Game 42, 2014

Marlins at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA

With the calamitous loss of Jose Fernandez, possibly for as long as a year, the Marlins have had to scramble to find a pitcher to take his spot in the rotation. It will be filled by Anthony DeSclafani, who will be making his MLB debut. The right-hander is 24 years old and is touted as the sixth-best prospect in the Marlins’ organization. Here’s what he’s done at AA this season:

JAX SOU AA 3 4 4.19 8 8 0 0 0 0 43.0 45 20 20 4 0 10 0 38 .278 1.28 0.86

The Dodgers will send out Paul Maholm, who is 1-3 with a 4.71 ERA.

Notice that A.J. Ellis is back in the lineup. The Dodgers called him up from Albuquerque and optioned Miguel Olivo back there today.

55 thoughts on “Game 42, 2014

  1. Writer says Dodgers need tweaking. Gee, doya think? Or maybe just to play better?

    “They’re underperforming, relative to their payroll, and they’re underperforming for three key reasons,” an NL scout said. “The bench is awful, the bullpen is fringy at best, maybe below average, and there’s no situational hitting.”

    • Bench is the bench. Don’t see a need unless there is an extended injury of one of the regulars (though they could strengthen the infield rotation by bringing Alex up). Besides, Chone is at 109 OPS+, SVS is very good and Drew is not a bad backup. Ned always likes relievers, so that is my bet. Of course, Donnie can try to start bunting like crazy, but our biggest GDPers are Hanley, Kemp and Uribe and not sure I want them bunting.

      • One thing I don’t want to see any more of is Maholm starting, preferably not relieving either. The Dodgers signed him in their usual style of not using younger players until they’re forced to, or else they “beat down the door.” They saw Maholm as a useful lefty addition, hoping to catch some past lightning in a bottle. So he was going to get a chance.

        He’s had it–literally. He ranks last or near it among MLB starters in about every category. Improvement highly unlikely.

        Instead of getting cut, he’ll likely be moved to the pen as a LOOGY, likely not do well there either.

        Fife, Magill, or whoever can do at least as well–and they actually have upside.
        The team seems scared of Fife because of his ABQ numbers. But in LA he has done reasonably well, including one start so far this year,even if he did give up 3 dingers. He’s no world beater, but he’s clearly better than Maholm.

        Hopefully Ryu is back and makes that starting spot a settled thing.

    • Ha! but we are in the thick of the wildcard race. Get the feeling that Ned is shopping for another reliever. Say goodbye to one of our outfielders (though several are tough to move)?

  2. Video of Butera last night may be elsewhere, but Dodgers Digest shows each out. Click “continue reading” in the well-done DD post about it.

    Note: the GIFs take a bit to load.

  3. I think I have Butera’s masterful relief pitching last night all figured out.

    He and Brian Wilson have done some kind of bizarre identity switch.

    This will of course be confirmed when Wilson catches the 9th of the next Dodger game and performs just as well as Butera did on the mound last night (as opposed to his bizarre pitching so far this year).


    Way to appeal to that younger generation, Time Warner. That should get the kids canceling Directv and switching.

  5. It’s not up at right now, but maybe they’ll post video of Butera striking out Ozuna for the third out in the top of the ninth. That was fun. It even startled Vinnie. “Whoa! Does the gun say 94?”

  6. and old friend Randy Wolf gets a save (that’s very weird)
    I must say I don’t fully understand the save rule

    • The save rule has always been stupid. It would be more meaningful if the reliever had to face at least the tying run.

  7. Maholm has made it easy to know who sits when Ryu returns.
    Wilson’s appearance and results don’t hurt as much in such a pathetic showing . . . but he is doing nothing to bolster his cause.

    It could be worse — we could’ve paid to be at the “game”!

  8. We are laughably bad tonight. I think I’m heading elsewhere for better entertainment. The dentist, maybe.

  9. just saw it on look in live, was that the world’s slowest curveball (it just seemed to say “hit me”)

    • Enjoy your posts on Dodger Insider, Jon.
      Link has done a good job carrying this community forward in the model you created . . . we still get to enjoy your writing . . . and MAYBE the Dodger bats are waking up, so all IS well!

      Is working for the Dodgers everything you wanted/hoped for?

        • Was just thinking about you today! I love your Dodger Insider posts. Read them avidly, but too shy to appear there.

          • It’s too tough to appear there for me — wish they allowed the Disqus sign-in.

          • I agree. I have two different Disqus accounts and it won’t accept either. And it wants too much of my FB and Twitter data for my comfort.

          • If you’re still around, Jon, perhaps there’s something you can do to allow the Disqus sign-in . . . you would have at least three more commenters on DI (see below — and you know we’ll bring something good to the table — we’re all former DT posters πŸ™‚ ).

          • Between me getting the commenting template for all the MLB blogs to change, and you guys figuring out the sign-in, I’m gonna ask you to redouble your efforts πŸ™‚

            With respect, if you’re sharing data with Twitter, you can share it with Dodger Insider.