Game 132, 2014

132 was my company number in boot camp way back in 1972 at the now-closed Recruit Training Center in San Diego.

Mets at Dodgers, 1:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA

Bartolo Colon will start for the Mets, but the big news is that according to Fox Sports he’s been placed on revocable waivers (see here for a discussion of what that means), so tomorrow’s start might be his last wearing the Orange and Blue. He’s 11-10 with a 3.85 ERA on the season.

The Dodgers send Kevin Correia out to make his third start as a Dodger. He’s 2-0 with a 4.09 ERA in the NL after coming over from the Twins and 7-13 with a 4.87 ERA overall.

In news from the farm, multiple news sources are reporting that the Dodgers will move their AAA affiliation from Albuquerque to Oklahoma City next season. A Dodger-affiliated buyers group is finalizing a deal with the current owner of the OKC Redhawks, which announced it was selling its five minor league properties earlier this year.

Oklahoma City’s elevation is 1,201 feet, while Albuquerque’s is 5,312 feet. The reasoning seems to be that trying to judge players’ skills when they play their home games at the same elevation as Denver is difficult and can lead to disappointment.

In other AAA news,

With a stolen base Saturday night, Dodgers No. 3 prospect Joc Pederson did what no other player has done in the Pacific Coast League since 1934.

Already leading the league with 32 home runs, Pederson swiped his 30th base of the season to become the first 30-homer, 30-steal player in the PCL since Angels Minor Leaguer Frank Demaree did it 80 years ago.

Lineup when available.

30 thoughts on “Game 132, 2014

  1. What will the Dodgers do with Hanley?

    I guess that depends on who the shortstop will be in 2015 or maybe 2016. If it is Arruebarenna then Seager would go the third but if it is Seager, then maybe Ramirez will move to third and sign an extension.

    But would the Dodgers be better if they traded Ramirez this August instead of getting a draft pick if he signs elsewhere as a free agent?

    The Dodgers can get Stanton as a free agent I think as soon as 2016 so trying to trade for him now seems wrong. But Miami needs middle infielders and the Dodgers do have Arruebarrena and Guerrero that might fit well in Miami. If Crawford plus $$, and Puig could be added to the mix and get both Stanton and Fernandez I would do it and put Seager at short and Ramirez at third along with Pederson, Kemp, and Stanton in the outfield.

    • The Fish have a good SS in Hechavarría. I wouldn’t deal Puig, and wouldn’t acquire Fernández; even though TJ surgery is not a death sentence for pitchers these days, it does create uncertainty.

    • And thank you, Gnats. Don’t miss the video of Peavy’s balk, perhaps the most memorable of all time.

  2. 1) well at least that nightmare is over
    2) we haven’t lost a game in the standings
    3) We didn’t concede as many runs as a certain other team today 🙂

  3. Well, there is this…you can watch a game like this without having to worry about things like suspense, key hits, coming back 7th or later, great pitching getting ruined, or anything else.

    Might be a little suspense over whether Butera will pitch, tho…

    Just muddle along and enjoy (?) baseball.

  4. Two quick thoughts before finding something productive to do:

    Puig giveth and Puig taketh away.

    If you’re gonna be lousy (baserunning, lack of offense — tho who knows what MIGHT have happened there), might as well do it when your starter stunk.

    Okay, 3rd thought: how many non-Kersh/Zack/Ryu starts are left? Can Ned buy that many pitchers to each provide just one good (winnable) game? Seems the newbies start well, then . . .

    • 0ver next 17 days we have 4 days off going into 3 day series with the giants, where Donnie will likely try to have our best matchups. You do the math.

  5. Beautiful day out here. The game? Not so much. Correia serving up basketballs. But there’s still time!

  6. ABQ is giving away Joc Pedersen’s ride, a 1994 Buick. Give ’em points for originality. (But they don’t say what he’ll do afterward for wheels, until his MLB big bucks kick in). They do say:

    “One lucky fan at the Albuquerque Isotopes game next Friday, Aug. 29, will drive away (or tow away) outfielder Joc Pederson’s luxurious 1994 Buick Century. Fans will not want to miss the chance to win this one-of-a-kind car driven by the next Los Angeles Dodgers superstar.

    “The car, nicknamed “Little Chucky,” has only 166,000 miles on it and has at least one operable window, which is really all you need. It is perfect for cruising around during the New Mexico summers with its “awesome” stereo system and lack of air conditioning. Kelly Blue Book estimates the value at nearly $1,000 (depending on if it has a full tank of gas). Little Chucky will also come with two complimentary air fresheners and whatever else Pederson forgets to clean out.

    “The Isotopes guarantee 100 percent that this distinctive car will carry you all the way to your next destination (out of the Isotopes Park parking lot). A satisfactory safety inspection has been completed on the vehicle.”

  7. The Dodgers should move them to Badwater. That way the players would have no way to go but up.