Opening Day (Night?), 2014

It’s finally here, even if it is on another continent. Lineup:

Some of the adulation sent Kershaw’s way in the runup to this game makes me think he should be sent off to look for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. If he’s as good as some people want to make him out to be, he’s wasted pitching a mere baseball game right now.

Update: Take note of the standings for the NL West over there on the right under the calendar. Hopefully tomorrow it will have the Dodgers leading the division with the Diamondbacks in last place.

49 thoughts on “Opening Day (Night?), 2014

  1. Well, the D-backs results so far–0-5 to the Aus national team, 1-3 and 5-7 to the Dodgers. Wonder if the Aussies think they’re a real major league team?

    One thing that probably doesn’t have to be wondered about is if they’ll have a long, long flight back.

  2. LATd myself early today not realizing game thread was up. Duh. So, try, try again:

    1) What do/did the Aussies think of Vin, assuming they could hear him? At 86, hope trip aftereffects don’t put him on the broadcast DL.

    2) Did Kershaw demonstrate Public Enemy No. 1 to the Aussies? What was the reaction, if?

    3) MLB had to agree, cooperate, and all that. But I saw something on Insider about a promoter staging this trip. How’s he likely to come out financially? Is he Aussie? What’s known about him?

    4) What’s the skinny on Aussie pitcher Searle who struck out 5 Dodgers in 3 IP in the exhibition? Is he potentially that good, or was it just one game, etc? Think he belongs to the Cubs.

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  4. Wow, Trumbo is really some kind of bad fielder, huh. I was shocked when Vin said that van Slyke’s ball had bounced off the wall (or Trumbo’s glove), because it was nowhere to be seen in first footage shown of Trumbo hitting the wall.

  5. I’m up and awake, and starting to get excited! I am looking forward to the drive to Sydney today even more than usual 🙂

  6. The Dodgers sent FedeX down and kept the horrible Drew Butera who must have some kind of unsavory relationship with Colletti…

  7. After getting up to watch a 5 a.m. game today, I need to stay awake to watch an 11 p.m. game tonight, and napping does not appear to be an option today.

    • Ventura county, was out listenign to Jazz til 1:30 am, tis now 3 Am. The comforting voice of Vin, is the siren to my Odysseus.

    • In his defence (to use the Australian Collins Dictionary spelling), it’s not mid-season.

      • One of my strange addictions is to British cryptic Crosswords, where Collins is the reference of choice.

  8. All I have heard all spring is that Meep Meep Gorden had the best spring at 2nd. Why Turner?

    • Andy Van S gave us an OPS+ 127 last year in 152 PA, and actually did more damage against righties.

  9. Ok….didn’t want to like the early start in Oz. Was determined to not think of new year til April. But….. Here I am….was driving home from jazz at 1:30, hearing Charlie and Rick babble about rain delay….and then Vin calls the first pitch.
    I am so easy.
    P.S. Don Bradman stand…….Best batter in cricket and baseball combined?

  10. I’m getting video replay on (the replay of the first pitch of the season just came up

  11. By this time tomorrow, I be getting ready to make the 3 and a half hour drive to Sydney!