133 thoughts on “Game 106, 2021

  1. Another “bullpen game” win. Much, much better record in those games than in extra inning games! (Although they aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive.)

  2. Olympic update: my son and his friend from next door marked off 100m in our back lane to see how fast they could run it! They did not break the world or Olympic record! Lol

  3. Saw how close Votto was to homering in his 8th straight game. Missed by a matter of inches.

  4. Rox now lead Pads 5-2 after 6-1/2. Darvish imploded again, with a homer to opposing pitcher.

    • Maybe he will be like the people in M. Night Shyamalan’s new movie Old and he will age a year every 30 minutes.

    • It was going so smoothly through three plus. But now it’s slower than molasses in January (in Winnipeg) as my dad likes to say.

  5. Almost time to switch to the Olympics for a while. This one is frustrating

      • Well I’ll just watch a quick race or two and come back. The one I most want to watch doesn’t start for another 20 min, so maybe this inning will be over by then.

      • To be honest I haven’t watched much of the Olympics. But it’s the final night of swimming – all the relay races which is usually pretty exciting.

        Canada could have one swimmer get her 7th medal all time – which would mean she would become the greatest Olympian in Canadian history (passing a Winnipeger).

        What’s the US record? Phelps with about 70? (Jk)

  6. Phooey. I partially blame those strikes called for balls. Should have been a solo homer.

  7. White may have reached his limit.

    Rox have taken a 2-0 lead over the Pads in the third at The Litterbox.

  8. I was thinking about Duffy and his not being available until Sept very likely. Maybe the Dodgers were just trying to have their own version of the end of August waiver trade deadline…

  9. Gonsolin went on the IL today, and Brewster and Raley got optioned. Uceta and Cleavinger are back on the active roster.

      • It depends when Taylor broke for home. Muncy would get a steal because you can’t presume he’d be out, but if Taylor left only after the throw went into CF, it would a throwing error on the catcher.

  10. Glad to see White is pitching. Hopefully it will help the pen survive until the day off on Monday.