Game Two, 2014

After last night’s win, tonight it will be Hyun-Jin Ryu v. Trevor Cahill in Game Two of the Opening Series (as MLB’s calling it). Game time is 1:00PM local in Sydney, 4:00PM in Hawai’i and 7:00PM PST. There’s no official word about the lineup yet.

Light a candle for Uribear today; it’s his birthday. Think good LA traffic thoughts for our friend John_from_Aus too; he’s got a 3 1/2 hour drive from his home south of Canberra to Sydney.

Now there’s a lineup:

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    • Ack! Here’s the entire press release:

      “This morning in Los Angeles, Clayton Kershaw underwent a MRI of his left upper back that showed inflammation of the Teres Major muscle. This was a result of complaints of tightness while throwing yesterday at the workout. He will be held out of his start on Sunday. His next start will be determined by his progress with his throwing
      during the next week.”

      That muscle is the back of the armpit, essentially.

      • Tim Brown tweeted an update:

        “Dodgers are somewhat optimistic Kershaw could pitch in their 2nd
        domestic series, against SF. He was symptom-free today. Being cautious.”

        On the other hand, according to Jon, Ryu has a tender toe, so he’s likely to be pushed back, too.

    • I really wanted Kershaw to limit pitches to 75 in game one. 102 pitches for me is strike 2 for Mattingly. Strike 1 was leaving Kemp in after he hit the fence in Denver.

  1. I wonder why Alex and alphabet aren’t a double play combo in Albuquerque instead of one in AA and the other In AAA

    • There must be a good reason. Perhaps its not the determinate one, but both are SSes and potential future rivals for Hanley’s slot so that could be awkward.

        • Yeah, its clearly a skill level issue. I was just indulging in some off-season blah blah blah…

          • I like Gordon’s speed as a middle infielder. Neither Guerrero or Alphabet has plus speed. The middle infielders will probably be determined by their bats more than their glove or speed unless there are 5 other big bats in the lineup.

            If Gordon and Alphabet wind up as the middle infielders, Crawford would be the outfield bat least needed. I still like the idea of Ramirez playing first if Seager can force his way into the lineup.

          • What’s the thinking on Crawford that relates to Gordon and Alphabet, one speedy lefty is enough for the lineup?

          • I guess I want more slugging in the outfield if ss nd 2b are going to be singles hitters.

        • Of course, I meant that they were both Cuban SSes, and once an SS always an SS (just look at Hanley!)

  2. Well, the Dodgers finally sent down Guerrero so Dee can keep his job. Just wrong.

    • No, Guerrero needs to play every day (just as Puig did last year). Dee is probably just a placeholder.

      • Certainly seems that way. When Guerrero is ready, I do see Dee moving into the reserve role held currently by Figgins (this year’s Schumaker)

      • When you are the chosen one and you are given a job on at least 2 occasions I would expect it to take a miracle or injury to ever put Guerrero back on second. It is a shame. He could not start anywhere in MLB in my opinion.

        • Actually, he could probably start for the Mets at short, but that’s not really saying much.

    • The Dogders didn’t sign him to a 4-year $28 million to have him be an Isotope for long. Dee is a utility infielder who will be platooning at 2nd until Guerrero is ready. While Dee hasn’t shown himself to be much on the defensive side, he has hit righties better than the now departed Punto has. And, he has that thing that can’t be coached.

  3. Not that I’m advocating this, but could you imagine Seoul if Ryu were starting opening day there?

    • Hey John_from_Aus
      Can you go to every game as it appears the Dodgers win when you go??

      • It worked this time :), (but they lost both games I saw in 1991 in LA, so i will stay away !

  4. During fielder warmup throws between innings, most players casually tossed the ball they were using just over the fence to the crowd. One time, Puig just casually threw his ball to the upper deck of the grandstand with out any effort whatsoever

      • I seriously wonder if that is when he hurt his back. He looked a bit ginger after he threw it (possibly before the 6th or 7th inning)

  5. I tried to stay awake, but ended up crashing about 2 a.m. Santiago time. Not sorry I missed the ninth, though I enjoyed the final pitch to Parra.

  6. PLEASE . . . I took a benadryl and I’m ready to sleep — sure don’t want it to be a frustrating/angry sleep!

  7. Alex Guerrero’s first at bat in American baseball is in Australia. How about that for a trivia question!

  8. Left after the top of the 1st and returned to hear the lead ballooned to 6-0, then added the 7th.

    Great to see Puig bouncing back from this morning . . . and Juan being the Uribear we came to love last year . . . and the offense scoring in 5 innings!

    How odd for the Blue to go back and play meaningless games — but I’m sure they appreciate the “decompression” time.

  9. Uribe‘s double was straight towards me. I thought off the bat it was a hr