in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1950 At the Polo Grounds, Hank Thompson’s two inside-the-park home runs off Don Bankhead and Carl Erskine contribute to the Giants’ 16-7 drubbing of the Dodgers. The 24 year-old third baseman will hit 129 round-trippers in his 9-year career, three of which will be of the IPHR variety.
  • 1964 St. Louis outfielder Curt Flood collects eight consecutive hits during a doubleheader against Dodgers pitching. The Cardinals split the twin bill in Los Angeles, losing the opener to Sandy Koufax, 3-0, but take the nightcap when Curt Simmons tosses a six hitter to give the Redbirds a 4-0 victory.

Babe Ruth died in New York City on this day in 1948.

Lineup when available.

178 thoughts on “Game 119, 2021

  1. Regarding our second pitcher tonight, I had heard of Andre the Giant (sorry, WBB) and of Edwin Jackson, but never had I heard of Andre Jackson.

  2. Late to the parade tonight, but I thought the players union had some clout when it came to teams not playing night games on one coast and then night games the next day on the other. Thinking about the Mets and Dodgers here, both of whom flew cross-country overnight. The Giants stayed at home. The Pirates flew west from Pittsburgh but after a day game yesterday.

  3. Apparently, Andre Jackson will at least one inning tonight, with 13 pitchers in the organization on IL! Most of his rep comes from AA. Lively stuff, but sometimes hard to control.

    • I liked what I saw, but I’m not sure he’s quite ready for prime time high-leverage games.

  4. Even though he has been around longer and had more AB’s – surprised McKinney homered before Trea Turner did as a Dodger.

  5. Andre did a lot of the talking out there, so I guess he was trying to reassure the pitching coach.

  6. It’s the other league, but the Asterisks lost again. Unfortunately, our hometown Atléticos are losing as well.

        • True. But after that I can’t say that I personally care for them or about them at all.

          • They have talent, and a better ballpark than the Gnats. They also have cheapskate ownership, unfortunately.

          • Well as far as that goes – I don’t want to see them have to move. And they do have some good players.

            I guess I just think of the WS vs Dodgers and think of them as enemies. Lol

          • 1974 was the only Series I’ve ever been to, and it was a disappointment. 1988 was the best.

          • I’m not enthusiastic about the A’s, but I do follow them at a distance (rarely see them on TV because of blackouts, but I have a good friend who’s a season-ticket holder and invites me on occasion). I do attend Dodger games in Oakland, but won’t go to games in SF.

  7. Jackson is from Vail, Arizona (so he’s probably not a skier, but he did go to school in Utah).

  8. Well, at least we know the Dodgers won’t be no-hit tonight. But they still look like they need to dunk all their lumber in coffee.

  9. Dodgers’ lineup tonight suggests they think their opponent is not much better than a Triple A club. Hoping Pittsburgh proves that to be basically true.

    • I dunno. If I were to try to reinforce a weak link it would be defense and I think that McKinney wins on that score and I would rely on the first six to get me my runs. Plus, if need be, Beaty better fits in the PH role.

  10. LAT’d in reference to the giants: “If they are going to falter the next 16 games include 3 in Oakland, 3 in NYC, 3 in Atl and then coming home for 4 against Brewers and 3 against Dodgers”.

    • That 16-game span begins after the Giants play host to the Mets for three starting tonight. It would be great if the Mets took two of those three,