Game 162, 2016

Last game of the regular season, and it has some importance for the home team Giants.

The Giants can claim the second wild-card spot in the National League and a one-game showdown with the New York Mets in the Big Apple on Wednesday with either a win Sunday against the Los Angeles Dodgers or a St. Louis Cardinals loss to the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The Cardinals can still force a one-game wild-card tiebreaker against the Giants on Monday in St. Louis with a win Sunday and a San Francisco loss.

As a result of Saturday’s loss the Dodgers locked themselves into the No. 3 seed in the NL playoffs. The second-seeded Nationals, winners of the NL East, have the home-field advantage in the best-of-five series. (The Cubs have the first seed).

Dodgers at Giants, 12:05PM PT, TV: SPNLA, KTLA, CS-BA, MLB.TV free game (out-of-market)

Kenta Maeda (16-10, 3.28 ERA) hopes to cap off an excellent MLB rookie season with his 17th win. He’s done very well against the Giants this year: 3-0 with a 2.65 ERA in three starts. He’ll face lefty Matt Moore (12-12, 4.21 ERA), who faced the Dodgers on September 21 and did not fare well: he gave up six runs on seven hits in one-plus innings.

Vin Scully will do all nine innings of the game, which will be simulcast on radio and TV in LA and in the Bay Area. It’s also going to be streamed live on

Lineup when available.

160 thoughts on “Game 162, 2016

    • Bob Hendley was right on the nose 91-71. But it’s bittersweet because to beat me out (92-70), he would have had to be rooting for a loss.

      Just kidding Bob. Congrats on your prognosticating skills. We were all pretty close but this ain’t horseshoes or hand grenades – here you need precision.

  1. I wish the schedule had allowed the Dodgers to play at home for the season finale. We still could have played SF but then Vin would have had the Dodger fans as the last roar of the crowd to go out on.

    • Yes, but I’m glad they got to celebrate at Dodger Stadium, with Vin taking part in that.

    • I think Vin was quite happy to be in the home of his childhood team, which he is now free to root for.

  2. That was beautiful from Vin.
    Part of me wanted it live, to hear the emotion — but he probably didn’t want to do it that way, for the same reason.

      • First of all, I hope the Cubs beat whoever they face (other than the Dodgers).
        Secondly, get Bochy and the Giants out of the playoffs ASAP, especially in an even-numbered year! . . . they’ve proven they can win now.

  3. Let’s at least make their ninth inning pitcher look bad, to remind them that their bullpen stinks.

  4. Vin’s being so funny about Pence this game. Pence makes me think of Matthew McConaughey on steroids.

  5. Bottom of 8th, Giants handily leading, no sign of life in Dodger bats = the end is near for Vin. 🙁

  6. I usually don’t care what Cards fans feel, but I was hoping the Dodgers would’ve been able to help them out.

  7. My favorite football team is the Cowboys (yes, i know they’re one of the most hated).
    They’re also playing in SF today and their offense is even worse than the Dodgers — they’re being shutout right now, 14-0.

      • They used to be my team.
        When Joe Montana retired, I thought — for some reason — that it was time to pick another team. Dallas had beaten them that year and they had the classy Landry & Staubach, so i switched . . . and stayed thru the less-classy guys.

        • Speaking of changing teams, I always said I would be a Dodger fan as long as Vin was with them.
          Not that I’m thinking of changing, but he was always THE Dodger for me.

          • Have always gone for the Cowboys. A friend of mine went over there when I was young and bought me back a random shirt which happened to be a Cowboys one

          • I was a Staubach fan since he went to Annapolis and we were a Navy family, but we lived in Washington and the Cowboys were the enemy, so when he got out and went there I had mixed feelings.

          • Without a doubt. He said at one point he should fire the GM — we all said Yes, please! PLEASE!

    • My team is the Raiders so I stopped following football altogether about 20 years ago.

      • They are really bouncing back lately, especially this year.
        And perhaps bouncing as far away as Vegas — the Nevada Legislature will be called back into session next month to vote on a new stadium, for which the Raiders are pledging $500 million.

      • As an Oaklander, I’m hoping the Davis Crime Family decides to move to Vegas. We’re tired of paying extortion money.

    • I watched that game, and the announcers did a little tribute to Vin going into their half time report.

      • Neat!
        And neat that the Cowboys came back, so at least one of my teams knew how to beat a SF team.

  8. Love Vin’s giddiness and his revelation that after 67 years he finally gets to root for his favorite team!

  9. A “Kilroy” reference! And Vinnie saying he will root for the Giants in NY against the Mets. Not me.

    • Nor me.
      If not LA, I’m a Cubs fan . . . and the Giants can’t work their postseason magic if they’re out of it.

      • On one level, it would be a shame for the Cubs to dismantle their narrative. On the other hand, the Gnats simply do not deserve to advance any farther than they already have.

  10. Meanwhile, Nats, who should be limping with all the late injuries, steaming across the finish line.

  11. Players say they have to be able to forget bad games.
    The Dodgers need team-wide amnesia to prepare for Friday.

    • The magic of September.
      To be honest, before August, I didn’t think the Dodgers had a chance vs. the Cubs in the postseason — or any other “winning” team. LA had a winning record but they seemed dysfunctional — if pitching was good, hitting wasn’t.
      After that, there was the feeling that anyone could help at any time, culminating in the great September run.

    • I can see that reasoning, but I also think it DOES mean a lot.
      The Dodgers haven’t been able to beat the Giants at home (on its way to being 4-16 in two years). They had a chance to knock them out of the playoffs. Not only haven’t they, they haven’t look good at all in these games. (Tho Kersh looked good and Rich after the 1st — even then, it was only 2 runs.)
      Yes, i know anyone can win at any time . . . but don’t you want to knock out a nemesis when you have the chance?

  12. Do you even let Maeda hit?
    The bullpen might as well get work.
    The only reason I can see to keep him in is if they think he needs to work something out.

  13. Finally, that half-inning is over!
    Unfortunately, we’ll probably be going through it again shortly.
    Still, I’ll channel Dave — couple of runs each inning and it’s tied!
    C’mon, bats . . . c’mon, Dodgers — win for Vin!

  14. Ironic . . . if Vinny was coming to this game 80 years ago, he would take pity on the Dodgers and root for them.

    • Quite the opposite.
      They say poor dress rehearsal = good opening for theatre.
      Gotta hope the same holds true for the Dodgers . . . it’s only the 2nd inning, but can’t get much poorer play than 5 of these last 6 games.

  15. Well friends – I got to hear Vin’s opening but will be out this afternoon and will miss most of the rest of the game. Hope it’s one I will want to watch later for more reasons than it being Vin’s last!

  16. Ugh. We need to win one here, for so many reasons. I was in Vancouver for a few days, and was spared the previous two.