Game 25, 2015

Dodgers at Brewers, 4:20PM PT, TV: SPNLA, MLBN (Free game)

This will be game one of the Brewers’ Craig Counsell era; they fired Ron Roenicke over the weekend.

Clayton Kershaw tries again to win career #100, this time against Kyle Lohse. Kershaw is 1-2 with a 3.73 ERA in five starts in 2015, while Lohse is 1-4 with a 7.28 ERA, also in five starts. The Brewers’ Ryan Braun and Gerardo Parra have both had pretty good success against Kershaw, while Adrian Gonzalez has been a thorn in Lohse’s side.


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  1. Dodgers at Brewers, 5:10 p.m.
    Joc Pederson, CF
    Jimmy Rollins, SS
    Howie Kendrick, 2B
    Adrian Gonzalez, 1B
    Justin Turner, 3B
    Andre Ethier, RF
    Yasmani Grandal, C
    Alex Guerrero, LF
    Zack Greinke, P

  2. I may be guilty of beating a dead horse, but my mind just refuses to understand TWC taking the loss on the Dodger broadcasts. If my math is correct, they pay $1,975,309 for every game. Without income from subscribers and advertisers, they have to go belly-up pretty soon.

    • I don’t have anything current to link to, but TWC was prepared to write down the value of the deal by $1 Bil shortly before the Comcast deal was deep sixed. Massive as the loss numbers are, impression I have is they’re not nearly enough to cause TWC bankruptcy.

      • Of course I;m really worried about them going bankrupt… My only interest is in seeing the ball games. Take ANY statements from a business with a very large grain of salt. Technically, TWC can’t “write down the value of the deal”, only the Dodgers could do that and they’d be crazy to. The context TWC used was probably something like this: “We’ll write down the value of the deal a billion dollars and lower your subscriber’s monthly cost 25 cents each.” That probably went over like the proverbial lead balloon…

        • Prepared to “write down the value of the deal” on TWC corporate financial reports filed with the New York Stock Exchange…paper loss, or “adjustment.” That’s internal and wouldn’t involve the Dodgers.

          TWC can play some games with numbers, but corporate statements filed with the NYSE get very careful scrutiny at several levels. Still, your grain of salt generally is good advice. One of the most well regarded stock market legends once said “I’ve been lied to by the best and brightest on Wall Street.”

          Stock market capitalization for TWC is about $44.8 Bil. That’s what I meant in saying problems with the Dodger deal won’t be enough to sink it.

          Also, failure of the Comcast merger was widely anticipated by many insiders, so there was no strong selling in TWC share price once it was officially kaput. Stock price now near the 52 week high, actually.

          • Is that saying TWC is worth $44 Billion? That’s all? Well, heck, maybe the Dodger owners will buy it, too. Then they can play hardball with Dish, Direct and the other cable companies….

  3. I’d give Carl Crawford and a couple of minor leaguers for Cole Hamels. Both Crawford and Hamels have big salaries so the money would have to be negotiated. If they wouldn’t take Crawford (a distinct possibility), then I’d try SVS but it’s a given he’s really worth more than Crawford.

    • The problem is that Hamels has value and Crawford virtually none, especially for a team like the Phils that needs to get younger rather than put another aging, injury-prone player on the field. The Phils could use someone like SVS, but he’s not nearly enough to pry Hamels loose. They would ask for Seager or Urias, or both.

      • With the Cards on the market now we will likely have to pay even more dearly than before for anyone of value.

  4. Frustrating, ‘cuz this is the sort of game we would win last year (with Clayton going the whole game). But, we have found other ways to win.

  5. Also from Eric S., horsefly annoys the horse dept.–

    Hector Gomez, the 27-year-old journeyman, with nine years and 2,724 plate appearances of minor league experience under his belt, hit his first major league home run and first major league triple in the same game, both off Kershaw.

  6. Dodger road record now 3-7. Early, but won’t win many division titles if that doesn’t pick up.

    From Eric S: Dodgers this season are 2-9 scoring 3 or fewer runs–14-0 when scoring 4 or more.

    And for all Kershaw’s “struggles,” he leads the majors with 51 strikeouts.

  7. Some of last night’s sluggishness may have been due to jet lag, schedule upheaval, and such.

    Would like to see some historical stats on any team’s first game of an away series after a long trip. Particularly ones like this, where there’s a Monday game not many hours after a Sunday one with no full travel day. Odds are teams have a losing record in such situations, and by a good bit.

    • Great suggestion!
      The one number I want to see continue tonight is Zack’s success after a Dodger loss.

    • I think, however, they usually send the starting pitcher a day ahead of time.

      • For a pitcher other than himself, Clayton did fine yesterday.
        Apparently he was upset more than usual — the reports I read had him asking for no more questions about what happened.

        But I agree with Foul Tip — the offense wasn’t up to par and I don’t think the Mil pitchers should get the credit.

        It just hit me — they weren’t up to their usual standards on Sunday, either Hope this isn’t a trend . . . go, Zack — go, Blue!

      • I’ve seen where that’s been done but don’t know if it’s routine.

        Course, even if the SP gets a travel break, the rest of his team doesn’t.

    • Frustrating game. We kinda fell apart, and they were super-motivated to win this one. New manager, fresh start, and like that.

    • Lots of good diverse topics of conversation and friendly banter.

      • . . . all of which makes a sad game result easier to take . . . which is why I like this site!

        • Agreed. And I really don’t ever like to see the Dodgers lose – especially since it is so rare I actually get to watch them play on tv. But I did feel a bit glad for the fans. Don’t love Braun but have nothing to say against Milwaukee.

