Game 150, 2019

Dodgers at Mets, 4:10 PM PDT, TV: MLBN (out-of-market only), SPNLA, WPIX

The Dodgers send out LHP Hyun-Jin Ryu (12-5, 2.45 ERA), hoping that skipping a turn will help him get back on the Cy Young track he’d been on until his last four starts. In those starts he’s put up an unsightly 9.95 ERA while giving up 36 hits, five HRs, and seven walks in 19 innings. His opponent will be RHP Jacob deGrom (9-8, 2.70 ERA), last year’s Cy Young winner, whose won-loss record belies the way he’s pitched this season.

Here’s Gavin Lux’s go-ahead HR off the original outfield wall in Friday’s game:

Today in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1951 Preacher Roe wins his 20th game of the season when the Dodgers beat the Pirates at Forbes Field, 3-1. The 36 year-old southpaw will finish the season with a 22-3 record.
  • 2002 Chin-Feng Chen becomes the first Taiwan-born player to appear in the major leagues as he walks and scores as a pinch-hitter for the Dodgers against the Rockies. The 24 year-old first baseman-outfielder played for the 1990 Taiwan team which won the Little League World Series.
  • 2008 Mets shortstop Jose Reyes, with his eighth-inning thievery in a 7-4 loss to the Braves at Shea Stadium, becomes the first player to have four straight seasons of 50 or more stolen bases playing for a New York area team, which also includes Yankees, Dodgers, and Giants. The accomplishment extends the infielder’s own record, as he is also the only Gotham major leaguer to achieve the feat for three consecutive years.

Also, in 1990 Mariner Ken Griffey and his son, Junior, become the first father and son to hit homers in the same major league game. The back-to-back blasts are given up by Angel hurler Kirk McCaskill.


130 thoughts on “Game 150, 2019

  1. Sunday Sufferings – Ryu’s outing was encouraging, but everything went poorly yesterday. Both Yanquis and Minute Maids rolled over weak team, so Dodgers (projected wins 103.3) now trail Bronxsters (105.3) by two and Houston (105.1) by one.

    In the NL, Barves (99.7) now trail Dodgers by just three, as Nats (gnot the Gnats) blew another one at home. Wally Moon remains magic.

  2. Come on, guys. Stop hitting their batters! (Even though Nimmo wasn’t exactly trying to get out of the way.)

  3. Old friend Charlie Culberson just got hit in the face by Fernando Rodney (by the way, if you think Dodgers have ‘pen problems, try being a Natfan).

  4. I’m enjoying stress free baseball. A month from now I would be tight and nervous on every pitch.

    What joys await!

  5. I would still be lying on the ground in the fetal position if I got hit by a MLB pitch. These guys almost routinely and casually stroll to first.

    • Cliff Corcoran at The Athletic:

      Since topping this list on Aug. 16, Ryu has allowed 21 runs in 19 innings over four starts, inflating his season ERA by a full run. After allowing four home runs in his previous 17 starts, Ryu allowed five in the first two starts in that recent sequence. After walking just five men through his first 14 starts this season, he walked four in his last outing on Sept. 4, which, like the first two, saw his flyouts outnumber his groundouts. Last week, the Dodgers skipped Ryu in the rotation, the third start he has missed this season in addition to one cut short by injury and his averaging less than five innings per start over those miserable last four, all of which has suppressed his innings total. The Dodgers are hoping the extra rest will help Ryu get back on track, but he’d have to have another sudden and enduring reversal to have any hope of reclaiming what, for most of the season, looked like his Cy Young award.

      deGrom, Scherzer and Strasburg are ahead of him now, Corcoran thinks.

  6. These early games are messing me up in terms of posting. I am missing most or all of the games recently.

        • I don’t disagree and that’s why I call one an experience and one an experiment. Although Orel just said that playing LF is “completely different” than playing CF.

  7. Plunkett highlights the Martin start, noting that Ryu has ERA 1.70 with him behind the plate, whereas 5.81 in five games with Willie Smith. Maybe random, but every might help him get back on track. Martin’s superior framing might help on getting strikes called on the balls on the margin.