Game 142, 2014

Diamondbacks at Dodgers, 6:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA

Hyun Jin-Ryu is 14-6 with a 3.18 ERA. The next game he wins will be an MLB career high for him. He’ll face Chase Anderson, a rookie righthander who’s 8-6 with a 3.75 ERA. Ryu is 2-0 against the D-Backs this season, while Anderson is 1-1 against the Dodgers. He gave up five runs in 5 1/3 innings the first time out, but that was the game in which the Diamondbacks bombed Clayton Kershaw for seven runs and eventually won 18-7. His second time out he only gave up two runs in five innings but lost to Kershaw. He’s probably thanking his lucky stars that at least he’s facing Ryu rather than Clayton again.


Puig is sick and getting an IV, Mattingly says. In other player news, Paco Rodriguez, who’s still on the DL, suffered an unspecified “setback” during his bullpen session Tuesday.

40 thoughts on “Game 142, 2014

  1. It wasn’t a movie tonight, it was an outdoor play, 20 miles west of Vegas . . . when I was able to hear the game thru the radio’s static, I heard LA had the lead, then I heard the last two outs of the game. . . . Great to hear the offense scored 5.

    Based on your comments, I’m looking forward to reading the recap.

    Looks like those two series vs. SF are REALLY gonna matter. It IS interesting . . . in the manner of the Chinese curse. πŸ™‚

  2. IMHO – As the fan was interfering with the ball, Dee wasn’t even in the screenshot of 3B, therefore, I would have sent him back to 3B. Just my opinion. And, we know all about opinions…

        • Perhaps in junior high. Too literal, I am sure the bench jockeys have come up with something better than that.

          • Can YOU come up with anything better, Bob? πŸ™‚

            Use your creativity. Just ‘dub’ this kid something, and I’ll refer to him that way in every future posting I make which contains his name.

          • I will say one thing….

            In college, usually, each team watches each others’ pregame.

            Anyways, one of the other teams’ back up catchers played right field, and this was the skinniest little guy you ever saw, but with overly tight baseball pants and a ‘catchers’ cup’… (usually bigger than other cups)

            This guy had facial hair like Abe Lincoln,… so, after the “Abe” references were exhausted… one of our guys said (struggling for words) …
            ” Nice bleepin’ Volkswagen hood ” …
            Juvenile? Absolutely. But, I sure miss it.

  3. Well, one thing we learned tonight….
    “Singin’ In The Rain” is Vinny’s favorite song…..

    Now, let’s get back to this one! πŸ™‚

  4. Gameday has had Ryu at 95 once, 94 several times. Doesn’t appear to have a tired arm, nor to care much about lack of an extra day based on that. He wasn’t throwing that hard earlier this year. Nor last year, pretty sure.

    Even if he did give up a run.
    Edit: FWIW, another 95 in the 7th and 2 more 94s. Even if he gave up another run on one of the 94s.

  5. Ryu just flat out knows how to pitch. And he has a great mental game, shown by how he repeatedly bears down and gets himself out of trouble.

  6. Can’t say that I know what sort of shape he is in, but Scotty Elbert might warrant a tryout to see if we can get a LOOGY into the pen. In lieu of Paco, should be of more value in the playoffs, if we make it, than some of the others (I am looking at you Perez).

    • I think BΓ‘ez is clearly ahead of PΓ©rez at present, though he doesn’t have much movement on his FB.

    • Outside of a couple hiccups, his numbers at ABQ have been very good. Mystery why the team doesn’t seem to have him on radar. Especially since he’s been there, done that in MLB, and done it well. Only thing I can figure is health concerns. But if that’s the case, why let him pitch at all?

      Link to his last 10 at ABQ. Results great except for back to back woofers about a month ago, which greatly inflated the numbers. You don’t get do-overs, but apart from those 2 games, zero ER.

      But they didn’t call him up at the end of his season, so doubtful now.

        • Could the “in the organization at deadline” work for him with some creative injury replacement moves of the type that have been suggested? Or is not on 40 man the end of it?

          Not that the Dodgers would do it. Pretty sure his ship sailed with no callup when ABQ finished, but is it theoretically possible?

          • Yeah, which I thought surprising. But if the team decided to give him a shot, as Bob H outlined, would it be possible to get him in the playoffs through roster injury replacement & “in the organization Aug. 31” creativity?

            Not that they will. His best shot now looks like ST 2015.