Game 147, 2014

Dodgers at Giants, 7:15PM PT, TV: SPNLA, NBC Bay Area

Hyun-Jin Ryu faces Madison Bumgarner. Ryu is 2-1 with a 5.40 ERA against the Giants this season; Bumgarner is 2-1 with a 2.41 ERA against the Dodgers this season. This year Ryu is 14-6 with a 3.16 ERA overall; Bumgarner is 17-9 with a 3.02 ERA overall.

It will be Greinke v. Hudson on Saturday night and Kershaw v. Petit Sunday afternoon.

Lineup when available.

Also from Twitter: “The Dodgers have selected the contract of LHP Scott Elbert from Triple-A Albuquerque, and designated RHP Red Patterson for assignment.”

114 thoughts on “Game 147, 2014

  1. One thing to smile about from last night. Dustin Nosler at Dodgers Digest on Hanley’s fielding:

    “He has the range of a turtle dragging a bucket of baseballs.”

  2. Bumgarner is a top five pitcher in the NL, so we knew it was going to be hard to score, but three hits was below expectations.

    Greinke, please be on your game tomorrow night.

    • We make too many pitchers look like Christy Mathewson. Bumgarner is very good, but he has been hit hard several times within the last few months.

      • Your first line is why I’ve been pushing for the Dodgers to go on “America’s Got Talent” — they should easily take 1st!

  3. Silver Lining Dept. — ALL areas of their play stunk . . . so everyone is to blame and hopefully they realize ‘we’re all in this together’ is more than a song from “High School Musical.”

  4. All other things aside…
    1. Ryu shouldn’t have pitched with a sore arm.
    2. AJ Ellis – Again… Sooooo tired of the K-looking !
    Did you note that AJ was ‘wincing’ / shying away from an outside fastball….
    Were you thinking it was a bender, AJ?
    Can you read arm angle or release point?
    You’re a catcher, for God’s sake. 🙂
    3. Here’s to rebounding in Game 2 !!!

    • My biggest worry is Ryu’s arm. Sadly, I gave up expecting anything from Ellis months ago. He seems to be a great guy, probably will be a good manager, and is a solid backstop. But he simply can’t hit a lick anymore and it is hard to fathom why the Dodgers didn’t try to do something about him (and Butera) after the All-Star break.

      • Agreed.
        AJ is a good guy and a capable ‘backup-calibur’ catcher in my book.

        Yes. Once FedEx was aced from the ‘stretch run equation,’ why not try to improve the C posistion.

        Also….. absolutely no arm left at this point in the season.
        Did you see Pagan’s stolen base? You couldn’t have asked for a better pitch to throw down on, and it wasn’t even close at 2B.

        • I didn’t watch much of the game. After the first inning I took a long break so I didn’t see the stolen base by Pagan. Did some work on my computer and occasionally took a “look” at how things were going.

          • I think you definitely took the correct approach in your viewership of this game. Kind of ‘monitoring’ ….
            Donny probably wishes he could have done the same…:-)

          • I turned it off at 5:00PM our time to watch news and cook and eat dinner. It was really disheartening to see a 9-0 score and no apparent threats the Giants needed to worry about either.

  5. Mo is saying the Blue lacked intensity even before the game started. I can see being deflated after the 1st inning — but BEFORE it?

      • Kemp was until the Boston trade. I would think A-Gon is one.
        Time for a closed door meeting?

        Mo asked a player before the game (unnamed) if he was nervous and the player said ‘No, should I be?’

        I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been nervous all day.

        • I was nervous all day as well, but after the bottom of the first that wasn’t the case any longer. I have a tendency to get too keyed up when the Dodgers are in an important game.

          • Agree with all.
            That was the one benefit of the blowout in the last game of ’13 — the suspense disappeared QUICKLY.

            Unfortunately, this year’s team has basically played like last year’s did at the end — not much “comeback” in them.

          • I was attending services at a synagogue in the S.F. Bay area when Kershaw got lit up against the Cardinals (ironic, no?) in the final game of 2013. I didn’t even check my smart phone. The rabbi is a big Dodgers fan. We suffered together afterwards.

          • LOL. Loved your question. The loss wasn’t that bad, but I was pretty down. It reminds me of a talk that I heard by Tommy Lasorda in which he “explains” why is it known that God is a baseball fan. It’s because, Tommy said, the bible starts with: In the Big Inning!

