More comments this year than ever before

Don’t look now, but each of the first nine game threads of 2015 has more than 100 comments. Last year we didn’t break 100 comments until Game 91. We didn’t do it again till Game 112, not again till Game 140, not again till Game 147, lastly in the regular season in Game 157, and only once in the playoffs in the Ryu game, NLDS Game 3.

I’m glad to see it. It’s a lot more fun to write up a blog post if you can be confident there will be a whole bunch of responses to it.

Thanks, ladies and germs.

21 thoughts on “More comments this year than ever before

  1. I tuned out the Gnats’ game to watch Justified after they tied it in the ninth, but awoke to the welcome news that they blew it to the Dbags in 12.

    I am particularly enjoying Brandon Belt at .087.

  2. Congrats to Link on the upswing of traffic on your site.

    And congrats to us for making it feel like a community around here. It’s fun having a place to hang out a talk Dodgers. I don’t get a lot of that here in Winnipeg (except with my dad).

    • Make that a pair of Bobs on the gratitude, Link.
      I’ve realized how much better it is to handle the tough times when there’s this community — albeit in cyberspace — available to share venting . . . and to share the good times as well!

  3. I certainly hope he does. I emailed him last night after the game explaining that his constant riding his hobbyhorse about the F.O., its off-season trades and the new players had just gotten too tiresome, and that he was welcome to come back if he’d just forgo the negative remarks.

    • Criticism is fine. I’ve always thought, for example, that the FO’s signings of two talented but injury-prone starters in McCarthy and Anderson was a risky move. High upside, perhaps, but risky if either or both of them falter(s).

        • I agree . . . and agree with how you’ve handled this.
          What I first liked about Dodger Thoughts — and now your site, Link — is the overall positive attitude. Yes, there’s griping, but this is a supportive community — of the Dodgers and of each other.