Game 105, 2015

Angels at Dodgers, 1:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FSW

The Angels send Cory Rasmus (0-0, 0.00 ERA in 1 inning this season) to the hill against the Dodgers’ newly-acquired Matt Latos (4-7, 4.48 ERA). Latos has a 3-3 record with a 2.96 ERA in his last seven starts after coming off the DL where he’d been recovering from an inflamed knee. In fact, as Eric Stephen says at True Blue LA, Latos has had two different seasons in four months this year.

If Rasmus’s name seems familiar, it’s because he’s the younger brother of Colby Rasmus, who’s an outfielder for the Astros now but had previous stints with the Cardinals and Blue Jays.

Lineup when available.

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  1. I know WBB will automatically disagree with me, and some others as well, but I don’t think Joc is doing himself any good at all now, nor the team ethier. I think sending him down to OKC might help rebuilt his confidence and lower the pressure while he works on making more contact. I know centerfield might be one of the harder positions for the team to cover with present personnel but… Maybe calling up Seager to backup Rollins would allow Hernandez to concentrate on the outfield. A short taste of Major League might be good for Corey, make it easier next year when he’s up for good.

    • SSS, but advanced defense metrics not kind to Quique in CF, so hard to imagine this FO handing the job to him on a full time basis. I suppose that he could platoon with Dre, but even then Joc plays that position on a whole different level, such that I imagine they would be very reluctant to send him down.

      • Since they haven’t done it…. For sure they’ll give him the rest of the season but he may be on a short leash next year.. Just speculation, but I wonder if Hamels or Price would have been possible if he had been available?

  2. I was amazed at my own feelings after the win Sunday. The walk-off win was immensely more satisfying, more morale raising, than a 10-0 shutout win.

  3. Gnats blow it big, with Vogelscheiße surrendering walkoff homer to Barves’ rookie when Gnats had a one-run lead in 12th.

  4. Old friend Beltre on his tricycle! (four player in MLB history to hit for three cycles joining Bob Meusal, Long John Reilly, and our own Babe Herman).

  5. Gnats blow a 6-0 lead, with a game-tying homer in ninth by Pierzynski. Barves looking for walkoff in the tenth.

  6. Hats off to Dre! Last year he helped out in CF. This year his OPS+ is up to 134 in the context of an overall contribution of the outfield at only 110 (last year 124).

    • Russel was from there as I remember it.

      edit: Russell = Pittsburg ; Brewer: = Merced

      • Ah. I remembered Vin always talking about Jim being from there when he took the mound. Of course, that was 50 years ago.

      • Did a little surfing. Yes, Jim was born in Merced, but apparently his family made the trek backwards and he attended Broken Arrow HS. He died in Tyler, Texas (where I was born) from an automobile accident at age 50. I had recalled Vinny bringing up Broken Arrow again a few years ago and it appears that Bad Penny went to the same high school.

      • So, the thinking is: I will weaken my defense in order to have SVS’s bat in there because I don’t trust Baez to hold the lead, but I want to be able to keep him out there for another inning instead of pinch hitting for him?

  7. JP “Heart Attack” Howell. (he pretty much has the highest WHIP among the main relievers).

  8. Sometimes I wonder if pitchers get so geared up for the big name guys they’re about to face that they neglect the guy right in front of them. Compared to Trout and Pujols, who wouldn’t dismiss Calhoun?

  9. One more trip through the Trout and Pujols show still to come. Another run or two might not go amiss.

  10. Would have loved to see Latos pitch one more inning. But the pen – except for Jansen – should be raring to go.

  11. Alright time to go back to work with the bats. Need to get another run or two against the middle of the Angel bullpen.

    • Issue for Donnie is when to sub in the righties. Would guess he is waiting for a RISP situation.

  12. Giants lost. 2-1. Pence, on a 2-0 count, grounded into a DP with the bases loaded after the Giants had put four straight men on with one out.

      • Yes. He always seems hyper in the way he moves around at the plate. The Giants are a much better team when he is in the lineup. He has missed chunks of this season.

    • Exhibit A as to why I don’t want the Dodgers to send him down to OK to work out his swing.

      • Kendrick with his next homer would be the 8th with at least 10. Puig is at 7 and should get there as well. After that it’s SVS with 4 and Hernandez with 3. So they could/should end up with 9 players in double digits.

    • As he has done for quite a while lately as Joc 1.0. I will wait until the end of the game until passing judgment, but if things don’t improve today perhaps he should go down to OKC to work on things to create a spot for Turner’s return from the DL.

  13. Entering today at 59-45, the Dodgers were tied for a season-high 14 games above .500. The high-water mark last season was at the conclusion of the regular season, 26 games above at 94-68. Through 104 games in 2014 the Dodgers were 57-47.