          • Heh. I took my mother to the dentist today, and as he got done with fitting her temporary crown he asked me what time the game started today. It’s funny. He’s a mid-30s-early 40s guy who just bought into the practice of our previous dentist. I’ve accused the previous dentist of requiring that any new buyer also be a Dodgers fan, since he and I spent a fair amount of time talking about the team over the past 30 years.

        • Why did the Boston trade make Kemp no longer a leader?…My sense is that A-Gon quietly leads by example but is not the type of player who motivates teammates.

          • I don’t know if the trade took away his leadership, but I DO believe that he was the undisputed talent on the team — at least of anyone not named Kershaw.

            At the beginning of ’13, I remember posting several times that the Bostonians were carrying the team — A-Gon, CC, and Punto.

            The more I hear, the more I’m sure Puig is a negative (or at least controversial) influence . . . it’s one thing to show up late to team events when you’re knocking the cover off the ball (tho I still believe everyone should be treated fairly) — it’s quite another thing when you’re mired in a slump as he is.

          • I used to love to play blackjack. I’d go to Tahoe with friends when I was in college many years ago and we’d all sit together at a $1 table. Was it a kick to walk away having won $7 or $8! Not to mention drinking the free beer.

          • I don’t play the live games but I enjoy video poker and usually play a buck whenever I’m in a casino (for a buffet or seeing a movie).

            Recently I netted $9 . . .woohoo!

          • Video poker can be fun with a roll of quarters while sitting at the bar, nursing a beer (I am a very slow drinker) and watching a ballgame. But I simply don’t get excited anymore about the gambling tables. I do like to bet the football games on my annual trip to Vegas, but I make very small wagers — usually $11 or $22.

          • On behalf of all of us residents of no-state-income-tax Nevada, thanks for playing . . . and losing! 🙂

          • Be my guest . . . if they DO institute the state tax, then all bets are off (no pun intended . . . or maybe it should be?)!

  6. Just came back and see from the score and your comments that it was a good idea to go away.

    9-0 is a forfeit score, right? Did anything positive come from playing the game?

    The good news is if you’re outscored by 1 or 9, it’s just one loss . . . hopefully the Blue can bounce back manana and guarantee leaving SF in 1st.

  7. As Vinnie puts it,”as the Dodgers are taking their lumps…” He’s the other reason I haven’t
    lost my so-called mind.

  8. Hope Ryu’s OK going forward. If not say hello to #3 starter replacement Carlos Frias. Which, based on what he’s done so far, wouldn’t be turribul, to quote Charles Barkley.

    Even if he did just get dingered.

    May say something that DM went with him early on instead of “long man” Correia.

  9. Since we may have a lot of time on our hands tonight, I will share with you some research I have done.

    Worst batting average by a team with the bases loaded, 2002-2014 (couldn’t find before 2002):
    1. Astros, 2012, .130 2. DODGERS, 2014 (to date) .165 3. Reds, 2011, .169
    4. Phillies, 2002, .172. 5. Marlins, 2002, .184. 6 (tie). Brewers, 2008, .190
    6 (tie). DODGERS, 2013, .190 6 (tie). Mets, 2014 (to date) .190 9. Tigers, 2002, .191
    10. Mets, 2004, .192

    Also, the DODGERS hit .199 with the bases loaded in 2007. In 2002, the DODGERS hit .328 with the bases loaded.

  10. Seems like Hanley should lead the known world in HBP. But I know he doesn’t (he said, hopefully ;-]).

  11. Wow — someone else loads the bases with none out and fail to score.

    C’mon, bats — that’s your wakeup call!

  12. Right now only burning question is will we see relief pitcher Drew Butera? A 10.8 ERA looks like it’d fit right in here.

  13. New strategy: let the Giants get all the hitting out of their system now.

    Tale of 2 Cities — let’s see what they do with bases loaded.

          • Amen!

            I was just telling someone today that I think being able to vent and share the good news has helped me handle the frustrations better. . . . Long time ago, my mood for the day would be determined by what they Dodgers were doing.

            It COULD be maturation, but more likely, I think it has been Dodger Thoughts and Elysian Fields . . . and, therefore, all of you!

