Game 150, 2016

Giants at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, CSBA

It’s a battle of left-handed aces, with Clayton Kershaw (11-3, 1.81 ERA) making his third start since coming off the DL. He’ll face Madison Bumgarner (14-9, 2.66 ERA), who’s not been ace-like against the Dodgers this season, going 0-2 with a 5.63 ERA in three starts against them.

This may not be all we need to know about the Giants’ bullpen, but it’s significant:

The Giants’ bullpen has matched a franchise record set in 2004 and ’05 with 28 blown saves this season. Santiago Casilla has nine blown saves alone.

Unlikely masher department: Kiké Hernandez is hitting .579 with three home runs in 19 at-bats against Bumgarner.


140 thoughts on “Game 150, 2016

  1. Good morning everyone. I actually read Jon’s story of the dust up first. Sounds like it was an interesting game, in a non no hitter way.

  2. Andrew Baggarly of the San José Mercury (edited for spelling: “The combination of testosterone and incidental eye contact cost the Gnats their ace, and perhaps the last of their vigor in the NL West.”

  3. Just saw the replay of AGon’s game-winner, and Pence really butchered it. A catch would have probably only delayed the Gnats’ agony, though.

  4. Well, as my late father used to say, “Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle,” which means the truly unexpected has happened. He took me to my first baseball game 61 years ago at Ebbets Field. (My father, not the monkey!).

  5. Really hope the only question left for the final series of the season is what Vin will say.

  6. Besides the 2-game swing and beating Bumgarner, what a perfect antidote to yesterday’s loss!

  7. Well, if this game is tied after 9 – Blanton hasn’t thrown many pitches and could go in the 10th.

  8. In our last two home games against the Giants’ Moore and Bumgarner we have two hits in 16 innings.

    • Well, yeah. I guess if you consider a pitch thrown right down the middle of the plate a strike, then sure. Pagan disagrees with you, the ump and everyone else however.

  9. That was a really stupid run. He just dribbled it past Kershaw in the first place to get his single.

    • And then the catcher with the bad elbow throws the ball into CF to let the runner go to third. What is it about Grandal that he plays hurt even though he hasn’t shown an ability to do so well.

  10. Another blackout, but Vin’s voice is still better than any video, even if it’s only for three innings.

  11. I have to say that, though we own a Prius, I detest the new Busted Poseur commercial. At first, though, I was amused when it appeared he was seated in a wheelchair.

  12. This evening, in Denver, Carlos Martínez of the Redbirds threw 35 pitches in the first inning, but escaped with a single run.

  13. Hopefully we can put SF out of their misery soon. Or out of our misery soon. Either way, it feels like we are going up against a wounded animal which can be dangerous. Funny to call them wounded I know, when LA has had all the injuries. But I think you know what I mean.

  14. Quique is actually a known masher of southpaws with, as noted, career OPS of 1.842 against Mad Bum, as well as 1.313 against Robbie Ray and .917 against Lester. Last year he led all NLers hitters (with more than 5 PA) against southpaw with OPS 1.215. Obviously having a major down year to date, he has still managed to have OPS+ 101 agin’ them. Perhaps more telling this is second to only Yas among team regulars from the right side against lefties. Justin, for example, only has OPS+ 67.

  15. I dispute the description of BadGums as an “ace.” Had he been on the Dodgers last year, he would have been no better than their No. 3 starter, and this year he’s not even as good as Cueto. Neither of them is remotely close to a healthy Kershaw. Several of the Cubbies’ starters are better than either of them.

      • Play the hand that is dealt you? I have always understood “ace” as being the best pitcher on a given team’s staff. Mad Bum no longer fits that billing.

        • He had a Jack Morris-like post-season run, and is living off that reputation. Morris himself was a good pitcher, but his press was also better than his career.