Game Ten, 2015

Rockies at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA

Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw has given up nine hits in 12 1/3 innings and a .320 batting average in two starts this season. Kershaw is 13-5 with a 3.17 ERA in 26 starts against the Rockies.

This would seem to be the place for a song:

The Rockies send Kyle Kendrick out to face Kershaw. Kendrick has had two wildly different outings this year. In the first he went seven innings, scattered seven hits, walked none, struck out six and gave up no runs to get the win. In his second start he went six innings, walked five, gave up eight hits and eight runs to take the loss.

In personnel news, the Dodgers optioned RHP Carlos Frias to Oklahoma City. They also claimed RHP Daniel Corcino from Cincinnati and designated LHP Ryan Dennick for assignment.

Lineup when available.

168 thoughts on “Game Ten, 2015

  1. Daniel Brim on the bullpen: “The Dodger bullpen has not allowed a home run this year. As a whole, the bullpen has struck out over a third of the batters they have faced, and have a K%-BB% of 27.7%. This is without Kenley Jansen.”

  2. Also from ESPN: Puig has a tight left hamstring, “and the team is increasingly concerned he could end up on the 15-day disabled list for the first time in his career.”

  3. Almost completely enjoyable game. Some great situational hitting and a whole bunch of strike outs. The fielding and the HR’s were the only thing that were a bit off putting;

  4. Just recently checked in — a bit dismayed to hear Kersh gave up soo many . . . but like the take many of you gave of extenuating circumstances.

    Besides the W and Kersh more dominant, nice to see LA seems to have given up that habit of needing to climb out of an early pit.

    • Rockies playing hard all the way. Definite glimpses of brilliance from Kersh. He’s getting there.

  5. Speaking of new Dodgers, what’s with all the minor transactions recently? Seems like there is a new player signed almost every day/

  6. have to head off soon to music practice, so I’ll leave the last 3 outs in your capable hands

  7. So who is the player of the game for the Dodgers if they win tonight? Gonzalez, Kendrick or Kershaw?

      • If not for the HR to Blackmon, I give it to Kershaw. Still mad that Blackmon didn’t strike out that at AB. Let it go Dave, let it go…

    • 3 way tie! (I am liking the fact this year that we are not just relying on 2 or 3 players to get things done)

  8. The Dbags’ Collmenter has allowed three hits to the Gnats. He has three hits himself, including a double and an RBI.

  9. Kershaw’s era dropped from 5.84 to 4.42. That is definitely trending in the right direction.

  10. The whole fielding/catching/throwing thing has not been too sharp tonight for either team.

  11. At this point I would be happy to see him get through the 6th inning without giving a run.

  12. Fun moment here for Joc. Bases loaded with 2 outs. Can he get another walk? Ha!

  13. Wonder if Kershaw will be able to pitch through not only the 6th inning but the 7th as well. Love to see the pen only have to pitch 2 innings tonight.

      • Yeah, I guess really I want Kershaw to go 7 because, well, I want him to go 7. Make me feel better about his performance I suppose.

  14. Can’t wait until Grandal also begins to get some hits.Well actually I can wait because so many others are hitting, but it will still be good when it happens.

  15. Beautiful. Missing Puig in there but this combo of Gonzo and Kendrick is really clicking so far this season.

  16. Good to get one of those Rockies run back. Hope they can pick up Gonzo from 2nd.

  17. Pure speculation, but I wonder whether the dental issue and root canal are still affecting him. It takes a while to recover from something like that.

    • Kershaw would probably say no, but I tend to agree with you. Both the physical discomfort and the psychological sensation of getting hit like that must take a bit of a toll.

  18. Don’t often see a pitcher give up 2 HR’s and 3 runs – but only 1 earned run.

  19. I wonder if anyone has tracked Kershaw’s ERA in at bats in the double digits. That kind of thing seems to happen often, but my memory of it is colored by the playoffs last year.

    • This is also not the Rockies we’ve grown to know and love – as lovable losers.

      • Although they have been to the World Series far more recently than the Dodgers have so perhaps I shouldn’t give them that label.

  20. Kershaw back to getting strikeouts again this inning. Guess he didn’t like the infield error.

  21. Kershaw still going to some deep counts and gets away with a high pitch swung on and missed by Hundley.

  22. Boom! Kendrick with the blast. This team has had their hitting shoes on all week and again tonight.

      • Different types of hitters – but yeah, I’ll take some more homers from the 2nd base position.

    • Oh dear. I’m gonna have to have a six-movie watchfest over the weekend. Wait. I don’t have The Phantom Menace on DVD yet. It’s in transit. What’ll I do!?!

  23. Wonder why they sent Frias down? You would think there would be a corresponding move to bring someone up.