  14. Ryu supposedly was helped by curve tips from Beckett and slider tips from Clayton, but he hardly threw any during that brief outing. Mostly subpar FBs. Wonder why. No command, maybe.

  15. General goals for 2015:
    1) Hitters who can hit in the clutch
    2) Bullpen pitchers who can throw strikes
    3) Puig who plays smart(er)

  16. Two questions: Why such a quick hook and why, good grief, Perez (of all relievers)? Frias would have been more likely than Perez to keep us in the ball game.

    • Yeah — does that mean Perez bats for himself and just eats up innings? Or Donnie hits for him and puts in another reliever? Guess it depends on whether he thinks his hitters can come back.

  17. 0/5 with RISP . . . that leads to RIP for game hopes . . . unless they turn into a HR-hitting team, which they’re not.

  18. Well, we have eight innings to come back. And, at least it was better than Ryu’s performance in the home opener this year when he gave up six earned runs in the first inning. However, I hate it that the Giants’ crowd is so alive now.

  19. Well, no pressure from here on at least. Great time to change those come from behind to win stats tho, guys…

    • The question will be who is used from the bullpen. I think that will be determined by whether Donnie believes this is winnable or not.

  20. Ryu FB has hit 90 once out of 9 times, says Gameday. Down almost 5 MPH from recently.

    This is a problem, but Gnats hitters approve.

  21. The Giants are showing the offense I expected LA to have all year.

    Even before this inning, I was glad the pitching was lined up in this order.

    Wasn’t it Ryu in that disastrous Tigers game?

    • And good he wasn’t doubled up — tho it took a review to prove.

      Extend your streak right here, Matt!

  22. Nice AB, Puig! I always worry that players in a slump would be over-anxious. Yasiel is definitely in a slump but was patient.

    Get to him early, bats!

  23. Like many of us, I’ve given DM grief for some things, I think with good reason.

    But this is a good time to commend him for sticking with Haren and CC even if a lot of people dissed him for it. Lot to be said for patience sometimes. Plus, DM sees things every day that we don’t, like when he said CC was looking about as good as anyone at the plate even if he wasn’t getting good results for a long time.

    Also, showing confidence in someone can help that player’s confidence, like with Haren, who also changed pitch selection to good advantage.

    Both have been quoted as hoping to justify the confidence. Sure, both could lay eggs from here out. But both looking very good now.

  24. I would have preferred to see the incredibly hot Crawford in left tonight over Van Slyke. Crawford has batted .419 over the last 28 days. He is hitting .313 vs. lefties this year with two homers in 48 ABs and .284 vs. righties. SVS is hitting .283 vs. lefties in 92 ABs with eight home runs. Four of those are against Wade Miley. SVS is 2-for-7 vs. Bumgarner in his career with four walks, Crawford is 0-for-3.

  25. I just registered for postseason tickets — you have until Monday morning to do that at

    I was wondering when that was going to happen — I thought they would notify me for two reasons:
    1) I had registered last year and they’re usually good about soliciting repeat business.
    2) The Dodgers are 3-0 in postseason over two years when I attend . . . you’d figure they would want to make sure I’m there! 🙂

    • item says they DFA’d Elbert earlier at ABQ because his recovery had stalled, by which they probably mean he gave up 5 runs and got just one out August 8 in his only bad outing there. From August 14 on, he pitched 4 2/3 scoreless with 5 Ks.
      That doesn’t look too “stalled.” And in ABQ and the PCL…even better.

      Hasn’t pitched in the majors in 2 years but was very good when he did…2.32 ERA with 63 Ks in 66 innings against 54 hits and 27 BB over 2 seasons.

      Saw something last day or so I didn’t realize, that in the pen Frias’ stuff is considered second only to Jansen, a bit surprising given the Dodgers’ penchant for power arms. IIRC, Elbert will bring good stuff along with being lefty, if he’s back near where he was.

  26. Ryu’s ERA vs. SF is really high, but he’s 2-1, which means the offense supports him . . . which is always the “key to the game” (until the bullpen appears).

    Go, Blue — come out of this breathing easier!

    • Ryu gave up six earned runs in two innings vs. the Giants in the Dodger home opener and took the loss. That is the only time he has pitched against them in Dodger Stadium this year. He is 2-0 at AT&T, allowing three earned runs in 13 innings in two starts.