Game 94, 2014

Padres at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FSSD

Clayton Kershaw brings his 36-scoreless-inning streak to the game against rookie Odrisamer Despaigne, who’s 2-0 with an impressive 0.92 ERA and this feat: he’s the first pitcher in club history to throw at least six innings and allow no more than one run in each of his first three career starts.

Carl Crawford has been activated from the DL and Clint Robinson has been sent to Albuquerque to make room for him.

23 thoughts on “Game 94, 2014

  1. Certainly was a fun one to watch, thanks to the Padres broadcast. It’ll bring me to tears if Vin retires after the season and most of us were deprived.

  2. Some people are worried about the plague of baseball injuries, especially to pitchers. One easy (partial) solution would be to increase the 25 man roster to 28. These 3 extra players would almost certainly be minimum salary type players, so the cost to each team is less than $2MM. Say a pitcher, a catcher, and an infielder. A little less work for the other 25 players, a chance to hold an injured player out of the lineup a few days. A Five Day Disabled List might have some merit also.

    • While this certainly merits consideration, it wouldn’t save someone like Tanaka who was throwing more splitters and at a higher velocity than any other pitcher. IMO, it would just end up with more get-only-one-out situational pitching changes.

      • I hate those. I know why they do it but just how often does it work out well or even become relevant?

  3. I suppose DM would say the difference between pulling Kershaw after the 8th with a shutout going recently and allowing him to finish a game tonight when he has allowed one run is the upcoming AS break ? Hope someone asks him.

    • ASG certainly came into play for this one in giving DM the luxury of having his best pitcher on the mound in a one run ballgame. The score in the other game gave DM the luxury of taking Clayton out.

  4. since he is singlehandedly winning the game for us, he might as well finish what he started

  5. Kemp has runners 1st & 3rd, one out, 2 strikes, and looks at called strike 3. Was it close? If no, why is he not at least protecting the plate?

    • I just wish it was smart batting by the rest of the lineup that inning