17 thoughts on “Vin and new friend in Australia

  1. Two more questions:

    4) Did Kershaw demonstrate Public Enemy No. 1 to the Aussies? What was the reaction if so?

    5) MLB had to agree, cooperate, and all that. But I saw something about a promoter who was staging this trip. How’s he likely to come out financially? Is he Aussie? What’s known about him? And, yeah, I’m still not any good at counting questions.

  2. OK, 2 questions about things Down Under so far–

    1) What do/did the Aussies think of Vin, assuming they could hear him?

    2) At 86. is Vin going to need a bit of R&R before the regular season gets going? Hope trip aftereffects don’t put him on the broadcast DL.

    3) OK, I can’t count. But what’s the skinny on Aussie pitcher Searle who struck out 5 Dodgers in 3 IP in the exhibition? Is he that good, or was it just one game, etc? Think he belongs to the Cubs.

  3. The Aussies beat the Dbags and, according to the game summary, “When the stadium fills for the official start of the American season at the SCG on Saturday, the Diamondbacks will hope their starter Wade Miley – who almost did not make it to Sydney due to his crippling fear of flying – can deliver against the might of Clayton Kershaw and the Dodgers.”

  4. I would like to see Pederson on the 25 man roster until Kemp returns and let Guerrero play with “alphabet” in AA or AAA until Kemp returns. It might be good to have them work together to get that double play practiced.