Game 151, 2016

Giants at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: ESPN2, SPNLA, CS-BA

The Dodgers ask Rich Hill (12-4, 2.06 ERA) to continue the excellent work he’s done in his first four starts for the team, although he did stumble his last time out when he gave up four runs in 5 1/3 innings against the D-Backs. Those were the first four runs he’d given up since he came to the Dodgers, so they can be forgiven. He’ll face Johnny Cueto (16-5, 2.86 ERA), who’s been a horse for the Giants all year long. This will be his fifth start against the Dodgers this season. He gave up six runs to them in April but has given up two runs or fewer in each of the last three times he’s faced them.

Turner on Cueto:

“He only throws three pitches, but with the slide-step and hesitation, it feels like nine or 10 pitches,” said Turner. “He changes the tempo, and it messes with my timing. For me, it’s a fight because of my leg kick. That quick pitch, it makes it hard for me to get the leg kick. I try to anticipate the quick pitch every time and be ready to go. It’s a cat-and-mouse game every time. He’s one of my favorite guys to face.”

Personnel news: Wood activated from DL, Norris DFAed to make room on the 40-man roster.

The Dodgers’ record after 150 games this season is identical to their record after 150 games last season.

Lineup when available.

122 thoughts on “Game 151, 2016

  1. To be honest, glad it ended up 2-0. 1-0 on that Nunez home run would have been more bitter. To me it looked like it hit the top of the wall and came back into play. Should have been a triple I thought.

    • Need to somehow beat Moore tomorrow or else the good work from the first game is really undone.

  2. Not game-related but only time I have to comment and too good to miss. From six fantastic stories from Vin Scully’s conference call.

    “I’ll always remember the worst pun I ever gave was in the Coliseum. Joe Torre was the catcher and he caught a foul tip off his hand. He had to come out of the game. But the next day he played third base, and I was just talking to the fans and somehow this came out. I said, ‘Well, there is Joe playing third. If he does not ever put the gear back on behind the plate, he will forever be known as Chicken Catcher Torre.’ The groan from the crowd of 50-, 60,000 was something that I’ll still remember to my dying day.”

  3. Close game. Dodgers have seemed to have stopped getting to 2nd now. They die at 1st instead.

  4. 2 on nobody out, leading to no runs. Let’s not play that movie 2 innings in a row please.

    • Trying for a base hit. Guy is fast (and not a bad bunt). Hill is a surprising good fielder, even with that little kick at the end.

  5. Pretty sure Wood is an upgrade from Norris.
    See you Bud. We will always have that 5-0 win vs Colorado on Canada Day.

  6. JDL and Puig seem to be fast friends. Hopefully that will be a good and productive pairing for a while.

    • If the guys don’t behave themselves I can see this as the new gesture for when they reach base after a hit. Recall a few years ago when Hanley did the goggles thing and now the fireworks gesture that AGON does. If so, things could get ugly real quick with the giants tonight.

  7. Sure would be interesting if a situation arose that Bochy would use Bumgarner as a pinch hitter in tonight’s game. Probably another reason he was pulled early last night.