Game 148, 2014

Dodgers at Giants, 6:05PM PT, TV: SPNLA, CSN-BA

Zack Greinke brings his 14-8, 2.73 ERA to the game. His opponent will be Tim Hudson, who’s 9-10 with a 3.12 ERA. Hudson is 214-121 with a 3.43 ERA in a long and distinguished career. He’s hungry for postseason, not having played there since 2010 with the Braves. Greinke is 120-90 in his career with a 3.56 ERA.

If the Giants win the two teams are tied for first in the NL West. If the Dodgers win they’ve got a 2-game lead.

Lineup when available.

44 thoughts on “Game 148, 2014

  1. Went to a wedding this afternoon. At 9:00 pm I sidled up to a friend who’s a sports fan and asked him if it was tacky to check the score of the Dodger game. He whipped out his phone. Looked at his screen. Teased me with a “You’re gonna like this, but you’re not gonna believe it.” He showed me the score. 17-0. I laughed. “How’d you do that?” I asked. “How’d you rig your phone to do that?”

    Turns out, we won. 17-0. Well I’ll be darned!

  2. Interesting difference in perspectives on the challenge which gave CC a hit:
    Vin in the clip wonders why it was challenged (my initial thought as well), but Mo was adamant on the radio (which I heard live) that Donnie owed it to CC for his hustle down the line.

    That’s one of the reasons I enjoy listening to Mo — the “been there, done that” factor.
    The same reason why I have come to appreciate Donnie (which is probably why the players appreciate him as well).

  3. Just tuned in, whoa, I guess the song ‘anything you can do, I can do better’ springs to mind

  4. Somebody check on WBB to see if he has hyperventilated, or something. No telling how he’s reacting to a 17-0 rout of the Gnats.

    • He hasn’t made a posting all night. But, he has ‘upped’ a comment from Bob_in_Vegas.

      Perhaps WBB wants the onslaught to continue (as we all do) .. and, feels like a posting may jinx it. We’ll look for some post-game chatter from WBB. 🙂

      If giving it time doesn’t work, I’ll simply make one of my seemingly ‘short sighted, overly snarky’ comments… and, that may bring him out…. 🙂 🙂

    • I’ve been listening, but the game is blacked out in the Bay Area. It’s been fun, though, and I’m going to scroll through the video highlights on Gameday.

  5. Besides the obvious good about the W, this game has given —

    Clutch two-out hitting to start it off.
    A bases-loaded Dodger RBI.
    Greinke making his case to be considered as a PH.
    Definitively answers yesterday’s embarrassment.
    Puig busting out — and perhaps proving the catalyst for the entire night.
    EVERYONE on offense contributing.

    May it continue through October!

  6. Zack qualifies for the W!
    I like what the radio guys suggested — pull Zack early to rest him for his next start. That also gives a chance to look at the bullpen.

    • Agreed.
      Although I hate to waste any of the few innings he may have left in his twice-surgically repaired arm, I believe a Brian Wilson sighting here at AT&T is in order….
      You know, just as the icing on the cake.

  7. Be interesting if the Dodgers score in every inning, like so far. Wonder if that’s ever been done.

  8. Another “K-looking” on a perfect pitch by AJ Ellis….

    Dodger rout or Dodger fail…..I’m sick of seeing this guy up there failing to protect the plate with 2 strikes.

  9. I am pleasantly surprised and thoroughly impressed with how the team bounced back from last night (tho it’s only been 1 1/2 innings).

    Props to whomever gave a pep talk.

  10. Good job, Zack, thanks to BISON! — doing it with the bat AND the arm!

    Sure seems like they’re much more fired up than yesterday.

    • Amen!
      Some really clutch hitting, guys, especially with 2 outs.
      And perhaps it was all the fire Puig lit under them.

      C’mon, Zack — have one of your classic Greinke games!