148 thoughts on “Game 39, 2021

  1. Let’s build on that hit Dodgers. Bullpen game tomorrow so it would be nice to win tonight.

  2. Pujols may have something to prove after his understandable
    but unceremonious departure. I kind of like it.

    • And if I read the L.A. Times story correctly, he won’t have to face the ignominy of being “fired” by both MLB teams in the L.A. area in the same season.

      • I wonder Scoop if that is standard contractual language and might not actually guarantee his staying on the team the whole year. Unless there are contracts that can stipulate a player only being around part of (the remaining) season. I suppose it could mean he can’t or won’t be sent down to the minors. (But still could be released.)

  3. I guess it’s worth a shot. Neuse, Raley, and Peters aren’t cutting it.

  4. Now to find out about Seager. Maybe it’s all an elaborate plot to allow Pujols to wear number 5…

  5. Orel comparing Treinen to Kevin Brown is spot on. Incredible movement with speed.

    • Almost need a pitch count tracker of all the things you have mentioned loathing so far this season. Lol

  6. JT with the new strike zone (as interpreted by the umps) has become a bit of a strike out machine. He is around 22%, up from a usual 14-15%.

          • He starts early and swings hard. He showed in a previous at bat that he can hold up even after starting early and hard.

          • He got hit because he was swinging and got hit on the hand because it was out there.

          • I don’t know what to tell you Bob. But Seager knows more about hitting than I do.

          • Not sure what you are trying to tell me. He was swinging at an inside pitch and got hit on the hand because of it.

          • Lol. Yeah that was poorly worded on my part. I’m not trying to tell you anything. I was really just describing at first what happened. I wasn’t sure if you were asking because you hadn’t seen it. Your question as to why he swung is very valid.

  7. Pirates missed a chance to win in the bottom of the ninth. Runner thrown out at the plate.

    • The constant turning over of players at the back end of the active and 40 man roster.

  8. Baseball is weird. Of course the fill in pitcher gets the first hit of the game vs Bauer.

  9. I guess the Dodgers are wanting to switch it up and score 8 runs in a different inning tonight.

        • We miss you. We need you. We’d like the Dodgers to welcome you back by being in first place. Thanks much for your sister doing the posting. Is she a baseball fan, a great sister, or both?

    • I was not keen on his signing but, given the injury to May and the prolonged absence of Gonsolin, it’s looking much better.

  10. In Pittsburgh, the Gnatpen has just blown a four-run lead in the seventh, and it’s tied 6-6.

    • Anderson at 97 pitches through 6 innings. I think the only way that game stays interesting all the way through is if multiple pitchers keep it interesting.

  11. It pains me to say this, but the Giants are playing very good baseball. They lead the Pirates, 3-0, after two innings tonight.

  12. Regarding Pujols, the L.A. Times story leads with:
    “The Dodgers and future Hall of Famer Albert Pujols have agreed to a contract for
    the remainder of the season, according to people with knowledge of the
    As I read it, that’s a promise that he won’t be cut during the season.

  13. I think I would have looked into Yasiel Puig before Pujols. Puig would probably want too much money though.

    • Stunning. I can’t figure this one. Is it PR related? Did they fall in love with some advance stats we don’t know about? I could maybe see if we still had Joc around because his brother LOVED Pujols.

      I don’t get it.

      • Guessing he has agreed not to be an everyday player. Not really an advanced stat, but he is OPS+ 141 against lefties. David Freeze was OPS+ 134 against lefties in 2019 and we were pretty happy with him.

      • Guessing he has agreed not to be an everyday player. Not really an advanced stat, but he is OPS+ 141 against lefties. David Freeze was OPS+ 134 against lefties in 2019 and we were pretty happy with him.

        • I like the signing of Pujols. He improves our bench and he might see some duty at first base. He played in 20 games there for the Angels this year. Also, this from the story posted on the L.A. Times site:
          “The Angels remain responsible for his $30-million salary in the final year of his 10-year $240 million contact. The Dodgers will pay him a prorated share of the $570,500 league minimum. That will be offset from what the Angels owe him.” I’d rather see Pujols at the plate this year than Peters.

          • Fair points Bob and Scoop. Certainly agree that it’s a low cost flyer on any production value Pujols has left in him.

          • Meh. He played third base just 5 times when he was with the Dodgers. Basically, 1st base and DH. Pujols can do that.

      • Short-term expedient because of injuries and the fact that younger guys like Peters and Raley aren’t ready. When Bellinger and McKinstry return, doubtful Pujols stays.