  8. There’s a lot of exciting things about this year’s team, but I’m concerned that Kersh starting a game doesn’t mean a “W” like it used to.

  9. Dodgers don’t have a good record against last place teams this year so far.

  10. Regardless – this is still a good team. And a good bullpen. No pen is going to be perfect. It just hurts more with Clayton pitching. I almost don’t enjoy the Kershaw games because I’m so wanting him to be beyond excellent.

    • Well said! We don’t just want a victory, we want excellence . . . or history.

      • I really do think about historical value of each start – way too much.

  11. I was worried about the new lease on life the Brewers came into this game with.

  12. Dodgers record in games scoring 3 runs or less – not good at all,

  13. I know this is hindsight – but Hatcher is one of the last I would have brought in from the pen. Would have tried Baez.

  14. Shades of St. Louis — not shutting down the batter, suddenly collapsing, etc.
    The huge difference is now there’s a bullpen to support!

      • Nope, but he’s going to say the same thing we’ve heard way too often recently, going back to the last two playoff games — ‘I couldn’t hold the lead.’

          • If not fixating, his record since then is nothing like it was before then — I’m wondering if there’s something wrong?

            Don’t get me wrong — I’m a huge Kersh fan (remember, I cared more about his game last July when he had the scoreless inning streak than I did to watch “Othello.”).

          • No, of course I understand where you are coming from. Worry about him as well. His first 5 starts last year were nothing to write home about as well. So let’s hope he shakes it off and returns to the dominance we are spoiled with.

          • He has a history of starting slow–for him–and then killing it in the 2nd half.

            IIRC after a few sluggish starts last year, he killed in the 1st half too.
            That’s a lot of what’s making people ask what’s wrong…when even at what probably is his worst, he’s still turning in well above average starts.

            51 Ks in 38.2 IP says not much is wrong. Agreed that hitting a wall in the 7th might be on his mind, but he’s such a competitor that he’ll likely not just overcome that but blow through it.


  15. Im guessing that because of that HR, Kershaw – if he makes it through this inning – doesn’t pitch the ninth.

  16. 67 pitches through 6 , this should give our bullpen much needed rest

  17. Way to get through it, Kersh (aided by the runner!).
    That inning had the feel of deja vu all over again of the playoff collapses . . . an inning early.

  18. just tuned out, wow another leadoff HR, another failed bunt, ejection on an argued balk, 2 triples in a row off Kershaw, not a dull game then

  19. 3-2 count to Joc – any of the three true outcomes could happen. And he walks.

  20. I love how big the pitch count difference is between the starters. 84-39 is about as big a difference as I’ve seen through 4 innings.

  21. Just tuned in . . .
    Before I heard the score, I heard the even better news that Kersh seems to be the #22 we’ve come to count on — YES!

  22. Nice to see the Dodgers taking advantage of some breaks given to them by the Brewers. Ethier’s foul ball not being caught, and a couple of missed catches on throws really helped out this inning.

  23. That was no balk. Hi all. Still in the office, but watching as I work now.

    • Glad to have you around, as always. I am loving watching the game for free on!

        • My dad and my grandpa were both Dodger fans. I come by it honestly. I guess when my grandfather started following baseball after coming to Canada from Scotland, he was choosing between the 3 NY based team. He loved the one that was always so close but never quite getting there.

  24. Nevermind the hit. Just concentrate on leaving the game with a lead Kershaw.

    • And I don’t mean, by getting ejected this inning. Glad Mattingly took one for the team there. It didn’t look like a balk from the replays.

    • I swear he – or possibly Greinke – did the same behind the back gloving the ball trick – a season or two ago.

      • Could be right. They showed a replay of the squeeze play he dove for and caught right next to the plate last year, when he calmly stood up and threw out Weeks trying to get back to third.

  25. Chase Utley is 0-for-2 so far tonight and now hitting .106. Still on a pace for 86 RBI, though.

  26. Extrapolation: Dodgers win 9-0 and Kershaw strikes out 27 in a row.

  27. Well, Joc saw Alex G win Rookie of the Month. Now he wants it. May just have a great chance.

    • Counsell’s been a special assistant to the GM for a year or two; he’s not an unknown quantity to the players. Heck, some of them may even have played with him.

  28. Only game I attended last year, Kershaw lost to Cerveceros as Braun and Gómez homered for Milwaukee and Kemp homered for the Dodgers in LA. I predict Kemp will not repeat his performance tonight.

    • I would really like to see this game but I am blacked-out. Tomorrow and Wednesday, too, but I get to see the day game Thursday.

      • Miserable stupid MLB pandering to teams about their “regions.” Every single West Coast team in each league claims Hawai’i as part of their broadcast area, which means I get shut out from non-Dodger, non-Angels and non-San Diego games. I get those because their pet cable companies are part of my cable package with Oceanic Time Warner.

        • Agreed. I get blacked out of Gnatgames, which I don’t care about unless they’re playing the Dodgers, and A’s games (in which I would take mild interest).

          • I became a Dodger fan because we got Vin and Jerry for weekend radio games pre-’72 — Dad was stationed at Hickam.

          • They were still on the radio on some weekends out here when I got to Hawai’i in 1978, but the radio station stopped being part of the Dodgers network a few years later. I suppose that was because the bar and grill which was the principal Dodgers advertiser out here was sold to a non-Dodgers fan.

          • That’s right. So you were here when it became one in 1959. A little too young to understand all the hoopla, though, I expect.

        • Yes, Link, the blackout rules are ridiculous, but you get to live in Hawaii. Is it as great to live there as it is to visit?