Game 149, 2016

Dodgers at Diamondbacks, 1:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FS-A

RHP Jose De Leon is the latest rookie pitcher to make a splash with the Dodgers (following Maeda, Stripling, Urias and Stewart), starting off his big league career with a 2-0 record and an ERA of 4.09 with 12 strikeouts. He’ll face LHP Robbie Ray (8-13, 4.55 ERA). Ray is a strikeout pitcher: he’s recorded 202 this season.

This is the last game of the road trip for the Dodgers. They head home after the game to start a seven-game homestand with a three-game set against the Giants beginning Monday.


Goodness gracious. It’s “Let’s give the left-handed hitters a day off today” day. Beyond his right-handed hitting, Puig is 5-for-11 with a homer and two RBIs lifetime against Ray.

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  1. Not sure how this is going to play out in the long run — hopefully it’s just a blip.
    A 7-1 loss would’ve saved the bullpen.
    But going ahead shows them they can do it, which has to be worth something going forward.
    Once again we see that it takes a village . . . any aspect of the game can lose it.

      • Well, Bumgarner isn’t pitching real well right now, so we might not need Kershaw to match him one-for-one. Maybe Clayton could have been scheduled to pitch against one of the other guys and made it easier on our offense.

        Thinking out loud, that’s all.

        Oh, found a hotel — Best Western Pentagon. It’s midway between the two places I have to be that weekend.

    • If so, only because the Dodgers have managed to beat BadGums without him. BadGums is a decent pitcher, but he’s far below Kershaw’s level.

  2. Uh Puig? Please don’t catch it so casually like that. Thank you. But thanks for catching it.

    • Kendrick wanted to say he played short in this game as well as the other positions he was slotted in.

  3. Question: If you can expand the roster to 40 players in September, why not at least have a few more batters so Stripling didn’t have to bat.

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  5. The Gnatloss has mitigated any potential aggravation, but I’ll still be disappointed if the Dodgers don’t win this one.

  6. With all the strike calls Dodger pitchers are getting, makes Joc’s complaint all the more unfortunate (since it was a strike to him).

  7. We were down 3-0 last I checked in and I thought it would be a tough hill to climb, but the Dodgers went total Sound Of Music on the Diamond Backs!

  8. 10 years since the 4+1 Game. Was it Jon Weisman that coined that moniker for that game? Or someone on the old Dodger Thoughts site?

  9. At this point, I would be content — but not happier, mind you — if the standings remained the same at the end of the day.

    • Giants got the leadoff man to second with none out in the 5th, on a single and an error, but, obviously, he didn’t score.

  10. Winning yesterday and SF losing yesterday reduces the angst of today’s game for me. There will be more than enough tension over the next 3 games that I don’t need to start early.

  11. Thinking of Dodger pitchers who won their first two starts besides De Leon, I came up with Carl Erskine (1948), Karl Spooner (1955), John Purdin (1964) and Fernando Valenzuela (1981). I am sure there are others, but they are not Vance, Koufax, Drysdale, Singer or Sutton.

    • Erskine and Fernando were pretty good. But for arm trouble, Spooner showed signs of being another Koufax.

      • Totally agree re Spooner. He apparently hurt his arm in spring training in 1955, went 8-6 that year and never pitched in the majors again. He started the only game I saw in Ebbets Field. It was in 1955.

        • Except – yes Valdez. I was looking at team record in games he pitched. But not at his starts – where he went 2-0.

          • Very good. Ishii won his first six starts. The only Dodger to start his career by winning more of his first starts was likely Valenzuela with eight. Others, however, who failed to win their first two starts, in no particular order, include Newcombe, Belcher, Valdez, Ryu, Nomo, (Sid) Fernandez, Hershiser and Kershaw. Passing time as today’s game unravels. By the way, doesn’t anyone know much about Ryu’s status?

  12. Hey Link – it looks like the Game 149 post is missing from the home page. Were we bad and you had to delete it?

  13. Keep additional lefties in the lineup besides Seager. Segedin-Hernandez-Culberson-Barnes don’t do it for me.

    • But they beat Ray the southpaw last time out with essentially this lineup (Granted Seager had two of the four hits).