Game 104, 2015

Angels at Dodgers, 1:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FS1, FSW

Kershaw is scheduled to pitch after two scratches with a sore hip. He still has his 29-inning scoreless streak. His opponent will be rookie Andrew Heaney, who’s been everything the Angels (and Dodgers) hoped he would be when he was traded from the latter to the former for Howie Kendrick. In his first six starts this season he’s gone 5-0 with a 1.79 ERA.

Let’s hope Albert Pujols doesn’t come up in a spot where he can do damage. Lifetime he’s hit .455 against Kershaw and has a .586 on-base percentage in 29 plate appearances.


I’ve seen no explanation for Pederson’s absence from the lineup.

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  1. Got to see most of the game, but BBQ started at the same time as the last KJ out. Great game, I thought.

  2. Hamels now making it look as if Wood is a far better choice. Llaneros trail Gnats 3-2 in third.

      • Jeff Bannister appears to have learned bullpen management from Mattingly, though.

    • I have to give you credit. You will always back the FO no matter what. I will back my Dodgers also but not the FO which cannibolizes the team for its own credit. I know you are a better baseball man than that. The Dodgers could have gotten better talent than they did for sure.

      • Gotta give to get and based upon their needs and desire to retain prospects the Dodgers did quite well. While I am sure that Hamels would have been quite welcome at the right price, given that he is controlled for several years, they decided to retain Seager and Urias. I think that Cueto and Price as rentals were less attractive. The teams that got these guys were far more desperate for them, as they don’t have the number 1 and 2 that we have in Kershaw and Greinke, and they were more willing to sell the farm. We had needs at the back end of the rotation and both guys we got, relatively cheap, are clearly upgrades. ESPN ranked the best “sellers” and the top three were Fillies, Tigers and Reds and this is because of the prospects they received.

        • Nothing I could say would cause you to change or alter your opinion of the FO. Not only that but there are others that follow your lead.

          • I don’t think anyone can be accused of following anyone else’s “lead” when it comes to the front office. We might reasonably be accused of believing the FO has one agenda, and that’s to put the best team on the field and win the World Series consistent with using money sensibly. They’ve got the highest payroll in either league, package. They’re not cheapskates.

          • For anyone really interested in details the financial aspects of the trades, this may help. Bottom line: more resource reallocation than new outlay.

            And this insight: “”For us, it’s a trade off between talent and taking on money when you can. In our situation, with our directive to build up the farm system to a point where we can operate at a level of sustainability which we are comfortable at in the long term, there are times it makes sense to substitute cash for players,” general manager Farhan Zaidi said on Friday. “In the three-way deal there was obviously some money changing hands where we felt it was advantageous to do that.”


          • You can’t tell me paying 80 mil on players you don’t have sensible. Or at least not any more sensible than buying a elite player.

          • Please substantiate that number, if you are going to keep throwing it out here. if you just want to rant there are other forums for that.

      • Exactly. At the deadline, the FO should have come away with Hamels, Price and Cueto to round out the rotation, and Chapman and Kimbrel to set up for Kenley. Tulo and C├ęspedes would have been nice bench pieces.

        • The part you keep leaving out is the Dodgers are paying over 80 million bucks to players that they no longer have. What’s wrong with paying and playing top players?? I don’t think this team is better than last year but even if they are, they are not 80 million bucks better.

          • They got rid of deadwood like Kemp, for instance, replacing him with the underpaid Grandal. Perhaps they should have traded Seager and Urias for Sabathia, ARod and Teixeira, who have not yet reached their prime.

          • I would have been satisfied with one more elite pitcher. Hamels, Cueto or Price. Although they have two, it is cutting it real close.

          • What is the basis for the $80 million figure? Would you be kind enough to show all the work you put into coming up with a figure like that? And which of any of those players should have been retained?

  3. Gnats go silently in first v. Hamels, Llaneros have two-our rally going in bottom of inning.

  4. 2 on and no one out? That’s not the Jansen we know and love. This is trouble with Trout and Pujols coming up next.

    • Radar showing 92-93, which just about how fast he pitches these days. Last one 94mph.

  5. Very surprised to hear Kenley’s coming in. Lotsa pitches yesterday, and not feeling well.

  6. Is today when we see Johnson? (never impressed with him as an O, despite all the saves).

    • Kenley’s probably a no because of tough inning yesterday and recovery from a virus. I think Johnson’s a passable middle reliever, but no more.

      • I know you think Johnson is the man because the team wouldn’t have gotten him if he wasn’t. Right?

      • Donnie had him up alongside Kenley, so he may at some point audition him as a righty set-up man as an option to Baez.

  7. 3 runs is a much nicer lead than 1. Just arrived home and happy to see the Dodgers in front. Kershaw needs to keep dealing for one more inning and then hand it over to the new guy in the bullpen.

  8. Heaney hasn’t topped 100 pitches yet this year, so next inning could be his last,

  9. Oh no! The dreaded “bases loaded” situation!

    Was it two years ago that we couldn’t hit with all three sacks full, or was it last year?

  10. Hey WBB, who do you have today?? I have Vinny. Yea! Hope you don’t have Steiner.

  11. Joc’s sitting v. another lefty starter, and a couple days off should do him good. I was surprised he didn’t come in for defense in the ninth last night, though. Meanwhile, Quique’s pretty good v. lefties.

  12. I think his excessive strikeout percentage, along with his low contact rate, is reason enough. I wonder if anyone asked for him in the recent trading session?

    • Despite the month long slump, Joc ranks second in hitting among all NL center fielders.

  13. Also – good job everyone on keeping the Dodgers in first place! I just spent some time reading about the trades. It looks like an interesting (meaning good) collection of players. I think Woods will be a nice addition to the rotation for the next few seasons.

  14. Apparently Kershaw didn’t want to pitch until I got back into wifi range. Just getting on a short flight but then I will be home hopefully before the game is over.