Game 41, 2014

Marlins at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA

Josh Beckett deserves better from his teammates. He’s made six starts this season and is 0-1 with a 2.80 ERA. It’s worse than that, really. He hasn’t gotten a win in his last fourteen starts. He’ll be opposed by Jacob Turner, who’s made three previous starts this season and has nothing to show for it. He’s 0-0 with a 6.75 ERA in 16 innings.

Streaks: The Dodgers’ Yasiel Puig hit in his twelfth straight game yesterday. The Marlins’ Giancarlo Stanton hit in his fourteenth straight, while their youngster Christian Yelich hit his second home run in two games.

Lineup when available.

37 thoughts on “Game 41, 2014

  1. Just checkin’ in…..
    Long time… no post….
    Just been really busy.
    I hope you guys have been enjoying the last two nights….
    Nice to see our boys having fun out there….

    • When they have that kind of fun, WE have fun!
      But as I learned in last year’s horrendous first half, spending time in the DT/Elysian Fields blogs makes even the terrible games more bearable.

  2. Bison!
    Suddenly this is fun . . . let’s hope it becomes a regular thing!

    • Just listening to these games, I can tell he’s maturing — that’s awesome!

  3. Don’t the Marlins hate to win on the road?
    But the Dodgers don’t particularly like winning at home . . . nor scoring much. . . . 🙁

  4. Pretty limp offense so far. I am at the game and our boys are not looking very energized, or lively…

  5. I am pleased the batting order has finally stabilized for most people (I think Gordon, Puig as our 1-2 sets a good platform)

    • For the moment, yes, but I still harbor (“harbour” to you) doubts over Dee’s long-term viability. That said, I’m at least enjoying him as the momentary reincarnation of Maury Wills.

      • Astonishingly to me, Dee has 48 hits in the young season. He’s fifth in the NL behind such luminaries as Goldschmidt (the leader at 53), Arenado and Tulowitski.

        • If he continues, I’ll be delighted, but I’m still a bit skeptical and would like to see him walk more. He also has problems with lefties.

    • Amen! to that . . . he’s tied in my mind for the Uribear Best Redemption of the Year with Dee.

      I would have said he has replaced Kershaw as the pitcher voted by the hitters to not receive support . . . except it seems they selected ALL the starters to “honor” with their lack of support.

  6. All the starting pitchers deserve better this year. However, in those eight games last year, Beckett’s ERA was 5.19. It wasn’t his teammates then, but thoracic outlet syndrome.