Game 15, 2016

Dodgers at Braves, 4:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FSSO

Ross Stripling (0-0, 2.03 ERA) goes for the Dodgers, while Julio Teheran (0-2, 6.35 ERA) goes for the Braves. Teheran’s start slipped a day; he was scheduled to be Tuesday’s starting pitcher but came down with a fever, so Williams Perez took his place.

The Dodgers had the best fielding percentage in the big leagues coming into the game, then they muffed three ground balls to the infield and raised their error total for the season to seven.

Puig has changed! Yet another story about Yasiel’s resurgence as player and good guy, this one from Sports Illustrated.

Lineup when available.

107 thoughts on “Game 15, 2016

  1. I’m sure Link set the new post to generate on auto pilot because it will be something like 3am his time when today’s game starts.

  2. I fell asleep before the Gnats’ game ended, but was pleased at the result – especially a loss for BadGums. That said, I always thought the Snakes would overtake the Gnats but, with the rest of the division playing well, I think SF could sink even lower.

  3. Doc is managing the pen more with an eye toward match ups, unlike Donnie’s rote approach.

  4. Nice to get that second run. But Culberdon left Turner hanging on that missed bunt.

  5. For whom should I root, as Greinke is pitching against Bumgarner tonight? The game is on TV where I live.

  6. Roberts should have brought in Jansen now. The game is on the line. I have little faith in Blanton.

  7. The Dodgers scored 31 runs in their first four games (3 at SD, 1 at SF) and have scored 38 runs in their last 10-plus.

  8. Well, so far it is even, but does not sound like they are playing well from all the comments.

    • Just a bit off, a bit sluggish. Not a lot like last night but still not sharp.

  9. Seems early to bring in Hatcher. Who do they want between him and hopefully Jansen in the 9th?

    • Seems to have come in to pitch to the top of the order. Nice match up approach by Doc.

  10. Thank goodness it’s a long season. This series will hopefully long be forgotten in 5 weeks.

  11. This is my first time listening to Davis. Maybe it’s tonight game, but he sounds very bland. Seems like a Joe Buck knock off – like a person trying to be a big league announcer.

  12. Five of the nine runs that the Braves have scored in this series thus far have been unearned.

  13. 1 run through 12 innings against Braves pitching is not cutting it.
    Hopefully second time through the order produces some results.

    • I preferred Fulton County Stadium, but I still think it’s reprehensible that the Braves are abandoning downtown Atlanta.

      • It is the worst. There is no good reason at all – only greed – to move to a new stadium.

        • Also, there’s no mass transit to Cobb County where the new stadium will be. They’re going to cut themselves off from their downtown (black) fans, but the suburban white ones are richer anyway.

  14. Not much happening. Which – given last night’s game – could be seen as a good thing I suppose.

  15. Just missed a HR by Seager. Long foul ball just on the wrong side of the pole.

  16. My sister-in-law’s husband is watching soccer, but fortunately I’ve got the iPad to watch the Dodgers. His son, for what it’s worth, is an excellent softball player – if he’d grown up in a baseball country, he might have had a future in it.

    • My son asked – who are these guys talking and why are they talking about fish and the ocean?