Mitch McConnell retires as Minority Leader

Senator McConnell hasn’t died, but trust me, I’m going to resist saying anything good about him. He elevated the filibuster to a regular weapon, meaning nothing can pass the Senate without 60 votes. That obviously enables the minority to halt anything it doesn’t agree with.

That’s the first thing I hold against him. The second is the unconscionable withholding of even a hearing for President Obama’s choice to replace Justice Scalia “because it’s too close to an election” and then several years later, turning around and, while early voting was already taking place, ramming a Trump nominee to the same Court through. On his head lies blame for the reversal of Roe, the potential dismantling of the authority of Federal agencies, and whatever other horrific decisions the unholy three have yet to decide.
So no. He may have been “the most effective Republican leader of the Senate in a hundred years” or whatever, but he’s been a destroyer of democracy at the same time. He’s proud of it, too.