Game 12, 2015

Rockies at Dodgers, 1:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA

Brandon McCarthy trots out for the Dodgers hoping for a more reasonable start than his last one. In that game he struck out ten, walked none but gave up four home runs in seven innings of work, with no decision for his trouble. His opponent will be Eddie Butler, who has five starts in the big leagues. Three were last year, two of those were against the Dodgers, and they didn’t go well. He was 0-1 with a 9.90 ERA. This season he’s 1-0 with a 1.64 ERA in 11 innings, which looks good but hides the 10 walks and 6 strikeouts so far in those two starts.

Lineup when available.

Uribe is probably just taking a day game off after a night game. Puig’s hamstring is beginning to worry me, and I imagine it’s worrying his employer more.

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  1. Getting excited for this series with Frisco. Be interested to see who the Dodger starter is on Thursday because that game is the free game of the day. It will be my first chance to see the Dodgers in action this year. Anyway, I like the pitching match ups in the first two games.

    • For those who live in the Bay Area, today and Thursday are blackout days (but tomorrow’s on local broadcast TV – mute the sound).

      • Funny how that works. Here in Area 51 I get blacked out on the LA feeds but I usually get the Giant and Padre feeds, both when they play in LA and at home.

        • Blackouts are an anachronism that have to fade away (to to speak) in the Internet age but, for the moment, we’re stuck with them. Meanwhile, I refuse to pay Comcast money that would go, in part, to the Gnats.

          • I don’t suppose it would help to point out that the Giants have already received whatever money they get from Comcast, or at least the amount has been determined, and nothing you will do will affect the Giants by even one penny. You are denying yourself for nothing. You could also tell yourself that you are watching the Giant games just to see them suffer and root against them. Life is too short… Or so they say…

          • Nevertheless, indirectly the money would be going to the Gnats via Comcast (which is an almost equally odious and undeserving corporate entity). It could also contribute to any future contract the Gnats get.

  2. Thanks to all, but especially WBB and Package, we crossed the one hundred-post line, and then some!

  3. Grins and giggles dept.–

    Couple comments from other places about Scott van Smash and his effortless-looking long HR. First may be a typo intending “passed,” but you could say it works either way:

    “…it’s still funny to think that he was pissed on by every team, and now you have to think that pretty much every team would kill to have him on their roster.”

    And the response to an observation that SVS looks like Dave Kingman at the plate.

    ” Ask Lasorda if SVS reminds him of Kingman.”

    • Chosen in the 14th round, so the Dodgers passed on him at least 13 times themselves.

      • The Dodgers also DFA’d SVS a couple years ago, and any other team could have claimed him then. He had to earn his way back onto the 40-man roster and then to Dodger Stadium. Even when he did, I’m not sure they were convinced.

  4. Old very brief acquaintances & very old friends dept.,both now Phillies–

    McGowan, D PHI 1 0 2.57 5 0 0 0 7.0 7 2 2 1 7 3 .250 2.00

    Very SSS of course, but 7 BB and 2.0 WHIP isn’t exactly awe-inspiring.

    Chad Billingsley made his second rehab start with Lehigh Valley IronPigs and threw five strong shutout innings, giving up just two hits and two walks, striking out three. Billingsley went from throwing 58 pitches in his first outing to throwing 73 – 45 for strikes – against Syracuse.

    IronPigs, huh?

    • Saw McGowan pitch against the Nats yesterday. First pitch sailed to the backstop.

    • That’s an answer to the thought which occurred to me today, wondering what happened to Bills. Thanks!

  5. In today’s early game in Boston, Allen Craig has replaced Hanley in the third inning. No word yet as to why.

  6. From Eric Stephen: “The Dodgers lead the NL in runs scored (5.25 per game), walks (50),
    batting average (.288), on-base percentage (.368) and home runs. They lead the majors in doubles (36), extra-base hits (56), slugging percentage (.517) and OPS (.885).”

    Kendrick has already doubled Dee Gordon’s HR total of last year, is batting .370, and is OPSing 1.105. In fairness, Gordon himself is hitting .389 and OPSing .904.

    All numbers subject to small sample size.

    • Dee went 5 for 5 on Saturday. As well, Haren has been about there most effective starter. My buddy in Miami keeps me updated. He is still sore from the Dodgers signing JP away from them.

    • Nice for the Dodgers because I imagine they would still spend the off day in LA – or most of it anyway.

    • Thanks RBI. I didn’t even spell it right when I noticed it was missing! We need you to do it. 🙂

          • I don’t remember who did it. Which, with the way I have been forgetting things lately, could mean it was me. Kinda like Wilhelm, George’s boss with the Yankees on Seinfeld.

            All that to say – I might start doing it here. As long as I’m not stepping on anybody’s toes or stealing their thunder!

  7. I had predicted the Dodgers would go 13-8 in April. At this point, that would end up being a bit disappointing.

  8. Just finished doing my taxes. Not due until April 30th in Canada. Nice to have a good game to listen to keep my spirits up!

  9. Okay Adrian. This is the last chance saloon for you right here. Make or break time.

  10. Good work, everyone! About to head home from the Festival of Books, and had to check the score…

  11. Adrian Gonzalez is clearly a bum. 0 for 4, no rbi’s and 5 runners left on base.

  12. also with Puig, don’t risk making it worse, just put him on the DL and give Ethier an extended run (with as we have just seen Van Slyke as a more that capable backup)

    • That’s why it’s unfortunate he played yesterday. If he hadn’t, they could have backdated his DL stay.

  13. Felt at the beginning of thIs inning that the Rockies could still steal this one away. But one well timed double play on defense and 2 home runs on offense makes me feel a whole lot better about this game.

  14. This is an example of what I am liking about this year so far, we can get runs from anyone in the lineup at any time

  15. Reassuring to think we have a pen that more often than not takes care of business.

  16. Ah well. Can’t call out Gonzo too much after the start he has had. But man, a hit would have been great.

    • Love it. Although, I must say if I was a fan of them – life is still pretty good in general. 3 WS in 5 years must have a lingering effect.

    • I was thinking during the game that Joc needs to stop taking Yasiels’s advice about baserunning.

  17. Rule 5, Rule 5! Danger, Will Robinson!

    I know I used the word “politicians” below, but I have a different blog where I often discuss politics from a liberal perspective. Y’all are welcome over there. 😉

  18. “”I haven’t seen the same amount of dew on the [dugout] railing, haven’t felt the same type of moisture as the game goes on. I don’t know what it is, but the ball is carrying. I’ll let you guys figure it out.” — Mattingly on the increase in home runs at Dodger Stadium

    Er….maybe related to the historical and severe long-term CA drought?

  19. I think some of the players each game get starts just so the managing genius can arrange his right/left alternating lineup he is so crazy about…

    • Traditionally the throwaway game for the subs (Sunday day game), but we are so deep that it doesn’t seem that way.