Game 155, 2015

Dodgers at Rockies, 1:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA

The Dodgers hope lefty Alex Wood (11-11, 3.60 ERA) can get them closer to clinching the division title. He’s alternated wins and losses in his last eight starts and lost the last one, so if you believe in patterns he should win today. His opponent will be lefty Chris Rusin, (5-9, 5.39 ERA), who walked four, gave up six runs on eight hits in just four innings in his last start last Tuesday.

Lineup when available.

Despite Mattingly’s earlier remarks, Adrian’s back must still be sore.

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  1. Sound the alarm! The Dodgers division championship chances have withered to only 99.6 percent, and their World Series victory to just 16 percent, while Toronto’s has not changed.

  2. From Baseball Prospectus, here are the updated standings after today’s game. The Dodgers have merely a 99.9 percent chance of winning the division, and only a 16.5 chance of winning the Series (second to Toronto’s 24.3 percent chance). Distressing times, indeed.

    • So the Dodgers finally dropped down in terms of the WS %. I checked last week after they lost the first 2 games in the AZ series and they still had the highest % (20.something%).

  3. We can only hope these guys are ticked off and embarrassed at how badly they played and will come out firing on all cylinders tomorrow. If they give Zack one or two runs and shut down they’re ripe for losing.

    • Agreed. But if Greinke wins tomorrow night, I think this stinken weekend will be forgotten. As John Madden says, “Winning is the best deodorant.”

    • It’s as if there was some sort of red super moon eclipse thingy happening that preemptively discombobulated the Dodgers this whole weekend.

  4. Maybe the A’s will have a walk off win in the bottom of the ninth. Sad when that’s all I can hope might happen today.

    • Being out of Dodger broadcast area, I don’t hear Steiner, but based on the season-long consensus opinion he must be awful.

        • I don’t have the MLB package on TV I get a lot of nationally televised games on the MLB channel, Fox, ESPN and when the Dodgers play the Giants and (this year) the A’s. When the Dodgers have a night game on the West Coast, the MLB channel will often show the end of the game. On the Monterey Peninsula, I am pretty much out of range from the radio broadcasts, but sometimes I can pick up a bit here and there on AM-570.

          • We shut down Comcast some time ago, and I don’t miss it except when the Dodgers play the Gnats. I prefer gnot to pay to watch Gnatgames that don’t interest me.

  5. And for those of you not scoring, Bolsinger, Anderson and Wood combined to pitch 13.1 innings in this series, allowing 28 hits, 18 earned runs, walking six and striking out four. That is an ERA of 11.95 and a WHIP of 2.55.

    • Greinke/Kershaw the equivalent of Spahn and Sain and pray for rain, huh? At least Koufax and Drysdale had Claude Osteen and/or Johnny Podres behind them.

      • I was thinking the same thing about Podres and Osteen behind Koufax and Drysdale. Also, in 1966, Sutton arrived as a rookie and helped win the pennant.

        • Behind Koufax and Drysdale in the pennant seasons of the 60s:
          63 — Podres 14-12, ERA of 3.54; Miller 10-8. 2.89 (starter/reliever)
          65 — Osteen 15-15, 2.79′ Podres 7-6, 3.43 (some relief appearances)
          66 — Osteen 17-14, 3.48; Sutton 12-12, 2.99

      • Yes, it’s Colorado. But in our first six games there this season, when we went 4-2, we gave up an average of 5.2 runs per game, not 8.0 as we have done thus far in this series. Colorado or not, this is bad starting pitching. Maybe when we get back to sea level in San Francisco, with Greinke and Kershaw starting the next two games, the starting pitching will be strong again. In any event, I am quite worried about our starting pitching in the playoffs beyond those two. Who’s Jake?

  6. Wood only made the one really costly bad pitch on the HR to Arenado. Goes out losing but still had fairly good form I thought.

  7. Joc’s got to be shaking his head as he struggles and the starting pitchers get 3 hits today. Wood looking good with the bat in this game.

  8. Jon at the old DT used to talk about loser’s dividend for teams who were eliminated from playoff contention and certain, small things to enjoy. Dodgers are paying out a lot to other teams and their fans so that they can enjoy their dividends.

  9. Greinke and Kershaw could lead us to victory in a five-game series as they would get three starts but it would be difficult against the Mets and their top two pitchers. But when when we get to the No. 3 and No. 4 spots in the rotation, we would be at a distinct disadvantage.

  10. That part of our play worries me the most as we limp towards the playoffs, making the most of our opportunities with the bat

  11. Can only stop in briefly today (other commitments). Shall we get back to focussing on the game? Thread today sounds a bit like Harper vs Papelbon

  12. Noticing that Colorado’s Roserio looks like Matt Kemp (small beard version of MK). Maybe it’s just the eye-black that makes it so!

  13. “Despite Mattingly’s earlier remarks…”

    Calls to mind this recent tidbit from Gurnick: “After Mattingly told media Rollins still couldn’t throw, Rollins took grounders and threw to first base, where Mattingly took his throws.”

    As if more evidence was needed of DM’s dissembling to media. He seems to think it’s part of his job not to be forthright, probably to try to keep opponents guessing about injuries. Doing this may make him look clueless and could come back to bite at some point. But DM gonna DM.

    Related, I think it was Mike P of DoDi who said this: “Oh, and for the one millionth time: It’s not the job of the manager to tell you the truth. You might want it to be, you might wish it was, but it is not.”

    • Perhaps Mattingly tested Rollins, and found him wanting in this case. Mind you, you don’t want to reveal anything that will help your opponents.

      That said, I’m not a Mattingly fan and wouldn’t miss him. The question is how much better his potential replacement might be – if at all.

      • Donnie certainly looks good compared to at least our past three or four managers. Pretty sure that Lasorda would drive us nuts as well in this day and age with his on field tactics.

        • I generally liked Lasorda, but dumping Pedro for DeShields was arguably the worst trade in Dodger history. I was appalled at the time, and now it looks far far worse than it did then.

      • Don’t know about that. What I posted was from a few days back and about Rollins. My comments were intended to be about DM not always being exactly, um, forthright, whatever his reasons, not AGon’s situation specifically.