Game 156, 2015

Dodgers at Giants, 7:15PM PT, TV: SPNLA

With the Dodgers’ magic number stuck on two, it would relieve a lot of their fans if they won this game and dispensed with the suspense. To that end they send out odds-on Cy Young favorite Zack Greinke, who’s 18-3 with a microscopic 1.65 ERA to face Jake Peavy, who’s 7-6 with a 3.83 ERA. Greinke skipped his last start with a sore calf but pitched his usual bullpen session on Friday and is thought to be fine. Peavy has been a Dodger-killer in the past if you look at his record (14-3 with a 2.42 ERA in 28 career starts against them), but those numbers were amassed with a different team and facing different players on the Dodgers; I’m not persuaded those kinds of statistics mean much.

I’m sure the Dodgers will be just fine, because they have:

Lineup when available.

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  1. Back on line, and that will require more explanation… My internet has been slowing down the last couple of weeks so I called in Friday. Saturday a repairman spent about an hour on it and it was back up to speed. Four hours later it went out completely. Called but couldn’t get repairman till Tuesday afternoon. Saturday afternoon to Monday afternoon, no internet at all. Monday afternoon I started to get limited internet, it would pull up some small sites, on others it would say “No Internet Service”. This morning it came back up to full speed. The repair guy will think I’m nuts…
    So I didn’t know what happened on Saturday and Sunday. (I don’t have the patience to sit through hours of idiot talk and meaningless film clips, not counting hundreds of commercials and promos just to get a game score. TV, except for games and old Westerns, is useless) Anyway, I got to watch last nights game and the quest continues another day…

  2. It was a maddening game. That said, I’m pretty certain that, with six games remaining, the Gnats would much rather be in the position the Dodgers are.

  3. From ESPN:

    The Dodgers have lost eight of their last 10 games and dropped a game in
    the standings each of the past three days. They still lead the Giants
    by five with just six to play, but they have three more games left in
    this series and they have scored just two runs in their past 38 innings
    at AT&T Park.

    • Don’t see this working. Maybe the Gnats will have left it all on the field tonight. And we’ll get to close this out on Bumgarner. Grasping at straws here.

  4. Alright – hang on to your luck penny everybody and hope the Dodgers break through in the 12th.

  5. I will say, we are playing a lot harder than at Coors field. If we win tonight, we will have earned it.

  6. Orel talking about what a great game this is, and how both sets of fans are enjoying it. What is he on? I wanted a Dodgers blow-out.

  7. I just watched the Ethier replay on Gameday, and can’t believe how bad Steiner is. First he says it’s a base hit, then that Tomlinson knocked down a ball that he fielded cleanly.

      • Oh, I wa’s thinking the way Bochy played the outfield on Utley, and thinking we were about to blow it. Don’t mind me. Really, I’m nerve-posting. I’ll stop.

        • Bochy usually out manages just about everybody. Donnie not special. This is do or die tonight for Bochy. Donnie has more chances.

  8. Bochy will to have bull pen game with infield playing back rather than risk giving up lead. (he is a fox)

  9. Orel just made it sound like Hatcher was on the bubble to make the postseason roster. Don’t think so man. He’s in.

  10. I don’t know, guys. We just don’t seem to be able to manufacture runs anymore. Can’t win if you can’t score. This will also probably cost Zach the Cy Young.

  11. Nothing Grand about Grandal, again. If either he or Pederson could get going, we’d be in grand shape.

    • Seems maybe a little off. The catcher has hit a couple of good pitches after Zach has fallen behind in the count. No one else has given him much trouble.

    • Just a notch below his best. Brown hit a mistake pitch for sure and a few others have found some holes.

  12. I wouldn’t mind a 5 spot this next inning for the Dodgers. I wouldn’t complain one bit.

  13. Seager……….. Giant-Killer !!!!!!
    ( We need as many of these as we can get …….. )

  14. By the way, my youngest grandson, Gus, 18 months, said “Dodger” for the first time today. Has to mean something, right?

  15. Silver lining department: FO didn’t go the Papelbon route. Also, Kik’ Hernandez is back! Go Blue!!!

  16. My toes are powder blue. Couldn’t make it to the nail place, so I’m going with what I have. Making it work. Over to you, Dodgers!

  17. Latos to the Angels. Good luck with that, Anaheim. (Having said that, he’ll probably be lights out for them, to spite us.)

  18. Being blacked out for the next four games, I’m not looking forward to six innings of Steiner per night.

  19. Living where Bay Area media dominates, I can tell you that their news and sports people are starting to get excited about this four-game series. One guy said if the Giants can win tonight and tomorrow — beating Greinke and Kershaw — then things would be looking a lot better for the Giants. Unfortunately, I agree with that analysis. For goodness sake, let’s just win tonight.

      • A favorite on my late father, a native of Brooklyn and a lifelong Dodgers fan. “If my grandmother had wires over her head, she’d be a trolley.” Not sure I ever completely understood that.

  20. For those concerned about momentum (or lack thereof), enjoy this little tidbit from Eric Stephen: “That 2006 Dodgers team won their final seven games of the season, finishing with momentum coming out the wazoo, which propelled Los Angeles to … getting swept in the first round by the Mets.”

    • That was an amazingly painful three-game series, beginning in the second inning of the first game when both Kent and Drew were tagged out at home plate on the same play by ex-Dodger Paul LoDuca when both tried to score on a single by Russell Martin. He singled into a double play. Who can forget? Other ex-Dodgers on that Mets squad were Shawn Green, who killed us in the third and final game, Jose Valentin and Guillermo Mota.