Game 24, 2015

Diamondbacks at Dodgers, 1:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA

Two Andersons face off in the third game of the series this afternoon: Chase for the D-Backs, making his fifth start, and Brett for the Dodgers, also making his fifth start. Chase is 0-1 on the year with a 4.24 ERA; he started and went five innings against the Dodgers on April 10, giving up three runs in a game Arizona eventually won 4-3. Brett pitched in that same game, giving up three runs over six innings and getting no decision. He’s 1-1 on the year with a 5.49 ERA. He hasn’t gone longer than six innings in any start this season, and in his last two he didn’t make it through five.

Lineup when available.

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    • His last outing was very good. 99 pitches – 66 strikes. Good for Chad, as long as he doesn’t come back to bite us in the playoffs down the road. 😉

      • Since he has a bit of age on him baseball-wise and the Phillies are a certified disaster area, I’m thinking they trade him for prospects if he makes it back to the majors and does decently.

        Which, come to think of it, might make it more likely to see him in playoffs, and sooner….

  1. Ok, you’re TWC. You’ve been holding out against the cable companies for your price for a year and a half and there’s not even a hint of a crack in the phantom negotiations. It’s costing the $300 million or so you’re paying the Dodgers every year. Would you consider saying, “OK, you can have it free for all your subscribers for the rest of the season”, in hopes that the subscribers would enjoy it so much they would pressure the cable companies to settle in order to keep the channel next year? If I were TWC I think I would try almost anything to avoid those back-braking losses stretching away in front of me for 25 years.

    • I can’t understand why they haven’t lowered their asking price per subscriber, unless they were hoping the Comcast takeover would affect it somehow.

  2. Now why would the Dodgers buy First Baseman Andy Wilkens from the Brewers? They are well supplied at all levels, a pitcher or catcher would have made more sense…

  3. The Dodgers might want to put Ethier in left field full time as his hitting has come around since he began playing every day. He has a better arm than Crawford. Get rid of Crawford ahead of Ethier.

    • SVS should play v. lefties, but Ethier is showing he still has value. Crawford’s bulbous contract makes trading him far more difficult than Ethier.

      • It looks like Ethier is playing against leftys and rightys well. I don’t care how hard it is too get rid of Crawford. They did it to Kemp. Ethier could also be used in center field when Joc is out or resting but it is clear he needs to play every day. Also get rid of Heisey.

        • Despite yesterday’s results, Ethier does not hit lefties well, and SVS and Guerrero are superior options in this case. Kemp had value, and they got something valuable in return; Crawford has little or none. Heisey is at OKC, so why should they get rid of him?

          • You’re talking tiny sample sizes. Over the past three years, Ethier has hit .221 off lefties, with a .272 OBP and .326 slugging percentage. That adds up to a .604 OPS. I’m happy to see him do well, but he should only rarely hit off a lefty.

          • I use the same type of sample sizes you do when you through off on Kemp and his 1 HR and he is clearly better than Grandal and others you have mentioned.

          • You need to learn recognize facetiousness without emoticons. Kemp may be a better outfielder than Grandal (who plays a far more valuable position), but the Dodgers clearly do not miss Kemp (whom I like as a player).

          • Every Dodger starter who has left via trade or FA is doing better than what has been received from another club. Kemp, Gordon, Hanley, and Haren are doing better than Kendrick, Rollins, Grandal, Anderson, and McCarthy based on stats. You apparently only use stats sometimes and then use subjective opinions for the rest. These people may not be missed because the Dodgers are winning but that is no reason to be critical of them. Also, I don’t believe catcher is harder than any other position offensively. Grandal is certainly not more valuable than Kemp.

          • I might have kept Haren for another year, though his hot start could be a little misleading, but Hanley was never coming back as a Dodger. I’m pleased that Dee is doing well, but he’s likely to return to earth sooner rather than later. To the Dodgers, at least, Grandal is more valuable than Kemp.

          • They had way too many outfielders and they had only two catchers, neither of whom could hit a lick. That’s why they wanted Grandal.

          • I understand why the Dodgers wanted Grandal but IMO he is not more valuable than Kemp. Also, Grandal will never, never, never earn more than Kemp and I would bet heavily on that IMO.

          • Good! Fewer dollars paying him means more available for someone else.

            Grandal had and has more relative value to the Dodgers than Kemp did. Again, they had six outfielders (Crawford, Puig, Ethier, Pederson, Kemp, Van Slyke) for three positions.

          • Grandal’s salary reflects his years of service. When he becomes eligible for arbitration, he’ll earn plenty more. Are Joc and Yimi not valuable to the Dodgers because they makes the minimum?

          • Ethier is clearly a better ballplayer than SVS or Guerrero. Trade one of them or Crawford.

          • I would say the jury’s out, but Ethier is older and will decline sooner, if he has not already done so.

      • This is just an opinion, not a wish. SVS is the one most likely to be traded. Age, ability, and contract greatly affect his tradeability and desirability to other clubs. May I suggest increasing roster size to at least 28 would change a lot of things. For the Dodgers and a lot of other clubs the cost increase wouldn’t faze them but some of the really low payroll clubs will fight it tooth and nail. The MLBPA needs to get behind this for a lot of reasons.

        • SVS is certainly tradeable, but he offers lots of value to the Dodgers as a strong bench bat under, team control for several more years, but capable of stepping in as at least a semi-regular.

