Game 119, 2015

Dodgers at Athletics, 7:05PM PT, TV: SPNLA, CSNCA

Clayton Kershaw brings his 10-6 record and his 2.39 ERA to bear against Felix Doubront (1-1, 4.59 ERA), making his first start for the As since coming over from the Blue Jays at the deadline. He’s made two relief appearances for them. I found this rather dismissive summary of him at Yahoo Sports:

Doubront has bounced around, beginning the year with the Cubs in spring training and getting another chance in Toronto before joining the A’s at the trade deadline. The journeyman left-hander can probably be ignored for fantasy purposes.

Now that’s cold!

Hmm. The International Scouting department has just undergone a facelift. Or possibly a purge. Depends on how you look at it.

From Sunday:


140 thoughts on “Game 119, 2015

  1. Well, I will soon board BART in hopes of breaking my four-game losing streak at the Mausoleum. I did much better at Denver – three out of four last year.

  2. The pen perked up–briefly—-at home. Then last night. Seems when one of the younger guys does well, it’s easier for the others to maintain that. But if anyone in the pen fouls up and the game comes down to one of the younger ones, that’s when it gets dicey. Still, as Jon W. said recently, imperfection is not the same as incompetence.

    That said, here’s the line for the pen last night–

    2 IP 7H 4R 4ER 0BB 2K….no walks, in search of non-existent silver lining

    Incompetence is very much the word for that.

    • Leaving aside the bullpen’s shortcomings last night, Mattingly’s usage of them continues to mystify me. Báez gets shelled and Don sticks with him. Johnson throws five pitches, all strikes, to finish the eighth, but doesn’t have enough to start the ninth? Yimi throws an excellent ninth, so Don sticks with him (unlike Johnson). I’m not suggesting I have the answers, but I see no coherence or consistency on his part.

      • Regarding Johnson, my guess is Don is trying to build his confidence. After all Johnson has been through, he is now showing he can do what he was expected to do.

      • I was surprised that Donnie didn’t bring in Johnson to face the righty after Howell gave up that first single,as they have an OPS+ 123 against him.

  3. Had to bag it here on the East Coast in the ninth (I did dream that the Dodgers won, but I guess that doesn’t count).

  4. Just got home from the Mausoleum, and I have to be back there at noon
    tomorrow. It was a frustrating night, brief ecstasy with A.J.’s homer
    followed by the bullpen implosion. I have a four-game losing streak in

  5. What may have been the biggest homer in Ellis’ career becomes a footnote to tonight’s game.

    • You may be forgetting Game 1 of last years playoffs against the Cards. I know I would love to forget it too.

  6. The hitting also comes under some scrutiny over the last couple of games as well.

  7. The bullpen pitchers are truly becoming abysmal. A three run lead in the 8th should surely be enough.

    • Me having a imaginary conversation with Mattingly: “Can’t you use the one good reliever you have effectively.” Kenley could have helped tonight.

      • It’s closer syndrome. Don’t bring that guy in unless you’ve got a lead you want to preserve.

        If we’d used him in the eighth we might not have had a tenth to go to.

  8. People are so concerned about the Dodgers not beating good teams. I’m more worried when they can’t beat a last place team that has lost 7 in a row.

    • — AND with the best pitcher in baseball going for them.

      Regardless of their record, I don’t have the feeling they find ways to win . . . in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

      Lack of faith in the bullpen changes everything — look what happened in last year’s postseason.

  9. This game fills me with deep worry for our chances going forward, especially with the Gnats beating St. Louis tonight.

  10. I can’t imagine what he thought was wrong with that pitch he struck out on. He needs to get some confidence in himself back or something. He’s looking for walks, not pitches to hit.

    • I am also not loving his habit of calling time at the plate just as the pitcher goes into his wind up. Someone’s going to get hurt.

  11. I can’t figure out if the Dodgers deserve to win or lose this game. So, I guess it will just have to play out as it plays out.

  12. Our bullpen is so inspiring, I often want to mimic them. It gets me heated up and throwing things in my house.

    • Agreed. That’s two strong outings in a row. I may have to slowly change my comments about him.

  13. Now Don, we talked about this. I thought we agreed we weren’t going to use Johnson in close games any more.

    • Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the bullpen. (Insert Jaws theme music.)

  14. I see the Pirates gave up 5 runs in the last 2 innings but finally won in the bottom of the 15th. Just win Dodgers.

  15. Should make for some fascinating post game comments from Kershaw. Of course by then he will have cooled down and be diplomatic or reserved.

    • I remember the Expos had a pitcher (Harris?) that pitched with both arms as well.

  16. AJ channeling his inner Joc. Or they are trying to pitch around him to get to Joc.

  17. Rick Monday just lost his voice. Apparently by inhaling a bug. Nothing like live broadcasts to be great theatre!

  18. Feels like Doubront could have ended up with 9 strikeouts and 9 walks. And just one hit.

          • So that is an absolute minimum of (12×3) + (10×4) = 76 pitches to get those 12 outs. Only 18 more outs to account for!

          • That would be amazing to strike out 12 on exactly 3 pitches each, walk 10 on exactly 4 pitches each, and then get every other batter retired on the first pitch! That would be wild!

  19. So Bob – you surprised by the hiring of the new third base coach? Or the firing of some of the top international scouts? Both are significant changes in personnel. I wonder how much the players like Bundy?

    • Don’t feel that I know enough to be surprised or otherwise as regards Bundy. On the scouts, perhaps they were not happy with some of their big dollar signings.

  20. WBBsAs: I am going with friends to tomorrow afternoon’s game at the Oakland Coliseum. We have the following six seats: Section 129 row 8 seats 3-6; Section 121 row 12 seats 5 and 6. Not sure which one I will occupy. Or I could find you. My first name is Lewis. I hope that we can meet.

    • OK, I will make a note of it. I’m about to leave for the Mausoleum shortly, to meet other Dodger fan friends. I will be in Section 120 tomorrow, not sure of seats. My name is Wayne.