Week Five? Six?

They all run together in my head. How about you?

I’ve now gotten into the habit of shopping during what local groceries are calling “kupuna” hours. That’s a Hawai’ian word which means ancestor or grandparent. They’re typically the first hour or two hour block of time after the store opens in the morning. In my case that means I’ve been going down the hill at 6:45 AM to be at Safeway when it opens. I just do that on Thursdays, which is quite a change from what I did pre-COVID-19, when I’d make a daily trip out of the house to run errands, usually including a stop at the market.

Hawai’i has been both lucky and obedient: we’ve had a relatively small number of cases of the disease and most of those who contracted it have recovered. Here are the statistics:


I’ve been collecting pictures of my high school classmates wearing masks as a way of continuing to display the group’s lives since 2010 when I first had the idea to create a photo album for us. Here we are nearly ten years later and still (mostly) going strong. I have roughly ninety names on the mailing list, from a class of perhaps 300 in 1968. Not bad, huh?