    • Crawford has no place on a National league Team. Pair him up with half his pay in cash and trade him for something useful. Or for another bad contract if the player has use to us. Crawford doesn’t.

  4. What a great win!
    I heard the play to end the top of the 13th — talk about a roller coaster of emotions on one play! — but missed Grandal’s HR. I look forward to the video.
    Keep on trucking, Blue!

  5. I am not a James Taylor fan, but I appreciate that he did not perform GBA in Boston tonight. Instead, he sang “America the Beautiful.”

  6. Bill Plunkett

    #Dodgers will DFA veteran RHP Scott Baker. Possibly to add fresh arm after using 7 relievers today, moving Carlos Frias to rotation.

    7:50 PM – 3 May 2015

  7. J.P. Hoornstra

    Yasmani Grandal said he was playing through an injury to the AC joint in his right shoulder when the season began. Got past it w/treatment.

    7:41 PM – 3 May 2015

  8. Yesterday and today, the bullpen was almost flawless. Báez K’d the heart of the order on 15 pitches.

  9. well done to John Galt for the prediction (even if it came later on) 🙂

  10. The greatest players in Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers history with the initials YG:
    1. Yasmani Grandal
    2. Yimi Garcia
    3. There are no others.

  11. This has the feeling of last year — no room for the bullpen to make a mistake.

  12. Why are they pitching to Adrian? Isn’t the pitcher’s spot up next?

  13. Amazing how well they can hit one game and be soo ineffective the next.
    If hitting is contagious, I guess non-hitting is, as well.
    Go, Blue!

  14. I was hoping that would be it, because now I have to go to class, so I will check back later

      • The bunt is almost always a bad play. It’s worse when you order a poor bunter to do so.

      • I agree IF you know the batter can’t bunt.
        But if you get Dre to 3rd with 1 out, he can score in so many more ways than he can from 2nd.
        Let’s face it, the offense has shown they don’t have their hitting shoes on today, so you need to manufacture a run.

  15. alright, two lots of leadoff doubles leading to nothing, what next?

  16. C’mon, Joc – after the famine, time for a feast — just a run-scoring single.

  17. All this $$$$ and they can’t lay down a bunt?
    That should be mandatory practice each BP.

  18. I consider this game lost, am going on to other things, will check back later to see how it turns out.

    • If that wasn’t rhetorical, Scoop, he had a double and tried to stretch it when the OFer dropped the ball. He was out at 3rd.

      • No, it wasn’t rhetorical, although in hindsight it could have been. Thanks for the report.

  19. I consider letting Ellis bat there as throwing away a precious out. No matter how much you like him personally, he is now toast.

  20. Three more strikeouts for Joc today (so far). I’ll bet Mattingly rests him next game.

  21. DM seems to be continuing a positive trend of having a fresh pitcher face the heart of the opposing order…except Baez today, not Yimi.
    Who’s sitting hi 90s.

  22. Not only has the offensive output this year been without Hanley and Matt but also — for the most part — without Puig.

  23. In San Francisco, Aoki hit Weaver’s first pitch for a homer, Panik hit his fourth pitch for a homer and Pagan then tripled. The Giants couldn’t get him home and lead the Angels 2-0 after an inning. Weaver’s ERA is now 6.23.

  24. C’mon, Adrian — take advantage of the break (hopefully not a literal one).

  25. After going 0-for-4 so far today, Chase Utley is hitting .110, and is on a pace for 87 RBI.

  26. Mike P of DD with a take on another Cuban making some noise and rapidly moving up the Dodger minors food chain. Now at AA, where he homered among 3 hits his first game–Yadir/Yasier/Ysomething Drake. [So little known apparently it’s not clear what his first name is.]

    “He can also pitch. He filled in when needed in Mexico and says his fastball can hit 97 mph.

    “But my best pitch is the splitter,” Drake said. “I play the outfield here. If they need me to pitch, I can. I can do anything they ask me to do.”

    If so, could make for some interesting future boxscores: Drake, OF-P. Or P-OF, depending on situation…maybe even moving from mound to OF same inning. Unlikely, yes. Even talk of trying him at C. But who knows?

  27. Looks like the Yankees knew what they were doing cutting Scott Baker loose. Decent enough first Dodger start, but last night more likely what can be expected. Looks like a AAAA pitcher who might help in emergency but who needs to live at AAA until and unless.

    Dodgers have better choices, 2 of which haven’t seen the big club yet–Weiland and Lee. Both deserve a chance while the rotation is in flux–which, who knows, could be all year. Bolsinger might deserve another shot or two also. Frias for sure does. Huff, meh…

    Lee has come on strong after getting out of ABQ and making some adjustments. It’d appear there’d be very little downside to giving him a start or two. He should be able to do at least as well as Baker. If not, at least the team finds out where he is and he gets a taste of the bigs. What’s not to like?

    Think I’ve seen talk about not wanting to bounce Lee back and forth. But committing to him longer term, sink or swim, wouldn’t seem best when they easily can get an advance preview of what they have–or don’t have. He’s been around a while. Time to see how he does.

    OKC player stats:

  28. To give Package his due, Pederson is striking out a lot, three more last night. Personally, I don’t mind at all as long as he hits home runs and drives in runs at his present rate. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    • Joc has a minor league track record of HR’s, K’s and BB’s. I’d like to see him cut down the K’s but, if he keeps up a .450 OBP, there’s not a lot of room to complain.