  14. Josh Hamilton just hit a two-run homer in the bottom of the 6th to break up a scoreless tie. Rangers lead Giants, 2-0, after six.

    • Gnats spring a Leake! If the Llaneros can only keep Mattingly away from their bullpen mgmt, it could be OK.

  15. I’m guessing that Latos doesn’t go 8 today like Kershaw and Greinke have done. 22 pitches in the 1st.

  16. Gnats finally get baserunners on an error and a single in the fifth, but still fail to score.

  17. Llaneros lefty Martín Pérez has thrown four extremely interesting innings v. Gnats, but still scoreless game.

  18. In reference to last thread:
    Haren 10.0 mil
    Wilson 9.5 mil
    Kemp 18.0 mil
    Olivero 28.0 mil
    League 7.5 mil
    Morse 7.5 mil
    Webb 2.75 mil
    Gordon 2.5 mil

    Total 85.75 mil
    Now everyone can jump on me and tell me all this money is warranted and at the same time tell me how all the FO moves are all (every one) is fiscally correct. Also, that it makes all the sense in the world that the team can spend that kind of money and never aquire an elite starting pitcher.

        • Propaganda implies the FO is influencing the content. I doubt that. Perhaps the authors have invested a little time in thinking about what the FO is actually doing, rather than just assuming the worst of them.

          • As is yours, package. Nobody else seems to believe as you do that the FO is out to destroy the old regime’s team and replace all its players. Rather, everyone else seems to believe that the FO wants to win.

          • I did not say the FO doesn’t want to win. I think they want to do it in a way that justifies their existance.

          • I think they want to win with the least – or perhaps better stated as most reasonable – expense as possible.

    • What’s your point, Package? It’s their money and They don’t care whether we approve or not. I agree with you, it’s a stupid waste. Some others here don’t agree. Our right, their right. Like you, I think some of them are “housemen”. That too is their right. I can’t see any point in arguing the point, but if you enjoy it, go ahead. That’s your right.

      • I was asked on the last thread to supply the information of why I have stated that the team is paying 80 million dollars for players they don’t have. I did not give this info on my own.

    • You’d prefer a team with League and Wilson in the bullpen? With Kemp’s declining value in the outfield and even at the plate?

      I admit I had to look up Webb, who was released back in April. Here’s MLBTR’s analysis of why that made sense:

      As I noted at the time of the trade, the Dodgers will add not only the
      No. 74 pick in the draft, but also the money that comes along with
      it. That pick comes with a slot value of $827K, which will be subtracted
      from Baltimore’s draft pool and added to that of the Dodgers. The
      Orioles’ draft pool
      will drop from $7,677,400 to $6,850,400, while the Dodgers’ pool will
      rise from $6,954,700 to $7,781,700. And it should, of course, be noted
      that the Dodgers do come away with Minor League catcher Brian Ward.
      While he’s not an elite prospect, Ward ranked as the Orioles’ best
      defensive Minor League catcher (per Baseball America) prior to the 2013
      season, so the Dodgers will at the very least add some depth and a
      strong defender to their ranks, even if Ward has never hit much.

    • OK. Thanks. This is half of what I asked for. Next up please indicate which players they should have retained in order to achieve this fiscal rectitude you desire. In relation to that, you also seem to wish to tar and feather the new FO, whereas several of these were Ned’s doing.

        • No, he hired them. So they should have been retained by this FO regardless of performance or trade value?

      • Who said anything about fiscal rectitude, for or against? I said I wanted an elite starting pitcher.

        • The only money in that list that might have been used to get an elite pitcher would have been the Olivera bonus, which would barely cover one year of such a pitcher’s salary. Hard to fault them for wanting to fill in 3rd base. As we agreed before, its Justin fault for hitting so well.

          • My point has always been not that they let 85 mil go but that if they can be fiscally prudent while doing so why can’t they spend enough money to get an elite pitcher? Why do they not get elite players when they have plenty of money to do so while letting 85 mil hit the road?

          • The money is not fungible as you seem to believe (as it is tied to players who get paid whether you play them or not) and some of it was acquired by the previous FO.

  19. Gnice to see the Gnats go 1-2-3 on five pitches in the first, but the Llaneros fail to cash in two runners in the bottom.

  20. LATd a couple minutes ago from last discussion:

    For anyone really interested in more details of the financial aspects of the trades, this may help. Bottom line: more resource reallocation than new outlay.

    And this insight: “”For us, it’s a trade off between talent and taking on money when you can. In our situation, with our directive to build up the farm system to a point where we can operate at a level of sustainability which we are comfortable at in the long term, there are times it makes sense to substitute cash for players,” general manager Farhan Zaidi said on Friday. “In the three-way deal
    there was obviously some money changing hands where we felt it was advantageous to do that.”