World Series Game Four, 2015

Royals at Mets, 5:00PM PT, TV: Fox

(Insert pro forma rant about World Series games played at night in the Northeast)

Why can’t MLB at least schedule weekend World Series games during the day so the average eight, nine or ten-year old can watch them through the end of the game? Yeah, yeah, college football. Yeah, yeah, the NFL. Competing with those entities and expecting to win is done, guys. That ship has sailed. But real baseball fans are going to watch the Series, not Texas-San Antonio v. North Texas.

On to tonight’s game. The Mets send rookie lefthander Steven Matz to the hill to face Tall Chris Young, who pitched three shutout innings of relief in the fourteen-inning Game One. If the Mets win the Series is tied, if the Royals win they’ve got a 3-1 edge.

22 thoughts on “World Series Game Four, 2015

  1. For anyone who might be interested, I wrote a short piece on Brazilians in baseball at

  2. MLB ends this week, perhaps even as soon as tonight.
    What will the next 365 days bring for Dodger fans and this team?

  3. Per MLBTR: “Marlins fans may recall the four-year, $10MM contract signed by Ozzie Guillen prior to 2012. It serves as a warning to Mattingly that a long term of contract or high AAV will not ensure job security in Miami.”

    • No non-monetary reason. It’s greed on the part of MLB and the networks. The players, coaches and managers hate it, or at least they used to when it first began back in 1971. The last outdoor day game in the Series was in 1984</a..

      • In the Northeast and Midwest, especially, night games increase the chances of crappy weather.

          • In 1962, if I recall correctly, there were several rainouts in SF (where the Series never should have been played in any event).