166 thoughts on “Game 38, 2021

  1. Our leads of 8-0 or even 13-0 are no longer safe. These become more like football scores where leads like that can be erased easily.

  2. We’ve got to have better options than Santana. He needs to go down and work on things.

  3. Kershaw’s career winning percentage is just a tick under 70- at 69.6%.

  4. Kenley’s ERA drops to 1.65. Victor’s is 1.38.
    I love the victory, our third straight, but we need to find people to replace Santana, Peters and Raley.

    • Don’t disagree but tonight Kershaw himself was kinda his own worse enemy…

      • Yes. Thank goodness we got eight runs in the second, during which Kershaw played a key role. It is nice to pick up a win as a pitcher when you haven’t done particularly well. Eleven strikeouts in six innings helps to balance the equation. Kershaw has six wins. The only pitcher with more is Jack Flaherty of St. Louis with seven.

  5. Kershaw ends the night with his era slightly higher than his batting average.

    • My friend always says that about himself when we play tennis (usually about his serving). Never sure if serving good = Jeckyll and serving bad = Hyde – or the other way around. He usually serves better with a bit of emotion…

  6. Hi all. Checking in from Denver. Looking… weird? Better than it could be for sure.

  7. This may have come up earlier, but fun to see that Jon has updated his 100 Things Dodger Fans Should Know and Do book.

  8. Kersh at 59 pitches already. Probably gonna need at least 4 innings from the bullpen.

  9. The woman who caught the HR ball – the ball looks huge in her glove. Very nice catch by her.

  10. We may need to send Kid K a map to show him where the strike zone is tonight. Doesn’t seem to know so far.