Game 11, 2015

Rockies at Dodgers, 6:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA

Fun facts: Zack Greinke is 19-1 against the NL West since joining the Dodgers. He starts today against the Rockies’ Jordan Lyles. Lyles hopes Puig’s hamstring is still tight: he’s 3-5 career against Lyles with a home run and three RBI.

Another fun fact: A-Gon has been on base at least twice in each of the Dodgers’ first ten games. That ties him with Jackie Robinson for the second-longest streak of its kind in franchise history. Zack Wheat has the record at 13 games way back in 1923.

Lyles is 1-0 in his two starts this season, going 12 innings while giving up 4 walks and striking out 5. He’s got an ERA of 2.25. Greinke is also 1-0 in his two starts, going 13 innings while walking one and striking out 11. His ERA is a microscopic 0.69.

Here’s André’s throw from right field last night which got Rosario at the plate:

Lineup when available.

Puig’s back in right field. Ethier shifts to left.

104 thoughts on “Game 11, 2015

  1. Going to my first game of the season: Nats versus fillies. (take what I can get waiting for my Bums to arrive in DC).

  2. G’night, all. I’m at the L.A.Times Festival of Books tomorrow until 4 or so. I’m counting on you to keep up the good work. Oh, and also the team!

  3. So Gonzalez only made on base once tonight. Good thing he drove in 3 to make up for it.

    • I know it won’t be like this every night (I still remember losing 6-0 last week) but the lineup does seem well constructed.

  4. So we are 3 outs away from being in first place all by ourselves in the West. Perhaps for the rest of the season.

  5. Hi all! So I drive home from dinner, it’s 4-1. Come upstairs and put the game on, it’s 4-3. Get some water and sit down. It’s 6-3. Can’t keep up!

  6. So we need another complete lock down performance from the bullpen tonight.

  7. Shoot – that was hit a long way. I was thinking even if the runner on third scored it would be a great night for Greinke. Now it is a little less great. Dodger pitchers continue to give up home runs this early part of the season.

  8. Wow – Mattingly staying with Greinke. It will be a short reprieve but I like it.

  9. Ethier made that play look worse than it really was, though a good OF might have had it.

  10. Heard that Vin broadcasted his first Dodger game 65 years ago tonight at Shibe Park in Philly. I have been at my job for 17 years.
    Man – 65 years is along time.

  11. Gonzo! That was a long single because Puig not running. Gonzo almost overran Puig!

  12. In tonight’s Brewers-Pirates game, a Pittsburgh ball girl made a leaping grap of a liner that’ll probably make ESPN highlights.

  13. Meeting an old friend for dinner tonight, so I’m DVRing the game. Catch you guys on the other side. Go Dodgers!

  14. Still the Cubs. They’ve blown a four-run edge to the Pads in the ninth, but haven’t yet given up the lead. We’ll see if they get Kimbrel in the bottom; in the meantime, Joe Maddon is Broxtonizing Rondón.

  15. This Hamilton thing with the Angels is sure a black eye for baseball. But as long as they allow it to be profitable for players to do it, some will. Obviously, in a moral world, the guilty player would be banned for life and all salary due him would be cancelled. Nobody ever said baseball owners and management were smart… Definite guilt would have to be proven first, of course. I don’t remember if it was Hamilton or one of the other recently suspended players, but the guilty chemical was Furosemide, if I remember correctly. That is a simple “water pill’ many older people take occasionally to purge their tissues of excess water. I’ve taken it myself and I don’t remember any great physical improvement from it unless you consider going to the bathroom three times as often as normal, fun. Maybe the law is too strict or just to far reaching. If so, correct the rules, then make the violation meaningful. Ban one player, it’ll never happen again. And before one of you Dodger fans get too happy about the Angel’s involvement in this, just remember Steve Howe….

    • I feel more sympathy for Hamilton, who clearly has addiction problems, than I do for a sociopath like B*nds, whose ego wouldn’t let probable HOF status satisfy him. At least Hamilton has accepted responsibility and hasn’t let his “best friend” do jail time for him. The one who comes out looking really ugly in all of this is Arte Moreno, in kicking someone who’s already down.