World Series Game Five, 2015

Here we go. Can the Mets stave off expulsion from the Series or will they succumb to the Royals and the incessant hitting machine that is their lineup?

Royals at Mets, 5:00PM PT, TV: Fox

The pitchers from Game One are matched up again. Edinson Volquez returns from attending his father’s funeral in the Dominican Republic to face Matt Harvey, who took the loss the first time these two righthanders met last week.

If you think the Royals are the latest edition of The Comeback Kids, you’re right: “Kansas City has now won six games this postseason after trailing by multiple runs.”

43 thoughts on “World Series Game Five, 2015

          • Oh, sure, but that’s only two games out of the first four.

            Look, I like our team, but I think the Royals were on the kind of roll the Rockies got on back in, ’07, was it? When they won about 13 straight until they got to the WS.

          • I think the Royals are very deserving, but I also think the Dodgers could have beaten them. Could, not necessarily would.

          • Our three and four pitchers not good enough, and offense too weak. I don’t think winning four from these guys was likely. Of course, this is baseball, so…

          • KC hitters feasted on Clippard and Reed. So did we in our series. Of course, they also got to the Mets starters more than we did, but looked like their yougins’ ran out of gas as the innings accumulated. deGrom pitched 216 innings versus 140 the previous season, Thor hit 198 innings versus 133 previous season and Harvey went 215, as compared to the 180 he was “supposed” to pitch.

          • Rox did great until they ran into good pitching (Beckett, Schilling, Matsuzaka and Lester). before that, the only good pitchers they faced were Hamels (Fillies) and Webb (Snakes). Nothing like good pitching to stop a roll. If you can get it to seven that’s two starts each for Clayton and Zach.

          • Mets bullpen actually weaker over the season than the Dodgers pen, even with late additions of Reed and Clippard that’s why we so saw much of Colon and Neise. Both are contact pitchers, however, as is Clippard and our fireballers, Kenley and Hatch better than Familia and Reed. KC starters weak and Mets got to them in almost every game before the KC relievers put a damper on things and waited until the Royals hitters could get to the Met relievers.

  1. Pitchers look on tonight. Let’s go KC. Although it would be nice for a stadium filled with Royals’ fans to be able to cheer for them to a WS win.

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